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by The EditorsUpdated on September 2017 Hair highlights are like your favorite fashion accessories, adding the perfect amount of drama and making your hair right. There are many ways and colors to highlight your hair, but maybe the most fun way is to use an unexpected color … like blue!

Mesmerizing Blue Highlight Hairstyles

It’s a brave choice for all of you daring hair rebels out there to try blue highlights for your hair. While the choice of color may be unorthodox, the way you choose to style your hair might make it look more classic or funky. For some stylish hair inspiration, if you always wanted to give this bold blue hue a test run as your highlight color, you should take a look at the pictures below. Such looks are so warm that you’re sure to get the blues!

Black Hairstyle with Blue Highlights

A bob hairstyle is something that’s easily chic and timeless, but when you add blue highlights, it gets a funky modern makeover. Well-defined curls and chunky dark blue strands accentuate this haircut.

Pastel Blue Waves

Pastel Blue highlights and black roots light brown hair is a non-trivial color solution for girls who want a custom hairstyle. Barely the subtle blue hue looks romantic rather than funky here.

Stacked Indigo Bob

Bob will always be one of the most chic hairstyles in the world, regardless of the time period. This one is chopped through the ends to perfection and finished off with electric blue streaks.

Blue Steaks on Caramel Hair

This is for you if you’re looking for a way to spice up your brown hair and incorporate a non-traditional color. Blue highlights are the subject of this hairstyle, which is packed with gentle undone waves.

Pastel Blue Wavy Bob

It is easy to apply the word effortless to the magic that happens when a woman wears a beautiful wavy Bob. And when this bob is light blue, we get a dreamy hairstyle that any young girl can have as long as she thinks she can pull it off.

Black Hair with Blue Tips

One of the best ways to experiment with extreme colors without full commitment. This long, shiny black hair at the tips with blue highlights expresses just the right amount of unforeseen drama. 301/01/018.jpg” />

Brunettes Gray and Blue Highlights

This is what can best be described as stormy locks. This beautiful black gray and blue color combination combines the colors of a dark and stormy night. The blue highlights come from under the beautiful silver strings, and the dark roots thrown into the mix perfectly set off the two lighter shades.

Blue Highlights Medium Choppy Haircut

Nobody ever said you had to wear your hair styled to make it look great. It features straight dark brown hair with blue highlights and looks pretty fashion-forward.

Wavy Blonde Locks with Blue Highlights

This is the perfect hairstyle for you if you’ve always wanted to channel your inner mermaid. With the bright blue hue, the long curled blonde hair is accentuated.

Messy Waves with Dark Blue Highlights

You will add your hair personality by adding some disheveled waves to the otherwise understated hairstyle. The most popular combination is blue highlights and black hair, but it is also the most effective.

Soft Blue and Teal Streaks

You should incorporate a few of them into your new hair color if you can’t decide which shade of blue you like the most. This vivid style includes a mix of feminine waves and blue colors, including light blue.

Purple Blue Accent

Black hair with blue highlights that look different depending on the shade of blue you choose to distribute your highlights and whether you want to use several or just one of them as an accent. This look is perfect for modern age and fitting in any setting.

Medium Hair Dimensional Streaks

Light blue gray and arctic white are the main colors of this edgy hairstyle. While the blue highlights are certainly the subject of this look, the deconstructed waves deserve our attention as well.

Electric Blue Brunette Highlights

Looks cute and curly at a glance, but once you look closer you will see the depth and size of this black hair with blue highlights, thanks to its strategically positioned hair colour. 301/01/026.jpg” />

Blue Tips Messy Hair

Brunettes greatly benefited from the trend of dark-rooted hair. Now any girl with dark brown hair can wear shades of blonde and pastel much longer without frequent touch ups of root. Light blue shades are pairing well with blonde ash and this idea of color is no longer just blonde.

Voluminous Waves with Chunky Blue Highlights

Maybe because they complement each other so well, but whatever the reason is that black and blue tones go so well together … keep it coming. Here you’ve got black hair with blue highlights that the chunky waves give you a boost. The blue highlights are undoubtedly a nice added touch.

Retro Bob in Pastel Colors

There are moments when you’re in such a sleek and trendy hairstyle that you just need to take a second look. That’s the stuff Bob’s dreaming of! The light blue highlights are just one of the fabulous things about this short Bob cut, featuring subtle gray and brown lavender tones as well.

Smoky Curls

Light blue color for the roots and ash blonde for the ends make a funky fade with curls that recall smoke clouds.

Loose Braids with Blue Highlights

Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the hairstyle of the two braids. Due to the silver strands with white / blue highlights and messy texture, this one is given an adult update.

Brown Locks with Turkish Blue Highlights

No dark brown hair like this has ever been seen. To add depth and dimension to these expertly coiffed waves, turquoise blue hair color is incorporated very subtly.

Nonetheless, why not try blue highlights on red hair or a cute and flirtious combination of pink and blue? Never looked so good to have the blues! Related Articles Shadow Root Skin Low Maintenance Melted Looks Foilyage Is Your Next Favorite Hair Color Strategy Best Face Framing Highlights What is the Difference Between Partial and Total Highlights? Pintura Highlights Curly Hair Smudging’s Best Color Technique Is the Breakthrough Way to Highlight Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair CutsBob