Simple Hairstyles for Short Hair

Tired of the same monotonous look day after day? We feel you completely. If you’re someone who thinks that short hair isn’t to experiment with today, we’re going to show you that it can be. For short hair, there are lots of super cute and simple hairstyles that are fast and easy to do at home. Unbelievably inspiring hair blogger Sali Rasa appears again today on TRHS to share her easy step-by-step tutorials on how to spice up your cut!

Easy to Manage Bandana Style

Everything you need is a bandana and a chopstick curler or any curling iron. Remove and curl small parts of your bangs. If you have thin hair and want to curl more volume in opposite directions in each chapter. Curl to the back the first section and to the front the next chapter. This will increase the volume of the curls. Wrap the bandana around the head and tie it to the top. Then loosen the curls with your fingertips and use some hairspray to create this cute hairstyle. View this post on Instagram on Dec 2017 at 42am PST Lovely Short Hair Curls

This> curling iron to get the most voluminous curls. Start with a heat protection spray to protect your hair from damage. The heat protection spray will also help your curls last the whole day. Start wrapping hair parts around the iron. Use the round brush to dry your bangs back to give them a little extra bounce to finish the blowout. Have a look at this post on Instagram on Apr 2018 at 28am PDT Quick Updo for Short Hair with Bobby Pins

An updo is particularly easy if you have super short hair! Start by styling all of your hair to one side if you have an undercut. Use a small dry shampoo or hairspray to add volume to the rim. And tie your hair in a little roll exactly where your undercut ends with a bobby pin or two on the other side. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done. And it looks awesome! Don’t forget to spray it so it lasts the whole night. View this post on Instagram at 42am PST Fishtail Dutch Braided Bangs

on February 2018 if you can braid you have a lot more options to style your short hair with braided hairstyles. It’s never too late to learn if you can’t braid! I have tutorials for you step-by-step. This is a two-strand braid where you bring under the other small pieces from the outer section. Apply tiny bits of your bangs to the segment before connecting the lines. Make sure you braid the way you want your braid to stay. After finishing the braid spray on the ends for holding some dry shampoo. Loosen it a little by pulling softly on the outer strands to make the braid look bigger. Seal the braid end with a clear elastic or use a lot of hairspray to secure the ends. Look at this post on Instagram at 12 pm PST Stars for Your Hair on December 2017

Are you in star mood? Have you ever thought about using your hair stickers? Here’s a festive alternative, which is super easy as well. All you need is some hairspray and stickers. Color your hair as usual and then take the stickers with you! Wait a few seconds and prepare everything for a festive starry look with hairspray. View this post on Instagram at 3 pm PST Basics for Short Hair Styles on Dec 2017

Do you wear your hair the same way because you don’t like using heat or other tools? What about just trying some hair wax? Apply a bit of hair wax to the opposite side that you normally wear and style your hair. The first time it may feel a little strange, but you will definitely receive a lot of compliments! Here are a few common choices for hair wax styles. Watch this post on Instagram on February 2018 at 21am PST French Braid Mohawk

Bring your hair together in a French braid. After a day or two without a shower, the hair becomes easier to braid. Begin with three parts at the front and take them to your other hand over the centre. Then with the other hand do the same. Once you’ve done this twice, the braid will start. Start to cross the parts each time you add a little hair from the sides until you cross the middle strings. View this post on Instagram at 48am PDT on Apr 2018 Whether you’re a beginner or an expert trying different> Instagram and The Right Hair> Facebook page because we’re making friends with the best hair bloggers! Related Posts Buzz Cut Girls That Really Love Short Hair Statement Androgynous Haircuts for Women How to Wear a Bowl Cut Wondrous Wedge Haircuts Edgy Ways to Spice Up Your Short Hair with Highlights On-Trend Balayage Short Hair Looks Hair Cuts and Trends Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. With your form of beauty, we will help you find the best hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeCelebrities