Stylish ideas for a Pageboy Haircut

by The EditorsUpdated August 2017 The pageboy (or page boy) is a modern female or male hairstyle named after what was considered to be a late medieval page boy’s pudding basin haircut. It has straight hair that hangs under the ear, where it usually turns under. A fringe (bangs) is often in the front.

Modern Pageboy Cut Versions

Allow your personal style to shine through the choice of an option that emphasizes your personality. The pageboy haircut is the perfect way to experiment with a classic look with modern updates from fun colors to varying cutting techniques and styling choices.

New Pageboy Style

While a traditional version of this haircut that lean more towards the strict end of the spectrum, the style above shows that this classic look is more than appropriate for current times and can be quite flirtious. The secret is all layers of razor.

Colorless haircut

Adding a trendy color is a great way to update the hairstyle of a pageboy. A mixture of barely any pastel shades (think pink and gray lavender) will instantly upgrade haircut with a vintage flair. Make the ultimate cool-girl look by teasing your hair gently at the roots to produce the highly sought-after finish.

Short Architectural Bob

Choose an edgy editorial cut you saw on your favorite glossy magazine pages to add interest to the classic style. Search for a stylist who knows how to cut trendy funky styles in order to properly blend different textures and finishes within your new mod cut.

Colored Pageboy with Blunt Bangs

This extreme version is sure to earn street credit for those who are brave at heart and confident that they can pull off bold looks. Opt for fantasy colors that stand out from the crowd like the royal blue seen in the picture. Blunt bangs and rasped sides lift the look to new heights!

Curly Bob with straight bangs

add interest to the hairstyle of a pageboy by creating two different textures of straight bangs and fluffy messy curls. In this picture, the cute style rethinks the classic jaw-length cut and offers a girly atmosphere.

Short Blunt Pageboy Bob

In the 1920s, the movie actress and iconic flapper Louise Brooks popularized a style known as the Eton bob. Just like the Eton, this cut of the lip length features full bangs of blunt edges and ultra-sleek strands. While the early pageboy form of Brooks was inky black, you can customize the look with a similar saturated navy blue hue.

Piece-y Short Length Cut

Consider a choppy look with allled layers if you need a little more volume and texture in your hair. Design you cut into pieces with a mousse or any other textured material that fits your hair type.

Longer cut with bangs

Those with long bobs can also test the trend of pageboy cutting with fullness and volume contrasting with short blunt bangs. Consider a messy look with full bangs that would be proud to see 50s icon Bettie Page.

Layered Thick Hair Pageboy

Black hair can be quickly turned into a pageboy with a single layer of addition! On those with comfortable thick black hair, a layered cut will fit well. To customize the look, put in a middle part. Often, layers are ideal for ways of washing and leaving. ‘

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‘ Short Platinum Cut with Colored Bangs’

‘ A very short blunt round cut with nape undercut is a trendy mushroom style upgrade that looks like a shorter pageboy edition. Icy blonde color and short length give a futuristic edge to your cut.

Choppy Pageboy Cut

Have fun coloring it pink with a pageboy haircut! This pink cut suggests you’re not taking yourself too seriously (or your hair). Also a combination of pink tones is a perfect reason for matching your skin makeup.

Short Bangs Pageboy

In fact, modern versions of this haircut can be very short, including cropped bangs that barely graze the forehead. The overall impression for a girl who shies away from overly feminine styles is a sophisticated cut with gamine charm perfect. jpg” />

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Avant-Garde Haircut

It requires commitment and personal style to create a signature hair look. Use this avant-garde cut to try to be different. Straight bangs with allled bits and volume build a pageboy with some serious sass.

Tousled Wavy Cut

While getting a new haircut, healthy hair is always a top goal. Look at stunning brunette locks that even in the messiest hairstyle feel cared for. A slightly longer length and messy curls make hairstyle for a flirtious pageboy.

Edgy Layers Pageboy

If you want to enjoy volume in your short hair, use staggered layers. Demand a short cut with several wispy layers and bangs of eye-brow-skimming. To ensure that your desired cut is achieved, save some pictures to show your stylist.

Wispy Ombre Hair

An excellent modern update to the traditional pageboy is the introduction of a shadow color. A blue hue washed out makes a great mixture of medium brown hair. To create a custom look, you can also experiment with other light tones such as pink and purple.

Retro Style

Pageboy hairstyles were a popular choice in the 1970s for women. Bring it back by embracing a bowl shape achieved by cutting hair in one length all the way around the head and then straightening up the strands and turning down ends to get the effect of the mushroom.

Messy Pink Haircut

Messy hair is a great way to get an easy look. A perfect example is the style pictured here. Dusty pink locks were styled in a choppy cut in order not to appear like Barbie style.

Thin Hair Layered Cut

Fine strands may be difficult to cut and style, but adding a few strategic layers may help. It is also a perfect way to work with the texture of fine hair to break the coated cut into parts. To enhance separation, use a light hold textured product.

Bright Red Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

A nice entry into this new and exciting world for girls who want to experiment with color is a bold red shade. The cherry red punctuates this pageboy haircut’s choppy texture while adding an interesting twist to the sideswept bangs.

Look no further than the pageboy haircut if you like shorter cuts and need some inspiration for your next hair movement. The payoff is worth the effort of this transformative cut! Women used to wear bob haircuts as a sign of liberation that liberated themselves from the standards of society associated with what it means to be feminine. Modern updates today make this style a bold choice for women who want to refresh their normal hair routine. To create the ideal version of pageboy for you to pick out pictures for your next visit to the salon so that your stylist knows how to cut the look you like! Related posts Medium-Length Hair Tutorials Even Beginners Can Handle Fun and Flattering Medium Hair Fall Hair Beautiful and Convenient Medium Bob Hair Easy Updos For Medium Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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