Easy and funky Sponge Curls Ideas for Men

Sponge curls are tiny dread like locks that should be attempted by anyone who wants to keep up with the trend. And, because of the natural texture and thickness of their hair, they work best with African Americans. They’re a very easy hairstyle to create, and if you want them to look uniform, you can either do it with bare hands or use a modern dread sponge. And you’ll look amazing if you pair them with a fade or undercut on the edges. Below is this funky style’s distinct versions.

Sweet Curls with Shaved Sides

In this model, the side tapering is incredible and although it only takes up a small portion, it still makes these curls look magnificent. And you need a line-up around the curls to complete the design.

Short and Neat Sponge Hawk

You should try to make one with sponge curls if you want a unique Mohawk design. Before fading the sides to form the Mohawk, you should make them short and neat and keep them in the middle of the head.

Sexy with High Fade

A fade will always help spice up your haircut, and the high one on this design helps to improve the appearance of sexy and smooth curls on the crown.

Stylish Gray Spirals

This hairdo’s natural gray strands help to give it a beautiful tone. Still the highlight of this stylish headdress is the long spirals with a fade on the sides.

Top Fade Curls

This hairdo’s beauty depends on the natural hair you have to do little to make it. In this style, all you need to create an elegant hairdo is a top fading on a small section on the sides and curling the thick natural hair.

Texture Shaggy Curls with Great Line-Up

The texture of these afro curls is incredible, and the beauty is that they are all organic. And it’s all you need to create a refined headdress to make them messy and finish with a line up on the sides.

Afro Curls and Bald Fade

All about this haircut is amazing, leaving a few long and messy Afro curls on the crown. On the sides, you should give them a bald fade and finish the look by shaping your hair on the face.

Long Afro Spirals

You must be patient enough to grow your hair in order to wear this hair. And once you’ve got these long strands, you should turn them into some cute spirals and on the short sides give them a simple taper.

Zero Fade Thick Afro Curls

That’s exactly how it works. The sponge swirls in this style come from a neat afro, which is also very dense. Also, the design is slightly messy, and you should emphasize it on the sides with a zero fade.

Dark Toned Kinky Twists

What makes them look distinct is the thickness of these twists. They also have an excellent texture on the sides and back, however, and a perfect fade.

High, tight, and curly

At the front of your hairstyle, some extra height will give you a very bold look. This design also makes the strands tight and curly to create a classy appearance prior to finishing with a taper on the sides.

Inventive Swirly Quiff

This design involves forming a small curly quiff at the top, having a side section below it and finishing the style with the rest of the hair.

‘ Fancy Side Razor Lines and High Top’

‘ One of the things that makes this a trendy haircut is the beautiful pattern that the lines on this haircut create. The high and tight sponge and fade, however, are also vital to make this a top-notch design.

Razor Pattern Funky Twists

These twists do not require you to use any tool because you can use free hands to make them. However, to get right, the fade on the sides and the fancy razor patterns will require some skills and creativity.

All Around Curls

Unlike most other haircuts this one keeps the sponges all over the head, and you need only a small faded section on the sides and a line-up to finish the design.
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m0/m0When it comes to sponge curls, the options are endless, so you just have to choose something that works for your type of hair. Whether you’ve got a long, large hair or a short hair, there’s still plenty of options for you. And the above styles will help you figure out what to try.

Straightforward Curly Locks

If you want a hairdo that separates you from the crowd, keeping things straightforward is the way to go. Some simple curls on the crown and a smooth fade on the sides are sufficient to make any man look magnificent for this fashion.

Elegant Wavy Shape Up

These strands are very short, so most people won’t even notice a spongy design. The style also has a beautiful taper on the sides and a neat shape that makes it ideal for a man who wants to look like a gentleman.
High and Thick Kinky Afro

This is another Afro take that involves leaving a high and thick hair that is also slightly messy and fading a small section on the sides just above the ears.

Highlighted with Geometric Shape Up

Color makes a huge difference to your haircut, which is proved by this fancy design. Here the natural sponges have a brown dye job creating an incredible contrast to the natural dark hair. And if you combine this with the geometric shape, you’re going to have a very attractive hairdo.

V-back twists This style is super cute but also very easy to form. It involves leaving a natural twist of afro in the crown and lining it up to create a V-shape on the back. On one side, you should introduce some color and finish with a fade below the twists.

Wild and High Top Fade

Your thick textured strands can give you a fantastic look, and all you need to do is leave them on the crown, sweep them up and make them messy before you finish with a high fade on the sides.

Cool Natural Sponge Twists

If you have a naturally textured hair, you don’t even need to curl or twist to create these sponges. All you need on the sides is a simple taper and a geometric shape.

Shaggy with Neat Shape Ups

This look is what you get from a couple of days without combing. To compliment the shaggy look, a nice line-up with distinct lines and a fade on the sides should be given to your hair.

Easy Faded Curls

African American hair is perfect in many ways, but the texture and volume make it easy to work with. In this style, by curling and giving it a geometric fade on the sides, you just need to leave hair on top and then style.

Fresh Impeccable Gentleman Look

Such a design will make you stand out wherever you go, and it’s a perfect example of how a gentleman should look. It involves leaving on the crown some thick natural curls and then giving them a smooth fade on the front and a straight line-up.

Extra Cute Sponge Faux Hawk

Fake hawk may be a normal haircut but there are few variants if any look better than this. It involves giving the sides a zero fade and by making them slightly messy, leaving some curly locks in the middle and styling.

Artistic two-tone curls

These two-tone curls make them look very sophisticated, but they also have a very inventive haircut. It is a V-shaped cut with a taper and some excellent lines of razor on the back creating some wings.

Natural Messy Curls

You don’t need to do much with this hair because it’s naturally curly and therefore a moderate trim and line-up on the sides is sufficient to create a sophisticated look.

Short and, of course, Kinky

Short hair sponges can also work, and this particular style proves this. If you want to leave about an inch of hair, curl it with your hand and finish with a fade on the sides to create a disconnect with the massive facial whiskers.

Perfect Curls with Side Razor Line

Making perfect curls is not just about using dread sponge because if you want yours to look as charming as these you also need to use the right cream or gel. And you should also create a small razor line on the side to add some flavor to the look.