How to get pimple-free skin

How to get pimple-free skin

Wear a clean skin without pimples! The appearance of acne is due to different factors, including diet, the type of products you use for your beauty treatments and hygiene. It is important that, if you have greasy or acne-prone skin, you take extra care and also treat it with the best products for your dermis. In this OneHowTo article we are going to tell you how to have pimple-free skin Indicating basic aspects such as cleaning, food or weekly care that you have to follow. Take note and show off a perfect complexion!

Steps to follow:


To take care of your skin with acne The first thing to take into account are the hygiene measures that you must follow because oily skin requires a deep cleaning both in the morning and at night. So you will have to deeply wash your face twice a day and, always, do it with the right products for your type of dermis: they must be suitable for oily skin or oil-free soaps (“oil free” is the name with which it is used). know in the market).

With this cleaning routine, you can clean the pores and, thus, if there was embedded dirt, you can remove and purify it. At night you get to eliminate the remains that you have accumulated during the day but washing in the morning is also essential because during sleep hours is when our cells are renewed and, therefore, we allow them to be clean and oxygenated.

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It is also recommended that, after each face lift, hydrate your face so that it is in optimal conditions but, as we have mentioned, you must choose the most suitable product for your skin type and always opt for one that does not worsen your oily skin condition. The oil-free ones or those specialized in oily skin are the ones that will go best in your case.

In case you have abundant acne It is advisable that you go to the consultation of a dermatologist who will be in charge of recommending a specific cream or treatment to treat your skin with acne; If you apply a cream, it should go before the moisturizer and, afterwards, you can apply your moisturizer but trying not to smear the areas where you have acne as the objective is to make them dry and disappear.

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In order to have pimple-free skin it is important that stop touching your face. Keep in mind that fat is one of the reasons why acne appears so if we are touching it all day we get the dirt on our hands to implant in the face and, therefore, store the fat.

In the same way it is also recommended push hair away from face To avoid that the dirt that accumulates there can affect the health of our skin, in this sense, it is recommended that you avoid the use of bangs and that you choose to part your hair, even if they are the strands closest to the face. Thus, you will get a better cleaning and you will not run the risk of new granites appearing.

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In addition to these beauty treatments that you must follow daily, it is recommended that once a week take deep care of the health of the dermis by exfoliating and applying a mask that helps eliminate acne in a more localized way. Next we are going to give you some of the best home remedies for take care of your skin with acne from your house:

Homemade scrub with salt

Thanks to the fact that salt is a granulated product, it will help us to remove the dirt embedded in the pores and, thus, clean them in depth. But, in addition to this, salt is perfect for acne skin because absorbs excess fat and helps reduce inflammation caused by pimples.

So, to be able to make this scrub it will be enough for you to take a handful of kitchen salt (the one you usually use) and mix it with a little of your face soap; Stir to mix the two products and then apply this mixture to your face making circular movements, above all, affecting the areas where you have the most accumulation of acne. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Green clay mask

One of the best remedies to treat acne skin It is green clay because it contains antibacterial properties that help to deeply clean the dermis and, in addition, it has a great absorption capacity so regulates excess fat that may be on the face. It is also antiseptic so it eliminates microbes that may be on the skin and prevents others from settling and creating new infected pores.

To take advantage of all these properties you can prepare a green clay mask yourself, for this, the first thing to do is go to a natural products store and get yourself with powdered green clay. Afterwards, you will have to mix 2 tablespoons of clay with 3 of water and mix it until you see that a homogeneous paste is created.

Then apply it on your clean skin and let it work during 20 minutes; You will feel that it dries and becomes tight, it is normal so let the stipulated time pass. Afterwards, rinse with warm water and, with dry skin, apply your usual hydrant cream to hydrate your skin that will have been dry and completely clean.

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But in addition to taking care of yourself externally, you should also do it internally, which is why diet plays a very important role in skin health, especially if you suffer from acne. It is important that you choose a balance diet packed with fruits, vegetables and essential nutrients and that avoid greasy foods as much as possible that will produce more sebum on your skin and, therefore, can cause the appearance of new pimples. So try to avoid fried, battered, sweet and sugary foods and opt for a much healthier diet. In OneHowTo we discover the foods that cause acne so that you know them and can eliminate them from your diet.

You should also increase your water consumption and try to drink 2 liters per day. Why? Because water helps eliminate toxins from your body, both internal and external, so it is a natural purifier that will help you to look cleaner and toxin-free skin.

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