Rockabilly Fabulous Hair For Men

Rockabilly hair refers to styles that made rock and roll music common during the advent. These were high-volume greased styles that tended to look very neat and polished. Modern rockabilly hair is inspired by these retro styles and has created a host of hairstyles, ranging from classic pompadours and jelly rolls to more trendy assumptions of these styles. These pictures show some of the looks prepare to be inspired the most sought after!

Pomp It Up

This was a gently tapered undercut. In the pompadour style, the long hair on top was slicked back and given volume.

Copper Roll

The sides are rasped bare in this style and then the hair is rasped to the top. The front section was curled back at an angle and the high curl leans slightly forward onto the front.

Tapered Sides with Tall Top

Once again we see the clean cut sides tapering up to a highly defined part. The style is in front of a high wave, sliced to a brilliant finish.

Smooth and tall

An eye-catching aspect is the square shape of the temple. This straight shape plays with the above hair’s tall curved shape.

Curving Curl

In this look, the high brushed over the fringe tapers off, but rather than straight back, it curves gently around the side of the crown. We can see a blended razor slice under the close parting.

Straight Out Rock

This image shows an undercut running along the neck nape. The rest of the hair is long, brushed from the neck, bringing forward all the hair. The hair was then fixed with the product in place.
Rockabilly Spin

Here a very unique look was created with the hair pulled in two long fold-overs at the back. Those drop forward creating a look in front of a high volume.

Endless moves

The hair has been styled in this very chic rock and roll style into a rounded wave curving on the head. His locks are cut back, adding to this look precision and shine.

Bring back the curl

From the right temple, the hair was combed to fan over the head. Detail was applied to the front section with a close peak and curl.

Classic Rockabilly

The hair was cut short on the side in this classic style, creating a well-defined parting. The hair at the top was styled as a high curled wave tapering backwards.

Lift Revival

Flap hairstyles are released While still looking soft and touchable, this style has great volume. The light brown fawn and discreet highlights are helping this pop hairstyle.

Two Tone Under Cut

His hair was firstseparated with a long, rounded segment to create this rare look. A perfectly formed coif has been cut into the top portion of hair. The hair is cut short under the section and another section has been made. The hair is at its shortest under this partition.

Punk Pompadour

This style combines punk and rockabilly appearance. The sides are shaved high and the hair on top is thicker, tapering to shorter in the back of the head.

Sleek Upstyling

Jagged sideburn lines contribute to this look’s rockable feel. While the longer hair was styled, a high undercut was applied.

Concert Hair

Seek the look of this easy 50s! Here medium-length locks were severely combed back, with the slightest light in front of them. Add some grease to complete the look to hold it in place.

Flicked Fringe Detail

This standard short sides and long top do has been enhanced by ironing a small hair section in the front and flipping it over the smooth back locks.

Jelly Jive

The look you see here is called a jelly roll the top hair was split in the middle and then curled into two long rolls that sweep down to meet each other. The sides are usually trimmed with razor in this look.

Classic Dark Lift

In this case, a beautiful lift was created not only by styling the front portion of the hair but also by giving it a ruffled look.

Rock Fusion

One of the things to love about this popular style, which begins high in the middle and tapers backwards, is that it can look great on almost any guy and it’s easy to keep. As you can see, this is a look perfect for company as well as fun!

Fashionable Forties Do

Its brown chocolate hair is the perfect addition to this smooth style. The look is tall in front and brushed back all the hair. The upper and lower locks are separated by a small high partition.

Retro Sweep Style

The hair was thoroughly rasped over the ears and slowly polished into a high undercut. The hair is swept straight up at the front of the head and tapers towards the crown. Adding a sharp square detail above the temple added extra interest.

All Shook Up

Lots of little elements come together to create a great hairstyle in this look. The brushed hair has a beautiful wavy texture, gliding into a blended undercut. Then there were added sharp razor lines around the face.

Sectioned looks

Instead of the usual smooth, back-slicked feel, this style combines texture with the surface. To create small waves that blend together, this hair has been sectioned and ironed.

Blonde dancing

We usually imagine dark hair styles when we consider rockabilly. This image, however, shows that blonde hair in high-top styles can look just as trendy.

Elvis left the building