Facebook Data Breach Explained: A Powerful Wake-up Call for Social Media Users ByNovak Bozovic-March 21, 2018.311 New information about the new Facebook data breach erupted on the Web over the weekend. The news broke that Cambridge Analytica (Ca), a data firm affiliated with the election campaign of Donald Trump, has managed to extract data from about 50 million Facebook users. Once again we have become witnesses to our personal information’s fragility. It wasn’t the first time Cambridge Analytica was mentioned in the press in all honesty. We have been warned by reputable publications about this business and the way it uses very sensitive data. For example, there is at least a 2015 Guardian article2016 article about this achievement published by Das Magazinbragging since 2014. So what is going on and why is Facebook’s latest data leak a big deal? Continue reading as we are going to explore various aspects of that case.

Facebook Data Breach Wasn’t a Hack We will learn about malware like Dark Caracalloophole on Facebook’s Api almost every single day.

What Happened: The History of Misconduct

Let’s start from the beginning to help you understand this whole situation a little better. You’ll be surprised to learn that there is a rich history of abuse in Cambridge Analytica. In reality, articles published by Das Magazine and The Guardian scratched a surface only. Cambridge Analytica’s first major assignment was the “Leave. Eu” movement on Brexit. The business went on to work on Trump’s presidential campaign after that. A year later, at the Concordia Summit in New York, Alexander Nix celebrated that Ca had ‘ profiled the personality of every adult in the U.S. – almost 220 million people. ‘ A viral article which Das Magazin published appeared online at the end of 2016. The magazine’s journalists managed to put all of the pieces together and raise the alarm. The Us House Intelligence Committee subsequently questioned Nix-but that was about emails from Hillary Clinton. Needless to say, Nix received considerable support from its Republican investors.

Facebook troubles: Press battle

.314.314 It is also interesting to note that Facebook has never again approached Ca. The organization has suspended Ca’s Facebook accountgeting sued by shareholder firms in the aftermath of the new Facebook data breach. Since it is now clear that the protection of your personal data for Facebook is not of the utmost importance. The company actually thrives on selling those data to third parties. We are sure Facebook is going to take action now. That will only happen, however, because of the massive spread of the new information. In other words, this will most definitely be a Pr stunt targeting people who are willing to suspend their accounts.

Facebook’s main problem with data breach The main problem here is that Facebook was not hacked. In other words, no one in this business stole your personal information. It is just how the whole system is designed and Ca has been able to take advantage of that system and create comprehensive profiles for 50 million people. Another concern is that nobody involved in this technology’s development and deployment stopped to reconsider its approach. The original developers of this project were caught by surprise by Kosinski Stillwell, and the rest of their research team. They didn’t anticipate to collect so much data and they did nothing to stop the data from being manipulated and exploited by companies such as Cambridge Analytica. .315.315 As far as Facebook is concerned, the company’s stance is that Kogan lied and claimed that the data would be used for academic research supporting his app. However, as reported by the New York Times Facebook never really confirmed Kogan’s assertion. This can cause us all to question how many devices stored data before 2015 and how that data was used by those third parties.

One thing is certain-Facebook’s latest data leak will not go unnoticed. Zuckerberg Facebook Ceo has already been called by several lawmakers to clarify the actions of his firm. A Democrat who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Amy Klobuchar said Zuckerberg wants to testify. She also added that it is important to examine the whole situation, as well as that it is obvious that social media networks can not police themselves. The Information Commissioner’s Office in the Uk is requesting a warrant to search Cambridge Analytica’s offices in London. Facebook previously said Ca has agreed to a digital forensic audit of its servers and systems. But auditors employed by the social media giant visited Ca’s offices on Monday night but stood down at the information commission’s office’s request.

Every single user of any social media network should stop and think about their acts for a moment. In reality, the Facebook data breach is a microcosm of an issue that affects every one of us. Are we really safe on the Web, and is it so easy for businesses to trade our personal information? Is it really likely that all these results end up producing a failed election or impacting other important aspects of our daily lives? As we continue to wait for Facebook answers we only wonder about the full extent of online manipulation of data. Make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.