Top Black Curly hairstyles

Some of these haircuts may be short and some may be long, but whats obvious is that mens black curly hairstyles never looked good! If youre looking for a new style, youll definitely want to browse these pictures to see trendy looks and find out how theyve been created!

Midnight Black Pillow Soft Locks

The top section of the hair is soft and falls into small curls with some lift to the back. Also visible is an undercut which has been smoothly graded into the top locks.

Short Sides and Amber Streaks

While the top is longer, the tightly spiraled hair was cut on the sides. This hair was combed backwards with a finger and a few thin amber stripes of color were applied.

On Style Afro

Afros never get out of fashion and the most trendy ones right now are the ones with the perfect shape like the one we see here that tapers in a rounded shape.

Springy Do

These longer locks are curled in long bouncy springs and have been designed to stand up and cascade over the head. This is a great hairstyle party or beach and looks beautiful with a neat beard.

Soft Locks for Lenny

Sporting a super soft looking style in this image of Lenny Kravitz. The hair was trimmed with a teased texture to a uniform length. Together with his salt and pepper beard, the deep hair color creates an interesting dynamic.

hip Top

In this clean-cut look, longer locks are placed on top of a tight undercut. The long hair was teased with some pointing up into a soft mass of twists.

Bleach Blonde Mushroom Style

high undercut with an interesting twist was done in this style; the undercut stretches over the front of the skin. Tight corkscrews and dyed bleach blonde style the hair on top.

Chunky Blonde

The natural textured hair was trimmed with a chunky texture for this unusual purpose. A bright beach blonde with a natural color visible on the edges has colored the hair.

Smart Bowl Cut

This smart and easy-to-maintain version of the bowl cut is perfect for busy people! The cut is simple, short sides with the finger-combed back of longer hair on top.

Squared Off Afro

This design was developed from a near neck cut that was carefully blended longer and longer. The tight curly hair was snipped with neat lines in a squared off shape.

Classic Afro

In this style, the sides start short and are then carefully blended in a relaxed Afro at the top with a rounded finish and height.

Dreadlocks over Undercut

This image shows a short razor cut on the sides and the top hair was twisted into dreadlocks and styled to fall naturally.

Square Cuts

This look is supported by the square edges along the temples and brows to tie his face hair. The hair from the back is snipped short and marked.

Neat Short Style with Volume

The hair has been snipped over the head in a rounded shape and has short sides. These sides were graded to form a volume in the top hair.

Strong textures

These locks were snipped in order to create a beautiful round shape framing the face. The texture is strong and springy, and his full beards compliments. This looks beautiful and brought together.

Big Style with Braid Detail

The hair on the right side was braided in a few short rows flowing into the top hair to create this interesting look. This hair has been relaxed and coiffed into voluminous mass.

Suave Look in Black

In this simple style, with a slight undercut that helps to give the look a round shape, the hair has been cut short all around.

Classic Cut with Line Detail

This picture shows hair that has been cut along the edges with straight, precise lines and then graded to the top of the hair. In order to create interest, two geometric lines were shaved into the undercut.

Lean and Relaxed Locks

The hair was relaxed and straightened to fall on the ears but still maintain volume for this natural-looking hairstyle. To keep the hair out of the face and add interest, a scarf has been added.

Tight Twisted Out Texture

This picture shows tight twists on the top of the long hair, with a simple undercut on the sides. The texture and volume on top ties well with his beard.

Short hairstyle with height

Once again, the hairstyle starts with a razor cut on the back to the front. The most volume is in the height-creating fringe field.
Super Short Sides and Dreads

The sides and back of the razor were cut and the dreadlocks were twisted into the long hair of the top. These locks were picked up at the back and folded to the front of the face. highlights for baby blonde have been added to complete this unique style.

Short and twisty

In this urban fashion, the back and sides are combined with the crown skin. This hair is longer and a mass of neat twists have been styled.

Afro Spray

This wild-looking style was developed directly from the top and sides of this jet black Afro. Thats a fashionable look, perfect for the evenings.