Longest Beards attractive

Red Flash

This beard was cut at the edges, but it still maintains a natural feeling. Nonetheless, to protect the top lip, the moustache is very well preserved and cut precisely.

Manly Moustache

This full beard has been rounded and sits on the breastbone. With a slight lift, the moustache was sculpted to keep it separate from the rest of the hair on the face.

Wide and Bountiful

We can see from that perspective that the moustache is thick and has a nice rounded shape. The beard was grown from the sideburns and was allowed to grow into the neck area as well.

Long and luxurious

This sculpted style does not have a hair out of place. Not only along the edges, but also along the cheekbones, the beard was shaped and combed and conditioned to have plenty of shine.

Fuzzy Texture

Isnt this amazing beard? having a brute, masculine style, he shaped it very roughly, and we can only see his lips below.

Pogonophile Beard Lover

This picture shows a shaggy beard that was allowed to grow in a natural shape without shaping too much. You can still see that it is well balanced even though it has not been clipped.

Chin Curtain

Often referred to as the Old Dutch model. The hair was grown on the sides and from the chins edge and then rounded off. By including a stubble moustache, he wears it slightly differently.

hard Working and hunky

This beard is carefully maintained as is apparent in the lines it follows. It was snipped into a perfect round form while the moustache was cut off from the lips and combed outwards.

Combed curtain

This is where the beard was grown and shaped to cover the lower part of the face, but the moustache was trimmed to hug the lip. The shaved head tends to highlight his hair on the neck.

Big beard in the way? A braid is a reply. here the hair of the head was gathered in a plait and tied at the end. hes sporting a trimmed moustache on the sides of his beard shorter.

This long beard looks incredibly fluffy and almost flying away in texture. In order to frame the lips, the moustache was clipped while the sides and front were snipped in a rounded off form.

Straight Cut Moustache

Only the lower lip is visible whereas the rest of the lower face is covered by the facial hair. The moustache has been shaved into a smooth straight line and meets the rest of the combed hair.

What a Man

Look for a more professional look to team up big beards with a cut back hairstyle like this. he wears his beard grown with a brushed out moustache all around.
Growing a beard takes a lot of patience and perseverance, but growing a long beard? This requires extra effort! But if you want to join the ranks of gloriously bearded men, its worth the time, but what if youre disappointed with that? Men with the longest beards are going to tell you its going to happen. Return to these pictures when it does, just to remind you how good it will look at the end!

Ruler straight

Check the line wow! Its important to sculpt the facial hair because its this cut that prevents it from looking scruffy. here we see a great example of what should look like a well-shaped beard.

At the angle

here we see a thick, curly beard grown to almost reach the chest and snipped in a rounded shape with a very small angle over the chin area.

Beautiful whiskers

This long beard looks slightly over the nose, providing an outstanding contrast to the rounded moustache. It was swept to the sides, stretched out and then re-entered.

Black Beard

In this example, the facial hair covers the lower half of the head, darkening the chin and leaving only the lips visible. having a straight edge on the sides and rounding in front has been trimmed.

Flowing facial hair

his beard reached the length of his neck where he cut it to a smooth, straight edge. In the fashion of the handlebar, he has grown his moustache; allowing it to be brushed into the beard.


Is it possible for a young man to wear an awesome beard? The answer is yes, judging from this picture! he has grown exceptionally long his beard and moustache, and the bushy texture gives him a complete, dashing look.

Chin Glory

The facial hair on the sides of the face with a trimmed moustache was kept at a stubble length. The beard over the chin is long and snipped off in a square shape.

Shape and Showoff

In this picture, the hair above the lips was kept very short while the longest growing beard over the chin. The sides are slightly shorter and squared off.

Twisted handlebar

There are many products you can use to shape your beard. he has fashioned his moustache in this image to have pointed ends while carefully trimmed the rest of the long beard.
Manhood stamp

In this instance, facial hair was allowed to grow thickly and then trimmed into a nice shape with a slightly larger volume over the chin. The moustache is just covering the top lip and the remainder of the beard has been washed.

Modern style

Big beards are all about texture the more beautiful it is. Such bushy bristles have an enticing curl and appear well developed.