Next-Gen Apple iPhones May Have World’s First 7 nm Chips ByNitish Singh-May 23, 2018.830 Figure 1 The next-generation iPhones of Engadget Apple may have the world’s first 7 nanometer chips. The chips are being produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. The new-generation chips will be much more powerful than the existing 10 nm designs and may provide better performance and battery life for Apple devices. A 7 nm chip can make Apple iPhones much more powerful when it comes to battery usage and also provide better performance. The new iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus generation and the iPhone X flagship employ a 10 nm architecture. The smaller chipset will significantly reduce loading times for devices. Figure 2 Image Courtesy of i2 The new chip is being mass-produced and should be included in the iPhone generation of Apple 9 th. Samsung is also said to be developing for future Galaxy devices on a 7 nm chip of its own which could launch as early as the next Galaxy Note smartphone. Qualcomm and Amd both plan to release Android devices with 7 nm chipsets. The smartphone industry shows signs of stagnation with vendors unable to offer significant upgrades to current devices every year. Rumors suggest that a larger version of the iPhone X is scheduled to be released this year along with continuing to follow Apple’s new trend of minimally bezel smartphones. Another rumor is that a more affordable version of the iPhone X will launch this year with an Lcd screen instead of the Amoled display for which the iPhone X is well known.