Dip Dye Hair Ideas – Enjoy it for everyone!

by The EditorsUpdated on October 2016 It seems to have taken the world by storm. How to dip dye hair guides literally floods the internet. One of the best qualities of dip-colored hair is that no matter if you have blonde or brown hair, there is a warm color that can change the whole look instantly! And you can do the best of all dip dying hair right at home as you can easily find color kits in your nearest beauty supply store!

Dip Dye Hair

Dip dye is usually only applied to the ends of your hair in unnatural bright colors, but for shorter hair the color may start much higher. Dip dye is not as demanding as balayage and shade to smooth blends of hues so you can do it on your own.

Edgy Emerald Green

The color of green dip dye is becoming more popular. For any natural hair color, it is super easy to achieve, and the best of all is a wide range of green shades to choose from. You can be sure that the perfect tone will be found!

Black on Black

This amazing teal hue fits beautifully and easily when paired with a black jet crown. When you’re ready for an edgier look, Teal is a go-to color that can still be described as strikingly sexy. Be sure to bleach the tips to get the deep color.

Shocking Pink

Bright pink in every season is so beautiful. Plus it’s super easy to get irrespective of the color of your natural hair. Bright pink can be easily mixed in a wide range of natural hair colors and it works with almost any clothing color.

Elegant Mermaid Tones

At some point almost every young girl dreams of becoming a mermaid. And you can easily get the perfect mermaid locks you’ve always dreamed of by incorporating a stunning teal color in your dip dye hair style! Teal is a remarkable choice for darker hair colors because a cool color contrast makes it easy to blend.

Subtle Hues to Turn-Heads

One of the finest features of dip-colored hair is that it has a color that can add life to any dull drab hair. And you don’t even have to go too far from your natural color to throw your look into an elegant hue. For example, take this style by simply adding a dark burgundy shade to the dark natural base that transforms the look remarkably!

Silver hair is one of the hottest hair trends this season. It’s a great base to combine with the look of a dip dye. This look is one that you can achieve very easily if you have previously bleached your hair and you can take whatever shade you like to make it your own!

From Office to Date-Night

Maybe your office or company doesn’t think so much about wild hair colors. Well, you can still choose subtle shades that blend well together to create a classy yet a bit down-played look; perfect for any line of work you’re in!

Purple Fairy Tones

An incredibly trendy shade and dip dye hair color choice is similar to blue purple. Especially if you’re trying to get a little more of an edgier style. Purple is good for brown and black darker natural hair colors.

Mix-up and Down-Play

Blondes are all fun, but what about the ladies in their platinum blonde locks with yellow and green shades? One great advantage for blondes is that it is incredibly easy to incorporate literally any shade of color. So if you’re a blonde, have fun with your hair and shoot the same color in a few shades to make your style really sparkle!

Black Hair Emerald Green

The shade of smart green on her black hair is absolutely amazing. If you are interested in getting started with dip dying your natural brunette hair, dark highlights of green shades are the perfect option.

Rocking Red and Orange Tones

Tones of red and orange on natural brown shades look absolutely stunning. And with the help of a bleach kit and your favorite red or orange tone, it is easy to achieve the best of all the dip dye look.

Magenta and Brown Chocolate

It should be noted that the dip-dyed hair craze was truly pink. Returning to pink in the 90’s was something that was super easy to incorporate into one’s style, and it didn’t matter who you were that you could pull off pink too. Whether you choose to go dark or light pink, you’re bound to find a pink hue that compliments the color and personality of your hair! jpg” />

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Sleek Purple Essence

Purple dip color tones are, at this time of year, literally the most sought after shades. Taking you from the office to date violet is a classic choice that can be perfectly matched to any natural hair color and style, and it looks exceptional with any skin tone!

Greyed Out Purple Class

Gray scanning is a popular choice for brunets, but sometimes it doesn’t look like a coloring job, but like natural gray that isn’t always the goal. Add purple dip dye ends to your casual hairstyles for a fun accent and a fashionable touch.

Flamingo Pink Dip Dye

Many shades of red, including pink and burgundy, will always be a safe go – to option in the world of dip dye hair. Red is perfect as it can be rocked like a super edgy shade or one that’s hardly even noticeable for whatever life you’re in.

Red and Black Vamp

On all brunettes, deep red tones look strikingly beautiful. There’s just something about the shade that changes the sleek bob hairstyle completely and morphs it into a sexy, classy look. Top off a black crown with some red dip dye and you’re ready to hit the city or just the office!

Blonde and Blue Combo

Blue has certainly been noted as one of the most sought-after solutions for popular dip-colored hair choices. Blue is a beautiful option as it pairs with dark hair and lighter tones vibrantly well. Whatever your natural hair color may be, to better flatter you, you should find a blue hue.

Pastel Dip Dye Perfection

Dip hair pastels come together in their own world when it comes to dyeing. Pastel shades can be mixed in a way that creates a look that is both classy and sassy to compliment any natural hair color. Whether your natural hair color is super dark or fairly light, you can easily embrace a pastel shade to make things lighter and turn a few heads while you do it!

Lovely Lavender

The shades of lavender and purple are mystical but very tender and feminine as well. For dark hair, these are really the best unnatural go – to colors.

Color branch

Semi black semi red dye hair looks wonderful especially when it’s done on naturally curly hair! Make sure you don’t start coloring too high, but start coloring mid or lower shaft.

The phenomenon for dip dye is not going anywhere soon. And it’s a wonderful thing! It’s definitely something we should all look for in dye jobs this season to be able to go crazy and still look classy with a new hair color. When updating your look, it never hurts to branch out and have a little fun. Icy Light Blue Hair Color Ideas for Girls Futuristic Graffiti Hair Ideas Blue Hair How to Get It Right Blue and Purple Hair Ideas Cotton Candy Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style. Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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