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The GrayHairMovement is happening all around us! I find a friendly group of like-minded women and invite you to join me in taking over social media as part of the GrayHairTransition. I was instantly fascinated by the brave and beautiful women sharing their silver hair journeys with the world of style fashion and hair laid out before us in true techno-color. Check out your favorite gray hair bloggers and love them!

Nikol is one of the original pioneers in the gray hair trend. A celebrity beauty expert and social influencer, she’s someone to watch if you really want to learn how to go gracefully. Her YouTube videos are also an amazing tool that guides us all through the steps of her own transformation while motivating us. Her style is undeniable, and her images promise a life full of beauty travel and peace. You will want to find out her secrets for a well-lived life after visiting her instagram feed and website. Her promotion of the gray hair campaign is encouraging to all of us as an added bonus, no matter where we are in our transition.

The first line of this account’s bio on Instagram says it all Going grey with (grohm) (bray) A revolutionary celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair. You’re going to want to follow this account to see the latest pictures of women embracing the gray hair revolution.

Ms. Neder is an icon in her own right, having reinvented herself in her’s when she decided to pursue her life’s aspirations and accept her natural gray hairy beauty. She identifies herself as a Model Actor and Yoga Instructor, as well as a Life and Dreamed-Job-Achievement Mentor. Her website cites her as saying, Now I want to help other people be courageous enough to do what they want and to do what they want. Her pages are filled with pictures of women of all ages who accept their gray and enjoy each minute with silver hair. This page will inspire any woman contemplating the choice to go silver so check it out for pictures from all over the Instagram for the best aged ladies.

Nina is number five on my Instagrammers list to follow in the Gray Hair Movement. Her uplifting posts and thoughtful comments are a constant inspiration for those of us who are starting this natural hair journey. I highly encourage you to check out her page for inspirational quotes and feedback on pictures. Her silver locks enhance her timeless beauty and unique style. She makes all of us want to reveal our real life colors.

Grece flies around the globe from New York to Montreal all the while wearing her beautiful dresses and elegant gray bob. She is the epitome of elegance and luxury among the group. She reveals an urban side of fashion that I want to keep an eye on, don’t you?

For the dog lover in all of us, this is a pet business where Ms. Rodin calls her miniature silver poodle Winks as her inspiration to create a special line of dog collars and leashes. These fake leather products and 100% pre-washed cotton denim are the perfect accompaniment to Linda’s style and beauty all highlighted by her gray hairy looks. This is an account that you all want to follow for the sheer fun and frivolity it represents, not just for the animal lover.

It doesn’t have to be said that Lisa is stunning. Many of her pictures are amazing. You’ll want to join the gray hair trend when you look at Lisa’s pictures too. I mean if we can all look like this at (I’m three years away so something to look forward to) why wouldn’t we do that? She also has a sense of style that’s special to her that I admire.
<img src=" She is a model and influencer who shares with the world her daily meditations. Her social pages are full of beautiful pictures of happiness and life to the full. Regardless of where you are in your gray hair transformation, I highly recommend checking her out for everyday inspiration.

When you begin to look into this trend, I know you will find that there is no lack of amazing women (and some men) who are paving the way for the rest of us to join the gray hair revolution. I’ve had the courage to post my own transformation pictures because of their transparency and bravery.

So if you have secret thoughts about breaking out of hair coloring mode and exploring your natural hair regardless of color, you can rest assured that these women will be there to help you. I was accepted into the community and in the process I’m just around 90 days. And if you want to join the movement, I’ll be ready to be your cheerleader in the Instagram-world and help you shout from the rooftops Hey world this is The Authentic Me! Prev1 of 12Next —> —> Related Post Gray Hair Communities to Support and Inspire Silver Sisters Women Older Than Prove Unicorn Hair Has No Age Limit An Over- Model Hair Routine How To Embrace Gray Hair Changed My Life Transition to Gray Hair Tips Based on Personal Story Fab Short Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration from hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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