The 5 most popular types of Yoga and which one to choose

Are you one of those who thinks that practicing yoga is one of the lightest and easiest exercises out there? Then you live in error. Yes, it is true that yoga practice is more focused on relaxation, but it is not easy, since there is a full connection between body and mind -therefore it is closely related to very spiritual religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism.

Achieving it requires a lot practice and also of resilienceIn addition to knowing how to choose the one that best suits each one. Similarly, there is no single type of yoga exercise. Could you tell which are the 5 most popular types of Yoga? How to make the right choice?

There are many who start in yoga with the question about what type of yoga is best. Actually, there is not one better than another but one that best suits your way of being and your goals. Hence, yoga experts emphasize that the most important thing is to find the best type of yoga for each person.

Hatha yoga

One of a kind most traditional yoga is Hatha Yoga. Drink straight from the Styles of more physical yoga and it is part of what is known as the fifth way of the Yoga path. It is especially recommended for calm people but who love challenges, since It is very demanding: with its different asanas you develop all the aspects that involve yoga: breathing, movement, meditation. It is also a good option for those who are new to the art of yoga.

Bikram Yoga

After decades of assimilation, the original yoga has also been transformed. A good example is the Bikram yoga, a style that we can define as fully western and modernized.

This modality implies an ordered sequence of 26 asanas that move the whole body and in which precision in breathing is key. It must be done in a heated environment between 40 and 42 degrees in a precise time of 90 minutes.

Ashtanga Yoga

The energetic and dynamic people, who have a more competitive character, they can find in Ashtanga yoga the best type of yoga for their body and mind. It is perhaps one of the yoga modalities in which the physical dominates the mental so clearly.

However, it is still very demanding in terms of resistance, discipline and even order. Here movement and breathing must be perfectly coordinated to be effective. Given the high muscular and physical demand, it is recommended before starting Ashtanga Yoga to go to the doctor and check your physical condition.

Vinyasa Yoga

One of the pillars of Yoga is breathing. In the vinyasa yoga modality that joint work between body movement and breathing it is more than evident. Thanks to their union and pacing, the movement of the body flows more freely since it is better oxygenated and the capacity of the respiratory system is amplified.

Thanks to vinyasa yoga you will have a greater personal self-control. This type of yoga is ideally designed for restless, creative people who like to keep up.

Kundalini Yoga

In kundalini yoga asanas are combined with pranayama, mudras, bands, chants and other types of movements that make it one of the most complete and demanding yoga modalities. It is based above all on the Kriya, whose ultimate goal is to open and balance the chakras of the body.

With this, both physical pathologies and emotional ailments are prevented and improved. This mix of exercises and movements works both the nervous and glandular systems. If you need free you from stress, but you are a rather calm person, among the types of yoga that exist, this is the most suitable for you.

Other types of Yoga

exist more than thirty different types of yoga. Each modality focuses on one goal. But all of them are demanding on the body and mind. Acroyoga is perhaps the best known since most of the social challenges use its asanas. On the contrary, more spiritual yoga modalities they are less known, although they attract more once they are tried. Such is the case of Jivamukti yoga or the Anusara yoga, to give two examples.