Style Flat Top Haircut Designs

It was such a hit when the flat top haircut came around that it has never died down for more than three decades now. Those guys who still flaunt this hairstyle look cool and it reminds you of the beauty that many years to come will never lose their taste. If you still have some great memories of this iconic style, there are styles that will send you a standing ovation to go there.

Curly Wild

If you thought it wasn’t a curly hair style, here’s proof you’ve been wrong. The high middle patch is left to make wild waves, and it’s such a genius development that you can testify.

Real Flattened Look Throw Back

This is the way it was done in the years. Thick mop and relatively short on clean sides, and you’ve got what was the best top at that time.

Medium Spiky

Copies a military cut but the large patch strings are spiked on this one. Even if it is mixed with a thick chin beard, it is impressive.

Tidal Matrix

Typically cleaned on the edges, leaving a high middle landing. It then proceeds to divide the top into tides: the back section moves forward as the front moves backward but with a slight sweep.

Midget Trim

The length of this type can be short and still move. Faded sides only give rise to a vertical climb that ends abruptly just below an inch from the scalp.


The sides are rasped and the top is adjusted to a compact size. The genius in this cut is the front three-fork appearance. One of the ends of the fork is painted to a dramatic end.

Stubby Short

The skin side is blurred. The top is heavily trimmed to show how the razor can make the barber intense. But it just goes that far and the results are eye-catching.

Real flatbed

Hair trimmed to a thick compact, it looks sturdy and the top is pronounced to be admired positively.

Wide High Top with Faded Sides

The sides faded to the hair, the high end started immediately after fading and then extended as it went upwards. It’s such a lofty look combed into a smooth, refined look.


It’s the highest real top but it has a radiant yellowish color added. It’s very pronounced on the tips and you’d fall in love with what you’re seeing.

Vicar’s Cap

Styled into a broader bottom than the rest, it looks like the barber was trying to create the look-a-like cap of a vicar. It is in contrast to clean sides and in every sense it is mercurial.

Smart Look

Vertical upward strands form a canopy at the top and end with blunted tips that create a flatbed impression. It’s a creation that has caught up with celebrities and you’re going to see them show it off.

Classical Trim

Short and exclusive for those who do not want the high end to be noticed. Before it finishes with a longer but tamed peak, the sides are arranged in different lengths.

Slanting High Cliff

This hairstyle starts with a cliff-like look on the front. Slanting backward, it naturally ends in the faded back and dissolved on the sides in the bareness wilderness.


A military guy can be seen here and it’s all attractive to have it here too. Such a mind blowing appearance is a short straight middle patch and cleared sides.
Tapered slope

The hair is cut to a relatively short size and then curled into a short stub-like look. It’s what you’d want for easy maintenance with cleared sides and a short straight parting line.

Medium Brown Flat Top

This style is a catch for many men today, expertly trimmed to medium size. It’s a stunning look with clean faded sides. The sleekness starts from the front and in nice straightness falls backwards.

Wavy Hawk

The black bottom and brown top waves on the sides. It’s long and the bare sides are in comparison. With this haircut, you’ll get the look of a star.

Smart Guy Side Sweep

With side sweep flatness it can be as stunning as you like. The sides are clearly divided by a straight line and the sweep starts at the front hairline immediately.

Long coiffeur

Only the low sides are trimmed, but the rest of the hair is blunted. The sides and top are thick and bright. There’s an effort to make a flat landing into the top patch.

Side groove

A grooving line separates the top section from the sides. The hair is left with its tips at the high end and then given a slight side sweep intended. It’s a great finish that gives the flattened haircut landing a new dimension.

Ooozing Slid Back

Who said that with modernist imagination this style can never be touched? Here’s a slid back top guarded by cleanly shaved sides on the sides.

Glowing Waves

This may still include the top glow. The hair is peeled backwards, but not in fine strands, leaving in it a rough tone.

Acute Edge

His ability to get close and acute with the edges makes the flattened top earn his honor among the best styles. You can trace the patch here by looking at the side edges that reinforce the thick middle portion of the patch.