How to increase muscle mass in women

How to increase muscle mass in women

That women want to increase their muscle mass is not always welcomed, as many believe that this is synonymous with weightlifting practitioners. However, the reality is very different and every well-groomed and well-worked body needs some bodybuilding.

It must be taken into account that in the case of women this work may be more difficult than in the case of men, since genetically they have more facility for muscle building. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for them, on the contrary, having a beautiful and well-worked body is possible for any type of person. To facilitate the process, in the following oneHOWTO article we will explain how to increase muscle mass in women, so get ready to receive some tips with which you will learn how to increase legs, arms and how to look stronger.

How to increase the muscle mass of women at home

Before explaining which are the best exercises to increase muscle mass in the legs and buttocks of women, it is important to take into account some factors that can make your attempt successful or, on the contrary, fail:

  • Have a low percentage of fat: this is essential to start a bodybuilding routine, since if there is a high percentage of fat, the results of bodybuilding or muscle toning will not be seen; these will be hidden behind layers of lipids.
  • Follow a good diet: Due to the above, we see clear the importance of following a good diet throughout this process. In this case, it is advisable to follow a hypercaloric diet, that is, with a large energy intake so that the muscle has enough energy to grow.
  • Hydration is essential: we will not tire of repeating it, it is essential to drink enough water to maintain good hydration and that all the exercises are worth it.
  • Use weights: it is essential to use weights for each exercise. If you wonder how to increase muscle mass in women, you should know that the answer is to give more importance to the weight you carry than to the number of repetitions. For this reason it is important to get advice and choose the right weight.
  • Sleep enough: A very common mistake among those who want muscle is spending a lot of time exercising and little time resting. The reality is that getting enough sleep and resting when you play is just as important as exercising. In the following oneHOWTO article we explain how to get a good night’s sleep to improve athletic performance.
How to increase muscle mass in women - How to increase muscle mass of women at home

Exercises to increase legs: squat with weights

To gain muscle mass in your legs, squats should be an essential part of your exercise routine.

  1. To do them correctly you must stand upright, separating your feet a little further than the perpendicular of your shoulders.
  2. Subsequently, you should bend your legs as if you wanted to sit in an imaginary chair.
  3. Try to go up and down sitting up and standing up keeping your back straight and straight at all times. Start slowly, and as you improve your technique, increase your speed and pace.

When you master them perfectly, you can go adding burden and difficulty. One of the best exercises to increase legs is to use weights, bars or dumbbells with each squat that is performed.

The good thing about squats to increase the muscle of the legs is that they do not require gym machines, because we can do them quietly at home. Even if you don’t have weights or dumbbells, you can substitute jugs, books, or other heavy objects for them. If you want more information on how to increase legs from home, do not miss this other article of the Best squats for buttocks and legs.

How to increase muscle mass in women - Exercises to increase legs: squat with weights

How to increase muscle mass in the legs and buttocks

Legs are a fundamental part of training, as you have already seen, so if you wonder how increase muscle mass on women’s legs and buttocks, don’t miss the next step by step.

  1. Get on a mat with your elbows and knees flat on the floor.
  2. When your back is straight, raise your right leg and begin glute lifts.
  3. Raise and lower your leg as many times as you can for 45 seconds.
  4. The leg should be kept straight at all times and you should never let your foot touch the ground.
  5. After 45 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat the same exercise with the opposite leg.

This exercise of buttock lift, as well as donkey kicks or so-called fire hydrant are perfect for increasing muscle mass in women from home. In any case, if you want more exercises for legs and buttocks, in this other oneHOWTO article you will find everything you need.

How to increase muscle mass in women - How to increase muscle mass in the legs and buttocks

Table of exercises to gain muscle mass in women

To increase muscle mass in women, we cannot focus solely on the legs, although these are a fundamental part of our training. That is why, below, we offer you exercises to increase muscle mass in women globally:


Rowing is a very good machine to include in our routine, as you will discover in this article on What are the benefits of rowing. It is an exercise to increase legs, yes, but also to strengthen the arms and back. In addition, it is a perfect exercise to increase your resistance … dare!

Medicine ball exercise

This exercise is based on one that we have already explained: squats. However, in this case we will add an element of difficulty that can make the exercise more enjoyable and effective. It is the medicine ball, an instrument that we will have to throw into the air just before doing a squat and then catch it again immediately. Once again, if you are wondering how to gain muscle mass in the legs in women, you will love this exercise, but at the same time you can strengthen your arms and your abdomen.

Leg press

Although it is an exercise to increase legs that focuses only on the lower body, the leg press cannot be missing from your routine. As with all other exercises, it is important to do it with correct technique, so keep your back straight at all times and remember not to lock your knees.

Dumbbell press

If before we were talking about an exercise only to increase the mass of the legs, now we present one that is perfect for toning the arms. The dumbbell press is a difficult exercise but ideal for working different muscle groups, because with this machine you will be able to strengthen middle and anterior delts, pectorals, triceps, etc. If you want to discover the best exercises to strengthen your arms, we recommend you take a look at this other oneHOWTO article.

How to increase muscle mass in women - Exercise table to gain muscle mass in women

More exercises to increase muscle mass in women – at home!

We know that the exercises that we have just discussed have a certain technical complication, since they require material that you may not have at home. Therefore, below we show you some exercises to increase muscles in the legs and arms that you can do from the comfort of your dining room. Take note!

  • Lunges, lunges, or lunges: it is one of the most popular exercises to increase legs, as it is easy to do and it is very complete and effective. Begin standing with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Positioned like this, stride forward with your right leg, inhaling while keeping your back straight. Press your glutes to also work that part of the body with the movement. Return to the starting position by straining with the forward leg, then repeat the process with the other leg.
  • Mountain climbers: It is a great exercise for muscular legs, arms and to mark abs at the same time. It starts in a position similar to climbing; as if it were a push-up, with your hands on the floor and your legs stretched out. To begin, bring one knee to the chest and return to the original position to repeat the movement with the other leg. Increase your speed, bringing one leg and then the other to your chest as if you were trying to climb.
  • Push-ups: if you want to know how to increase muscle mass in women, but this time in the upper body area, push-ups are your best allies. If you find it very difficult, at first you can start with your knees flat on the ground, raising only your chest. Over time, be sure to get your knees off the ground and try to elevate your entire body.
  • Climb stairs: surely this is the simplest exercise of all, because anyone can do it. Climbing stairs is one of the best methods to increase leg muscle with noticeable long-term results.
How To Increase Muscle Mass In Women - More Exercises To Increase Muscle Mass In Women - At Home!

Foods to increase muscle mass

As we have already seen, diet is key when it comes to achieving our goals in the gym, remember that training collects 20% of progress and our diet 80%. Therefore, if you wonder what is the best diet to increase muscle mass, at UNCOMO we offer you some tips:

  • Eat a lot of protein: bananas, eggs (especially egg whites), chicken, …