Patterns of Facial hair

Even the guy you think he looks like you is distinct from your face. Facial hair styles are not just about having a rushing design; you should get the right info. So you have to give it a style that complements it and gets the best out of it. You have to make an informed choice if you want to return from the barber with a smile on your face.

French Fork Variation

Bad boys would die if their beards had this style. If any, sideburns will be swept out. The facial hair starts down at the bottom of the chin. To shape the fork-like appearance, it is divided into two. To give it a rooted start, Mustache is left intact. In order to keep them straight, the tips at the fork ends are left curly and rarely given a combing.

Anchor Style

For long hair fans, heres a style thats going to give you looks and elegance. With the hair left to do its natural waves, it is pulled backwards and left to fall over the shoulders. The long waves are taken to the shoulders front and its a sight to look at. With a great beard of an anchor style, the face is left in the clear showing off your bold and beautiful features.

Tapered design

Long heart-shaped beard is an excellent cut for all guys (if youre blessed with long facial hairs, of course). This starts at the end of the lower side hairline and then makes an incredible drop that covers the whole view of the front chest. No trimming is done to achieve the styles full impact.

Blond Extended Goatee

We all believe that blonds get extra attention when they manage their hair smartly–face and chest. Blond goatee extended is a great addition to the look of your cute guy. The hair on the head is set to fall backwards and the sides are set to look like a fountain. Face is left free of any single beach and you can see the short goatee which gives its exclusivity to this style.

Bold and bearded head is shaved to the smoothness of the balloon, hence the term bold. Barber picks up on the head every single hair strand but does nothing on the hair of the eyes. Sideburns, mustache, and the beards underchain remain wild. Theyre only touched to give them a bright look thats going to be the real deal in your look.

Classic Goatee

This is the look for you for a classic guy who doesnt want long hair issues. The top sideburns appear to come from the sides of the head that are trimmed to a short length. Only the underchin has a beard that has nothing to go for a moustache. Its a simple lookthat would be great for a classic guy who every now and then doesnt want to go to the barber.


Single hair strand head and cheeks are void. The only hair left is on the brows of the eyes, the lashes and an extraordinary goatee, of course. The goatee starts at the lower lips middle and bottom and makes a fall just below the nose. The beards low tips are colored white while the top section remains naturally black.

Braided facial hair

look Bad guy is what youre going to get from the braided facial hair and its one of the best models. The lookwas made a hit in the Caribbean Seas Pirates and it has turned into a look many guys would have for their facial cuts. The head hair and beard are braided and embellished with colorful beads attached. Its a picture for both the fun-looking and serious man.

hipsters Mustache

A cleverly crafted mustache is a turn-on youd like to go for a casual weekend walk in the streets. The moustache is styled over the top lip in what looks like the ears of the donkey. A respectable haircut with washed sides and a backward combed top complete the look.

Weird Beard

If you always want to have a weird look, the weird beard will give you more than just a fair share. Both ends form wild ram-like coiled horns, with the facial hairroots apparently originating from the moustache and the sides. There are gaping holes on both sides and what a great starting point for making something.

Isnt it long enough for you? Okay, extreme long beard is going to be something thats going to catch your eye and want everything about you. The front beard runs long and low while the side cheeks are just a little trimmed. In the resulting heap, the lips are hidden. Thats your chance to get it for the guy who wants a unique look. If youre a fan of capes, the close knot will cover the top of the head and leave your beard with all the attention.

Neat Short

This is a simple and short style that can be used for any purpose, formally or casually. You dont have to spend a lot of time on beard style, some trim and youre good to go. Paired with formal haircut, the look will attract the attention of the ladies.

Painted head

While the top patch is left in natural black, the head sides and the trimmed beard are painted in glossy blue. Its a very brave picture and before you try it, you should think first. Sides are shaved smoothly while medium size is left atop. The forehead ends up as a caves front and the ladies are left with your amazing beauty to see it bare.

Top Bun

Charm that comes with the design youd like for your next party or date. Cutting the sides and the beard. For the beard, the best would be a brown effect. Top patch is mopped up to a bundle which ends as a pony tail at the top back of the end. Sides are separated by a clear line from the top and youre not going to notice how every detail fits.

Red Bandholz

Thick, reddish-looking beard and face. The effect Bushy begins on the head where the hair is set to go wavy and drawn backwards. A few strands on the front are made up of bangs falling by one cheeks side. Shortly on the sides, the facial hairs are trimmed to develop under-chin.

Modern Stubble

As its name suggests, all modernity is in this style. The sides of a head are cleared while a flattened but lofty impression slightly touches the top. And the face has stubble that has been visible and carefully styled. For all times, its a look you can have.

Samurai Style

This style is an amazing choice for a trend-conscious man borrowed from the Japanese samurai. Sideburns are rasped until the end of the cheeks while the section under the chin is slightly trimmed to a smooth touch and look. The sides are drawn down on the head for them to appear to the top patch as an undercut. To reach the drop part, the top is pulled backwards to form a samurai-looking knot. With each feature exposed, the face is left radiant for maximum attention.
Great Beard Mustache

Real eye-catch with girls are guys with great beard and mustache. But what if theres an excellent cut on the top of the head? There is no doubt that such an addition is going to be a master piece. A cut has cleared sides while an upward boost is given to the top only to be slightly swept to one side. Full grown beard and clean moustache accompany the cut, making the whole look exquisite.

Verdi with Stubble

You always turn to see the details every time you pass a guy with this style. Verdi with stubble is a great choice to exude confidence and beauty from your face. In this look, the mustache and goatee are more noticeable, the cheeks are lined with stubble. hair is tied into a single mop on a head and then drawn backwards. On the back is knotted a disguised pony tail. Its a style with extensive maintenance that you dont have to bother.

Wide White

A great beard is something that goes a long way to complement the guys looks. head is left with sparse hair because this time around, attention is not meant for it. Beard is what gives an all-white colorful look. On the lower chin, its not trimmed, but the sides get a slight touch. Wide white is a style that youd be proud of.

Barely Visible Goatee

If youre still not sure whether or not to have full beard, this style can be easily tried. The goatee wouldnt be seen from a distance and the stylists intention. This is also a model that a man would need to look like a starring.

Mutton Chops

Facial hair chops are a great look for any trendy man. Beard is divided into two sides under the chin by a clearing. But the moustache connects the two sides. This looks like two parts of a lagoon struggling not to merge but to give in to natures will at last. The chops of the mutton are simple guy lookbut it has the power to give the face front a smart look.


Mr lofty would be your new moniker if you could pull that design. Through shaving the sides and braiding the top hair into what appears to be black dreads due to rising coils, you can of course have it. The beard is rasped all round to a short length and the effect is great. Its a look thats going to make you look bigger and you definitely want to look a few inches bigger, dont you?

Light Shadow

Light shadow is a catch for many men and is popular with ever-increasing facial hair styles. The hair is divided from the top patch on a head and combed downwards, resulting in a falling impression. In the meantime, the light shadow is almost invisible, giving a confident and sexy look.

Long Thin Mustache

A thin mustache is a beautiful look with plenty of designs and possibilities. It would be a good addition to your sparse facial hair for long and thin mustache. It comes from the head sides and falls down to make a groovy curve around the lips. Its an establishment that would give you a good angle to kiss a lady and shes going to love her lips with the smooth-rough feel.