Foilyage Hair Color Technique

Professional hair words tend to be known only by colorists and one of them is foilyage. Luckily, this article was written by our stylist friend Samantha Harman with all the important details about the technique of foilyage. Learn how foils plus scanning can help you get the color you’ve always dreamed of.

What is the hair of Foilyage?

This technique is based on the combination of conventional foils and scanning effect. Traditional foils are made throughout the head of the client in a pattern that results in a more consistent look. Balayage is hand-painted highlights resulting in a sun-kissed look that is more organic. But balayage will not get as blonde as traditional foils a lot of times. In combining the two methods, the foilyage method helps give customers the best of both worlds. It’s great for women who want the lighter blonde bits in their hair while still getting a lived-in look of nature.

Photographs by Samantha Harman

Foilyage Hair Color Technique

The color of the foilyage hair can be done in various ways. Nonetheless, I find myself using most in the salon in two ways. The first way I like to foilyage is to go through and foil the whole head and then test the bits left out among the foils. I try to apply the lightener in a different pattern when doing this so that the hair can appear more dimensional. Use both of these approaches helps to avoid any kind of hair lines producing a more natural growth. The second way I use the technique of foilyage is to paint the lightener like a balayage on the hair and then wrap the hair in foils. I do this because there are so many levels that open-air balayages can lift. Wrapping the hair in the foil will produce a more dramatic result because the heat will allow the hair to be evenly processed. This technique is perfect for customers who still want the balayage effect or for someone who wants a really drastic change.

Traditional Foils vs. Foilyage

Modern foils lighten locks from roots to ends, making the hair look more natural and patterned. Foilyage allows the hair to grow smoother at the root and lighter at the ends, leading to a more natural growth. I’d do foils if you want an all-over blonde look. I will probably prefer foilyage if you like more of an effortless feel.

Foilyage benefits

This approach helps to give consumers the natural look they want for low maintenance. The biggest thing about this method, in my opinion, is that there is no line of foil creating a more lived-in look. Some may think that a conventional balayage is the only way to create a low-maintenance look. Nevertheless, this is no longer the case with the hair color technique of foilyage. This approach is also the best way to change things for consumers who usually get conventional highlights. Balayage may be too drastic of a change, but this is something that will give the client a similar look. Instead of repeating the same foiling pattern every few weeks, Foilyage gives the stylist flexibility to customize the color on each client.

Proper Home Care After Foilyage

Any type of lightening service may cause hair damage, so it is important for the customer to use the product to make sure their hair is as healthy as possible before and after the appointment. Here are some of my tips Coloring methods are constantly changing and stylists should educate their clients about the variations. While the scanning popularity has risen, the demand for foiling has declined. I still think foils are as important as ever, though. Most consumers are unable to achieve the look they want by balayage alone. The trick is to mix the two together! Related articles Shadow Root Skin Low Maintenance Melted Looks Best Face Framing Highlights for Every Face Form What’s the Difference Between Partial and Full Highlights? Pintura Highlights Curly Hair Smudging’s Best Color Strategy Is the Breakthrough Way to Highlight Hair Strobing Is the Only Way to Enhance Your Face Shape Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get inspiration from the hair style. Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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