SIMPLE makeup step by step

Simple makeup step by step

Makeup is used to enhance beauty, bring luminosity or give freshness to a devitalized complexion, but knowing how to adapt the makeup style to the occasion and the time of day is essential to get the most out of it. And while there are more and more bloggers and channels showing amazing and elaborate makeups, not all of us have the time or skills to do professional makeup every day. Luckily there is easy makeups that you can incorporate into your routine.

If you like to look perfect on any occasion, but you don’t know how to vary your makeup to wear a look more natural during the day and a more intense one at night, do not miss the following oneHOWTO article, in which we give you ideas of simple makeup step by step. You will learn how to make a day and night make-up and a natural make-up with a good face effect. Do not miss it!

Simple day makeup

Day makeup is usually characterized by being natural and not ornate. To make it easier for you to learn how to do simple make-up during the day, we have divided the instructions for each area of ​​the face that you should make up. Do you like simple and beautiful makeup? You will love this proposal:

How to make up your face

  1. Start by applying your moisturizer usual on a clean and dry face.
  2. For the makeup base, we recommend one that is fluid and with little coverage, as this will give you a really natural result. Put a little product on the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. You can spread it with a brush, sponge or with the fingers of your hand, if the texture works well.
  3. Apply a little liquid concealer on the area of ​​the dark circles in the shape of an inverted triangle. Blend with a smudging brush or the beauty blender.
  4. Seal the concealer by applying a few translucent powders over the area to prevent the product from cracking.
  5. If you want your skin to look a little darker, you can benefit from bronzing powders. Use a thick powder brush and apply with light, shallow strokes to areas with volume: forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Do not put it all over your face, as the result could look artificial.
  6. To add luminosity, give a few touches of pink or pearly blush in your cheeks.

How to do a simple eye makeup

  1. Apply a matte shadow of a light shade on the eyelid, that is, the one closest to the lashes.
  2. Next, apply a shadow of the same range, but in a darker shade, at the corner of the eye. You can help yourself with a pencil-type brush. The important thing is to apply the shadow correctly and then blend it so that no cuts are seen in the makeup.
  3. With your finger, apply a little pearly shadow just below the browbone to give light, as well as next to the tear duct.
  4. Apply some mascara and your eyes will be ready.

In this other oneHOWTO article we explain how to do eye makeup step by step, so if you want more varied and detailed instructions, don’t hesitate to take a look at this article.

How to put on lip makeup

  1. If you need to correct the shape of your lips, you can outline them with a nude tone to mark the contour. If not necessary, you can skip this step. If you want a clearer step by step, visit this other article on How to outline lips.
  2. Get a good lipstick so that the product lasts longer on your lips and you don’t have to reapply it all day.
  3. From UNCOMO we recommend using a nude lipstick or gloss with little color to give the final touch to your lips. These options will be the most natural and will offer volume to your lips in a completely natural way.
Simple makeup step by step - Simple day makeup

Simple evening makeup

Night makeup allows us to take a little more risk and show off a little more intense colors. For this, you will need to know some step-by-step makeup techniques like the ones we present below. If you want to discover a simple evening makeup to be attractive and elegant at any event, keep reading:


  1. Before starting, hydrate the area by applying your usual cream. Your face must be very clean and dry.
  2. If you need to cover any pimples or redness, put a little cream concealer with the tip of your finger on the mark, tapping the skin so that the product penetrates better.
  3. Next, apply the makeup base that most closely matches your natural skin tone. We recommend using a brush or sponge for a more natural result and for an even application.
  4. For dark circles, put a little fluid concealer in the area, always in the shape of an inverted triangle. Blend the product with a sponge or brush. In this other oneHOWTO article we explain in more detail how to cover dark circles with makeup.
  5. Seal the makeup with loose powder or rice powder. This will help prevent cracking and mattify the face.
  6. With a small blush brush, add a touch of blush to your cheeks. You can also use a cheek tint, just put a couple of drops on the cheekbones and blend with your fingers.
  7. Brighten your face by applying a little highlighter to both the high cheekbone and the straight line of your nose. Do it gently so you don’t go overboard.


  1. To do an easy eye makeup, the best option is a simple smoking, so take note.
  2. Apply some matte black eyeshadow on the eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. Apply it by tapping so that it integrates well and lasts longer.
  3. With a smudging brush, begin to smudge the line where you ended up with the shadow. Do this with gentle movements from side to side, moving up towards the eye socket, not higher.
  4. To avoid a very dark result, you can apply a lighter shadow (brown colors are ideal) on the fixed eyelid, that is, the one above the mobile. Blend that color down to a little below your brow.
  5. When it is completely blurred, apply a little pearly shadow on the arch of the eyebrow and the lacrimal to give two points of light in your gaze.
  6. Outline the waterline with a black pencil for more intense eyes. If you feel like it, you can also give a feline touch to your look with a good eyeliner. In this article we explain how to make the perfect eyeliner.
  7. Apply mascara to give more intensity to the look.
  8. If necessary, make up your eyebrows to cover less crowded areas.


As it is a simple evening makeup, you can use more or less intense colors, depending on your personal taste. In this case we propose two options:

  • Use a matte red lipstick so that it stands out with your look smokey eyes.
  • Apply a little gloss or lipstick in tone nude to give prominence to the look.

When choosing the best lipstick for a good evening makeup, these articles on Lipstick colors for brunettes and The best lipsticks for fair skin can help you.

Simple makeup step by step - Simple evening makeup

Simple and natural makeup

We have already seen how to make simple night makeup and day makeup perfect for any occasion, however, if you want to show off a good face effect for a natural and day look and you don’t want to overload your skin with products, we have one more option for you. Here is a simple and natural makeup tutorial for both brunettes and blondes or redheads:

  1. First of all, you must unify and even the skin tone. For this, we recommend using a bb cream, since it has less coverage than a makeup base.
  2. Apply makeup on the forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose and blend with a makeup brush or sponge. beauty blender.
  3. For the dark circles area, apply a liquid concealer of the appropriate tone for your skin type. Apply it in an inverted triangle and blend well with a brush.
  4. Do not forget to apply a little translucent powder or rice powder to seal the area around the eyes and prevent the product from cracking.
  5. To give the skin a healthy look and get the good-looking effect, put a touch of blush on the cheeks (towards the temple) and blend well.
  6. Dip your fingertip in a matte eyeshadow in a very light brown or pink tone and apply on the mobile eyelid.
  7. To finish the eyes, apply a layer of mascara.
  8. As a last touch to add luminosity to the face, put a little gloss in the center of the lips and dab with the fingertip to spread across the lip for a more natural finish.

You already know how to put on makeup step by step for any occasion, but if you do not feel comfortable with some of the advice that we have given you due to difficulty, this article on How to do makeup step by step for beginners may help you.

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