Brad Pitt hairstyles

Brad Pitt has been in the spotlight for a few decades now, and he’s arguably one of the greatest male actors ever to have won several awards and bagged countless nominations for himself. Brad Pitt is also known for his good hair aesthetics in addition to his acting prowess. He’s got a healthy hair that can look good at every haircut or hairstyle you can think of and he’s tried many styles over the years. The following are some of the most popular Brad Pitt hairstyles of all the looks he’s worn over the years.

Short Wavy-Casual Look

This style is designed to give a cool but casual look to the man. It is best suited to people with shapes of the chest, triangle, oval and round head. It has sliced the sides of the clipper and back with the top cut jagged. Maintaining it is also very easy. All you need to do is get daily trims and make the hair shinier by using some good product to keep.

Short with Tapered Sides

This is a very simple haircut that Brad wore for the Oceans opening night screening in Vegas. In this style, while the sides are chipped in for a textured finish, the hair is tapered into a longer top part. For guys with thinning hair, it’s an incredible style as it can add some volume to their hair and fits most face shapes including oblong and square.

The Slicked Back

Brad likes to slick his hair back even when wearing different styles, but the slick back is the main style in this style. The hair is cut to a medium length then added to it some smooth material. The hair slicked back with a comb to finish the look. This style is appropriate for all sorts of face shapes and medium to thick skin, but people with long foreheads may not want to wear it as it is more likely to expose it.

Clean Shave

The moment of clean shave hair is about the beard, not the hair on the head of Brad Pitt. What makes it an appealing hairstyle is that it’s unusual to see Brad on his face with a clean rasped beard and not a single drop of hair. Lack of hair on his face helps to draw more attention to his hairstyles that are a smoothly cut short hair in most cases.

The Flowing Locks

Brad can hardly be seen with any locks on his hair because even if he has long hair, he likes to keep it straight and pull it into a man’s bun. He had some good flowing locks, though, a few years back. Brad had some luscious flowing locks back in 1993 and he looked nice in them, particularly as he also had a short well-trimmed beard to go with the locks.

Red Tone Brad

Hair colors are a good way to add some style and class to your hair, but choosing the right color is the secret behind a good look. Brad Pitt proved this to be true when he chose to go all black with a hint of red hair. This style looked fantastic to him, especially as he had a short, beautifully trimmed hair on top which had a longer length. And his red choice was also right because it wasn’t too light and it wasn’t too dark either.

In 2003 Brad Pitt’s angelic look at the Golden Globes was pulled by the Angelic look

and most people consider it one of his best looks ever. He was sporting a hair of moderate length and his head was cleanly shaved. What makes this look unique is that with his hair, he went all natural. The hair was split in the center then swept to the sides each of the two sections. To complete what is described as the anglic look, the back was brushed back.

Waved Out

Brad Pitt waved all out when he was awarded the Golden Globe in 1996. He paired a nice suit with this hairstyle to finish an elegant look that left people talking for weeks. The short but very soft waves on his head made his hair look more textured and voluminous, and at the middle of his head he had a small and nearly invisible section. This slight departure gave the front waves some direction, while the back hair was also slightly sliced back.
Short Messy Style

Short messy hair is a great style particularly when you want to wear a casual look and Brad likes to wear it sometimes. For Oceans , he wore this style, and it looked pretty good. The messy short style involves cutting the hairs in a uniform size and making the front hairs a little longer than the back and sides. The hair then becomes messy with the fingers, and a product of styling is used to keep the style longer.

Brad’s Curly Hair

It’s hard to tell what Brad’s natural hair looks like because any style he’s wearing looks natural to him, and curly hair is no exception. Brad used two distinct ways to rock the curly hair. He wore a long curly textured hair in the first style, which had what looked like a side parting. The hair is shorter in the second style, and the sides and back are tightly cut, leaving a longer curly hair at the top of the head. The superstar looked fantastic in both styles and a lot of people tried to copy the two styles for that reason.

Feathered Look Long Hairstyle

The long hair is cut in this style to give a man a light and feathered look. It’s a style best suited to men with fine and medium hair that looks like casual hairstyles. As it looks best on them, this style should also be worn by men with round heads. Regular trimming is needed to avoid split ends, and some products are needed to hold and give some shine to the hair.

Brad’s Fauxhawk

You probably wouldn’t expect Brad Pitt to wear this hairstyle these days, but in his younger years he tried it somewhere in the past. The faux hawk is a good haircut, and it fits most styles of faces and skin, but Brad still seems to add a spark to an already good style, bringing it to a new level. For his younger face and hair texture, his faux hawk looked incredible, but if he wore it today, he’d probably look pretty good too.

Short Spikes

Brad Pitt has on many occasions worn his spiky short hair, but the most famous is when he wore it in the Fight Club movie. Though in the 90’s this cut was more popular if you remember how good he looked in the short spikes, he would still stand out with the same style today. In this style, in the top section of the hair, the short spikes are left while the sides and back have been trimmed and swept to the sides.

Relaxed Bob

Bobs not only look good at women, and Brad proved this in September 2011 when he wore a relaxed Bob. The relaxed bob blended well with the features of his head. Separating the center hair and slicking back in style make his face look more symmetrical. And so for men with oval, triangular and square face shape, this design will be appropriate.


Pitt still sometimes bleaches his hair, but he seems to prefer a semi-bleached hair rather than a full hair bleach. Semi-bleaching produces a unique color contrast, and on medium lengths and short hairs it looks good. Side-parting the semi-bleached hair often adds some elegance, giving a plain yet fashionable hair to the wearer.

1Straight Long Hairstyle

Brad Pitt only rarely wears a straight long hairstyle, but it looks beautiful in it when he does. The aim of this form of style is to give the wearer a comfortable, casual look, requiring long layers of hair that are jagged cut and left to fall to the shoulders to give a nice finish to the hairstyle. It is perfect for medium and fine hair, but every month or so it will need to be trimmed.

Blonde Pitt

Brad Pitt decided to go all blonde with his hair a couple of years ago. It was during a time when he had long wavy hair, so he dyed this blonde to spice things up. Blonde is a natural hair color, but it looks best on people with thick, voluminous hair like Brad Pitt’s, so you can say he knew he’d look good even before trying this style. He then paired it for an eye-catching look with a well-kept beard.

The Classic Undercut

The classic undercut is the hairstyle of the early 1900s, but it is very popular among young people today. It also happens that Brad Pitt has ever rocked one of the best styles. Nevertheless, the sides and back are not as short as in other undercuts in his version of the undercut, but one could still see that it is an undercut. Also for an elegant look, Brad mixes his classic undercut style with a side part. Few other male celebrities will look as good as they do.

The Fury Hairstyle

One of the most sought after celebrity hairstyles is the style that Brad Pitt wore in The Fury. This cut is so popular that the Fury Hairstyle has even been called. Fury hairstyle is an undercut World War variant. It’s less traditional than other undercuts, and hair stylists and experts have described it as an extreme undercut, which makes it different from other undercuts. You need to go extreme with your undercut to get the cut all you need to do and keep a proper length at the top.

Feathered Fringe

is a beautiful hair style that makes the hair look and feel lighter. This medium-length haircut involves many scissors trimming with the top hair left long enough to cover the forehead all the way to the eyebrows, especially at the back. A feathered fringe look is a style that Brad wore in 2010, more casual or outdoor. This goes well with any type of hair, but as they are easier to work with, thick hairs should look better.

Sun-in / Mullet Mix

Pitt’s current hair styles are far away from what he used to wear in the 80’s. He seems to have been a little conservative in his younger years trying to follow the trend without overdoing his styles. The Sun-in / mullet combination that would still look good if worn today was one of the most popular hairstyles he used to sport. It is a hairstyle of medium length with some skillful hair trimming and shaping.

Sophisticated Soul Patch

Few men are able to pull the look as good as Brad pulled it in May 2014. The hair is cut in this fashion to a length that is just enough for the hair to easily slick back. It is important to use some smoothing and styling product in the hair to keep it for longer and to bring out the beauty associated with this style.

Man Bun

Nowadays, Brad is rarely seen in a man bun. He seems to have chosen to have it in his younger years, but at some point in the near feature we’ll probably see him wear it again. His easy man bun ties the hair together like any other bun, but at a lower position than the typical man’s buns, he prefers to tie his hair into a bun.

Brad Pitt’s Pompadour

Brad’s shaved pompadour is a hairstyle you’ll probably see more on the streets because he’s a trendsetter and his fans are always waiting for him to come up with a style they can copy. At least two inches of hair in the crown leaves the cut in this fashion. This allows the hair to be brushed back. While the back has a much softer fade, sides are shaved knife. To wet the hair, the styling gel is applied, and then it is brushed back with a comb, then the look is air-dried.

Hairs highlighted

Brad had a sharp short hair with highlights at the beginning of 2007. The highlights rendered an unusual appearance of a rather bland spiky haircut. Brad must have known that his short spiky hair won’t look that great, so with some nicely done highlights he decided to turn things around. His stylist had the highlights correct from the color choice to the design that was modified by the highlights. Highlights can make any hair look amazing, so people who want to add some color to their short hair can have a good idea.

BrushBack Hairstyle

This is one of Brad’s easiest styles over the years. This requires a hair that is brushed back with a comb of moderate length. What made Brad’s head more appealing to this style is the appearance of some gray hair patches on his head. This style is suitable for men whose hair color has begun to change due to age in their early fifties. Simply keep medium hair length and comb it back to wear this look.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are easy to wear styles because all you need to do is cut your hair close to your scalp. But not every man can look great in the buzz cut, but as usual, when he wore it on Oceans , Brad manages to pull this look. His face shape and hair texture are what makes him look great in a buzz cut. This cut needs virtually no upkeep at all, so it would be perfect for people who do not like to spend a lot of minutes working on their hair every morning on the mirror.

Brad’s Manly Moustache Look

A mustache is a must for a gentleman to look at least as men like to wear one. With a manly moustache, Brad Pitt pulled an incredible look at the end of 2014. His hair was perfectly molded into what looked like an unfinished pompadour as his head was shaved cleanly except for the manly moustache. While this look made Brad look older, he still looked good, and the style was probably copied by many fans.

Quick Straight–Casual

Brad’s quick casual straight style also proves to be the undisputed king of hair styling versatility. In this style, the sides and back are cut short and then combined with the top part of the jagged line. To keep the look in place, all you need is a little molding cream or gel.

The Smooth Operator

Pitt pulled a smooth operator back in 2004 and has since tried dozens of different hairstyles, but it remains one of his best ever ten years later. This look involves a side-parted hair effortlessly swept to the left. It is best to use a good hair product to make the hair smooth. That’s because in this style, smooth hair is the center of attraction. If you’re talking of wearing this look, you can keep a good length at the top as well.

Shampoo Commercial Coif

Brad’s 2012 shampoo coif shows that his hair styles are only getting better with age. The coif is very simple, and there’s nothing very fancy about it, but it still makes it look good. The simplicity makes replicating a style simple, and all you need to wear this style is long hair (at least length of shoulder) and some quality shampoo.

Medium Length Slicked Back

It would still look good even if you were to lawnmower Brad Pitt’s hair. The medium hair length that he was wearing in Troy’s movie proves this. All he had to do with his hair in this film is to comb it backwards without doing anything else. The only other notable thing in this style is the color of the blonde hair, but he probably would still look great in the hairstyle without it.

Piecey Platinum

Piecey hair styles may be somewhat difficult to wear compared to other styles, but if you get the right style, you’ll look great. With his piecey hairstyles, Brad’s stylist seems to have got things right as it was nothing short of perfect. A platinum color and a slight side part with front hairs swept in opposite directions are provided to finish a perfect piecey platinum look to make the already good style even better.

Brad’s Side Part

What makes Brad Pitt one of the best-looking actors is that he has no fear of experimenting with different items, whether in fashion or hairstyle. In this style, he just goes on a medium-sized hair with a side part. Instead, on one hand, the hair is swept to finish the side look.

The Massive Beard Look

Brad once attempted the massive beard look for a while before getting rid of it in his quest to try different hairstyles. His hair was a cut back medium length that looked pretty good, but from his tidy skin, the huge and somewhat shaggy beard attracted all the attention. This style did not last, however, as he was back in no time to his traditional mullet. Although with the huge beard, some men look fine, Brad Pitt is not one of them.

Short Straight

This style is perfect for every occasion. The purpose behind it is to look beautiful and clean. Brad has smoothed up the sides in this style. Often, the area around the ears is made smooth to give a clean finish to the hair edges. Also, the top should be left long to make it easy for a formal look to comb back.

Blond Tips

It’s incredible how something little done right will transform your hairstyle completely and change your look. For his short brush back hair in 2007, Brad attempted this notion. His brush back hair was all right but not exceptional. The blond tips were what made the style stand out, but they could hardly be noticed if one wasn’t sufficiently keen. Looking at this model, you’ll know it’s something different, but if you look close enough, you’ll just see the blonde tips.

Borderline Mullet

Borderline Mullet is one of the most sought-after hairstyles of all time, so it was only fair for Brad Pitt to try it because he loves hair experiments. Unlike other types he’s worn in the past, but, with his hair type and facial features, this one doesn’t go well. The mullet borderline gives him a look he should only wear in a film for a role.

Daddy Look

Fatherhood comes with many changes, and when he first became a daddy, Brad seems to have revolutionized his hairstyles. He started with side swept front hair but started experimenting with slightly different styles when he adapted to the role he became bolder. At some point in his early days as a father, he even wore a short spiky front style.

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