Sassy Curly Mohawk Patterns – Bad-boy Look

Mohawks are known as wild hairstyles for bad-boys. They exist in numerous variations ranging from straight flamboyant versions to more subtle versions which can pass off as quite dapper versions. Curly Mohawks combine with curled or wavy hair the appeal of faded sides and a thick top.
Swooped-Up Curly Mohawk

This look has started to settle down with most Caucasian males and can be tinkered with zing or just a personal touch. To emphasize the shaved sides, the neat curls on top were sliced upwards and inwards. It’s a pretty basic look that doesn’t fade gradually or even trim a detached beard. Nonetheless, with a smooth, full beard, it oozes class and edginess and looks even better.

Mohawk Curly Hair

The thick and curly look of Mohawk derives its appeal from the simplicity of the cut and the contrast that the completely hairy crown and the clean-shaven sides offer. The top features a random fiery-red highlight smattering that further enhances the look of the bad-boy.

Mohawk tattooed with Curly Top

This hairstyle certainly has a thick, curly crown and clean-shaven sides. The look is perfect to show off your facial tattoos without resorting to baldness. It’s a very daring look that only looks good if your skin is well inked.

Blowout Afro Curly Mohawk

You can blow your top to the full, kinky afro. The curled afro is consistently shaped all the way backwards. The sides are shaved to the crown with only a hint of a fade. At the detached side burning, the full beard starts narrow, then goes on to become a full, rugged beard oozing masculinity. The entire look is manly intensely.

Dreadlocked Mohawk

It’s as bold as ever to blend the rugged appeal of dreadlocks with the new-age bad-boy Mohawk look. The locks on the front are thicker and long enough to fall over the brow. To crisp lines down the sideburns, a sleek fade tops off this rough look.

Thickly Curled Mohawk Top

This look features a full crown with thick curls running below the nape. The large volume of the hair looks great as it creates an appealing asymmetry against the clean shaved sides of the head. By ruggedizing it and injecting more masculinity, the whole beard rounds off the look.

Thick Curl Mohawk

In this style, the Mohawk is more silent but still present. The crown’s hair is thick, treated curls with a noticeable luster that is part of the appeal. The sides at the bottom are only slightly faded with crisp cuts to outline the edges all the way around.

Blonde Top Mohawk

Frizzy blonde curls decorate the crown in this chic Mohawk style. The contrast created at the top by the dyed curls and the jet-black faded sides makes it look like a party. It’s a very bold look that the adventurous can reserve.

Mohawks look really cool with kinky hair. The crown has a thick afro that has been given a spiky twist to make it look rugged using Curl sponge hair curlers. According to your personal preference, you can fade the trim on the sides but the clean, slightly gradual fade is part of the appeal with a detached but sharply trimmed beard.

Spiky Long Top Mohawk

This spiky Mohawk could be your style if you’ve got a gothic knack. The top features long locks with a smattering of green highlights on the ends that are curled slightly. On the edges, the fuzz is just broad enough to provide a faint outline.

Frizzy Top Afro Mohawk

This edgy look involves a thick afro-frizzy crown that stands out boldly all the way backwards. The sides are distinctly blurred towards the bottom and back of the neck, and the top is separated from the side by a crisp trim. Also part of the flashy appeal is the asymmetry caused by the lopsided cut.

17Curled Top Mohawk

One of the most flamboyant designs, the crown features thick, curly hair locks highlighted with violet colour. Although there are a few subtle patterns embedded in the fuzz, the flashy top compensates for the lack of fine trimming and crisp outline on the sides.
There’s an endless list of things you can do to customize your Mohawk. Be sure to experiment with a couple before finding the one that best suits you. Never settle down for just one look, even then. If your hair is styled correctly, it’s a great accessory.

Simple Fade Mohawk

This look can easily be transformed into a formal one because its simple design is not too expressive but not too dull. The crown is lined with short curls at the perfect height for running all the way back while keeping a nice shape. The fade on the sides with a crisp outline on the temples is simple and gradual.

Flat Top Mohawk

The crown’s hair is wavier than curly because it has treated curls that go up to the neck’s nape. It is a cool look with an underlying element of style derived from the simplicity of the temple’s smooth fade and sharp outline and the simple disconnection with the hair of the head.

Swooped Top Mohawk

This hairstyle features three different hair fads to create an even more stylish brilliant hybrid. It features a lusciously curled top with one side of the hair swooping over. With the beard left untrimmed, the fades are simple to give the look a rough appeal.
The look is reserved as it never fails to draw attention to the bold and tasteful. Curly Mohawks offer a fresh new look for any man who is daring enough to try it, with many different variations to suit different hair types and preferences.

Bold Trim Mohawk

Kinky hair with coarse curls sticks out prominently on the crown and exudes some sort of bad-boy appeal. The sides have a basic fade, spruced up by flashy cut-offs. The disconnected full beard adds an oomph to cap off the look, turning the appearance from juvenile to manly.

Full Top Curled Mohawk

Heavily curled to look stylishly wavy on the thick hair on the crown. The sides are reduced only slightly, but the shave is sufficient to emphasize the top hair’s prominence. It’s a piece that incorporates classiness as well as bad-boy appeal as it teeters right on the edge of formal and informal.

Classic Mohawk with Frizzy Top

Hair that was more centered in the original Mohawk design. This look brings back that original appeal with a top of frizzy hair running along the length of the head narrowly centered. The rest of the head is clean-shaven. The bald look isn’t that easy to walk on for everybody.

Kinky Mohawk with Highlighted Curls

This bold and incredibly rough hairstyle model uses smooth outlines and precise fading to create a classy look. The crown is a kinky hair afro well curled with frosted tips adding some edge to the appearance. It contrasts well with the dark, smoothly faded sides that outline the back with a few crisp lines.

21Thick with Bald Sides

Short ringlety curls at the ends with a bit oh highlight. The sides are shaved and an ancient Roman helmet’s effect is created.

Faded Ponytail

On its own, a ponytail appears good. However, with a touch of edgy cuts, if you add a nice, sizzling fade to the sides, it becomes something completely different. The thick curls on the crown are tied back in a ponytail while there is a smooth, gradual fade on the sides that disconnects from the sideburns. The thick beard adds to the whole look a very masculine touch.

The Superman Curl Top

This Mohawk’s focus is on the front where the thick curls at the top slightly pour over to cover the brow. The look is similar to the top of the Superman curl but is now improved by fading sides that can be further modified to add your personality to the look.

Overhanging Mohawk Curl

This edgy hairstyle creates a bold contrast to the narrowly shaved sides and the full-haired top with luscious curls. The highlight is the thick curl that stretches across the forehead. The disconnected but shaggy beard is a nice touch as it gives rise to a rough appeal that makes the curly hair on the crown hard. Admittedly, rocking a masterpiece like this takes a lot of guts, and hair.

Short Curly Mohawk

Perfect for short kinky hair. Through treatment and curling, the top hair is given some volume and finesse. It runs all the way back where a slightly slimmer tail has been given. With only slight fading upwards and towards the temples, the sides are thoroughly shaved.

Superstar Fade

This audacious Mohawk features a subtle curling, frizzy crown that exudes a rough appeal. It covers the brow slightly and runs all the way to the neck’s nape. The hairstyle highlight is the exquisitely trimmed sides that feature a series of crisp lines-formed inlaid stars.