Raya o Ralla – How do you spell?

How to spell line or line

What word should I use in this sentence: dash or dash? What is the correct way to write this term? When writing a text, a letter or a message, we can run into several obstacles that prevent us from writing fluently and being sure of the vocabulary we decide to use.

If you also have doubts and want to know the difference between dash and dash, as well as the correct way to write this word in each sentence, don’t worry. From a HOW we solve your question “How do you spell dash or dash?“and we explain, with examples, when you should use each of these words.

How to write: scratch or grate

From UNCOMO we want to anticipate that both words exist and are correct, although dash and dash have different meanings and therefore the use of one term or another will depend on the sentence in question.

We could say that line and line are homophone words, since they are pronounced practically the same, although they are written differently and their meaning is not the same either. We will see, below, what stripe means and what stripe means so that you know how to differentiate both terms well and have no doubts when writing them.

Before continuing, if you are not very clear about the definition of the word “homophone” we recommend that you take a look at this article on Differences between homonyms, homographs and homophones.

What does raya mean

Raya is a noun that has several meanings. That is, if you look up the word “stripe” in the dictionary, you will find several meanings. Let’s see some of them:

  • A stripe can be a long, thin, straight line drawn somewhere. Example: I want you to draw a line on the board.
  • If we talk about fashion, a stripe is the long straight line that one can do on the head to comb hair. Example: every morning the line is made to the left.
  • Ray fish, on the other hand, is a type of cartilaginous fish. Example: my grandfather caught a ray for dinner.
  • A line can also be the border of a region. Example: we come to the line that separates Spain from France.
  • The script that we use to separate words or start dialogues is also called a dash. Example: each phrase the character says begins with a line.
  • A raya is an adverbial phrase that we use to express that we have something or someone well controlled. Example: Maria does not let her brother see the pictures until he finishes his homework. It has it at bay.
  • On the other hand, crossing the line means go out of bounds. Example: They insulted each other and hit each other … this time they have crossed the line.
  • A line can also be a certain one dose of some drug. Example: when he goes out to party, he makes a line and cheers up.

What does ralla mean

On the other hand, the word ralla comes from the well-known verb to grate. And what is grating? According to the RAE, grating can be:

  • Crumble something by rubbing it with the grater. Example: Maria grates the carrot for the salad and Juan grates the cheese for the pasta.
  • Annoying and annoying with heaviness. However, this meaning is from 1737 and, according to the RAE, responds to an old use, which is why we say “Don’t scratch me” and not “Don’t scratch me.”
How to write stripe or stripe - What does stripe mean

Grating or scratching

Have you heard someone say it’s scratched? Be scratched or grated? From unCOMO we explain that the Dictionary of the Spanish language includes this word (scratch) as a meaning that means going crazy or worrying excessively. In addition, the RAE defends that it is a word typical of youth language. Let’s see some examples:

  • I’m scratched by tomorrow’s exam.
  • It is scratched because her friend has stopped talking to her.
  • They have been scratched because they don’t understand the problem.

In the following article you will discover more information about How to spell: grated or scratched.

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