Stylish men’s stylish haircut styles


Tribal Artwork

This style is perfect for natural silky short hair. The head is kept short, along the sides and back of the head, with tribal artwork. Until applying it, you might want to make sure you understand the artwork.

Radio Waves

It contains a fading undercut with a longer top and top segment. Only one side is going to have the undercut fading. Some radio waves are then designed on the back side and on the opposite side a small section.

Heartbeat Mohawk

You can take your Mohawk to a different level by having heartbeat designed on either side. To pull off a perfect look, you’ll want to keep your hair short and dark.
We sometimes struggle with the back hair as a man as well. Getarazor has a nice article about shavering the back of the best men to reduce back hair pain. Feel free to look at it.


The iconic cartoon heroes can be arranged on the back of the head, together with cartoon episodes. The sides are kept in a shorter size, with a short enough top part as well.

Egyptian style. You can have a shaved head on the right with a faded undercut. From the tip of the forehead, two lines are then shaved and then break and extend to the left side near the back. Some Egyptian symbols are between two lines. Once you apply them, you will understand the meaning of these signals.
Whatever haircut designs you may want to apply to men, you’ll need to make sure it fits perfectly on your head. If you need to dye the model, make sure you use the right dye. You should take pictures of the models and have a snapshot of how they look at you.


Another way to pull off an elegant and exclusive haircut is to shave off the sides and make it bald in the direction of the face. On the back of the head, a’ V’ is made. That means the sides are going to form a V shape to the back of the head.

US Pride

You can also design a few stars with a short, thick, black hair. In this model, there is no undercut. On top of the head, the stars can be positioned towards the forehead.

The LA Lakers

Basketball is one of the fans ‘ full support sports. This design involves symbolizing the LA Lakers in a custom shape. It can be tailor-made for a basketball, or it can be individually designed.

Arc on a shaved head

Instead of having a straight line on a clean-shaved head, you can have an arc curving from the cutting section on your forehead all the way up to the top of the right side of your head. For curly hair, this style goes well.

A Design Top Knot

If you want to pull off a different and unique haircut design, this is one design that will attract a lot of peopleTM’s attention. The top should be longer and a knot should be attached. To one hand, the eyes have the fading waves to the back of the head. The other side has a hero portrait. It could be an image of faith or something like that.

Facing the back

Another model that can attract most people’s attention is a well-shaved head with somebody’s portrait on the back. Because the face has to be clear, the head should have a square shape, and the nape should be wider in order to properly model the eyes.

The Lightning Bolt

If you want a very different haircut but still have a trendy look, this is one of the designs you want. A shaved off hand, with a Mohawk or a shorter top, is involved in the design. Instead, from the front of the right or left hand, a slanted lighting bolt is positioned all the way to the back of the face.

Mohawk with Sides shapes

This one includes shaved sides, and then a portion of the sides is separated with a shaved line after that has been shaved to a shorter length. Then the Mohawk sits on a moderate size.

The Two-Level Top

Instead of having a regular boxed-afro for African-Americans, you can make it different with a line running from the front to the back. Then a section is shaved to change the size of the two parts. For a long face, the theme would look great.

The Leopard

In this case, the top part remains long and the sides are designed to look like the spots of a leopard. This is great for a young boy because for an official occasion it seems boyish and may not go well.

Three-stripe Spiky Top

This design makes the sides almost like the waves, but they come from each side and meet at the back of the neck. The nape’s upper section has three lines that look like a symbol. For a square face, this style is perfect.


This is a model most certainly designed to show the individual’s home state. The sides are partly rasped off, with longer hair on the edges. Then the back is shaved with a faded undercut, and then the stylish A is elegantly designed.

Several Back and Sides Stars

This is another style that can look amazing on your head if you’re short enough. The star is big, and on the side and back of the head they are formed. Three rows are cut along the stars ‘ hands.

Spiky Top with Three Lines

Another way to enjoy the haircut is to have the top thick and a little spiky, and then have three lines on the left or right side. A great example of this look is that when he played for Juventus, one of Arturo Vidal.

Multi-Level Top

This is one of African-Americans ‘ top haircut styles because it includes a thick black body. The sides are undercut, then the top section is left long enough, but the levels are divided by a shaved line. The top of the head is long, and the next level is adjusted to be shorter and curved backwards. The last level is held shorter than the two and ends in the undercut direction.


This is a different styling design. The sides are held in a short size here, and then fire flames are built, and yellow and orange dye is added to complement the appearance. You should wear your beards and make them look fantastic.


If people go to their heads for signs and different names, you can choose to go to the back of your head for a custom logo. You need to keep your hair as short as possible, but not too short. With a thick, black hair, this design goes well and looks good on the head with a wider neck back.


eye is another symbolic model involving the Horus eye added to the back of the head. Once you apply it to your eyes, you’ll want to know the exact meaning of this face.

Web spider

This model includes a thorough styling in which the sides and back of the scalp are shaved with a short top section. On the back of the head, a spider is then formed, and the legs extend towards the top. It is ideal for an individual with a larger head nape.

Lotus Flower

If you’re not a big fan of tattoos and you want to try some unique design, that’s what you’d like to do. It’s one of a unique haircut designs that involves shaved part fading backwards. To allow the Lotus flower to be positioned at the back of the head and cover some portion of the top part, a line section is shaved to the scalp. A Fauxhawk is then left in the top section.


Basketball can be designed either on the back of the neck or on the sides on flames through the rim. Nevertheless, the sides are kept short and you can either choose to dye or leave the ball and the rim.

The Chicago Bulls

Supporters of basketball show their full support by pulling on their heads super unique designs. For short hair, you can have a dry, shaved head. The back of the head has the Chicago Bull logo design. There is no need to apply dye to the logo design, but for uniqueness, you can apply it.

Star on the Sideburns

While many people go to the top, side and back of the head for the star design, you can have yours on the sideburns. On the same point, the head is shaved, but not too short. After that, a line is built through the sides from the back of the head and extended to give the star space. Then the star is designed with the hair that covers the star section and the five sides.

‘ Shooting Star’

‘ While stars are standard haircut models, they appear to be somewhat different. This requires a short part of the top with a blurred undercut. From the tip of the forehead a line is then shaved and spreads in waves to form a bigger star at the top of the head. In addition to the big star, two small stars are designed.
The Dark Knight

If you’re a Batman fan, you’d love this style most definitely. The whole head is shaved to a shorter size; some sections are then left with long hair and shaped into bats. It is possible to place the bats on one side of the head and one on the back. Although they can be designed to cover the sides and back as well. To complete the design, some yellow dye can be applied to the bats ‘ eyes.
Haircut models for men were one of the new world’s top hairdos. People are going from young boys to adults for the haircuts that make them look fantastic. Each man expects to pull off a unique hairstyle that will catch the ladies ‘ attention. You can be sure to have a hairdo worth trying out with a top-class hairstylist. It doesn’t matter if your hair is too short, medium, or shoulder-long. You can also be sure to pull off a stylish hairstyle, no matter what color the hair is. Here’s a list of 2017 trendy top haircut designs:

The Wave

This men’s haircut design is one of the unique features of wave-shaved sides. The top part is longer and spiked a little bit. There are about three lines on the sides that make up three parts. That section is slightly longer than the section below, but towards the end it increases or decreases. For example, if one section’s wave is closer to the eye, it will continue to shrink to the back of the head. Nevertheless, a flat fading undercut is the opposite side.


If you’re a fan of a famous film star, you can make things a lot different with a faded undercut, with a longer top. Nonetheless, on the sides, with some of your favorite moviestar, you can have a shape.

Head labyrinth

Another model includes a low-level hair with a labyrinth created at the top. The labyrinth is not homogeneous, so you can pick as you like. If the wave is on the head side, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t shave the scalp’s hair.

White Rose

Another design may feature a Mohawk shaved side and a white rose on either side of the head is then highlighted. The hair size should not be too short to allow the design of the white rose.


spiral wave.This is another form of unique designs for haircut. It goes well with the African-American skin, which is thick enough, with a light brown-colored hair. A faded undercut keeps the sides. A line is the sideburns shaved which goes all the way up, and then it bends towards the middle of the head in a spiral.