Oval-faced haircuts

Who says you need a Rapunzel-long haircut to show off the beauty of your hair type? This short pixie is here to dissipate this myth: its precise well-groomed body accentuates her hairs thickness, giving it a decent shape. And most importantly, it creates a balanced profile that fits her soft oval face perfectly.

Sassy Pixie With Long Bang

This short cut adds an amazing amount of lift and volume and is saturated and playful. While still humid, work a root lift and thermal protection to your hair and then use a round brush to blow dry to create extra volume. During drying, pull your hair to one side and pull your hair back for a dramatic lift all the way through. To create spikes and bevels, use a flat iron or large-barrel curling iron. To make it look piecey, apply a textured product.

Curly and short

This pixie and shag mix is a great choice for curly hair women. You would have to spend some time styling a mane like that, but just the top part. The long bangs cover your eyes while your oval face form is shown off by the pixie.

Amazing layers

If you have an oval shape, all sorts of experiments will easily be permitted. Consider getting a layered hairstyle where the front layers are going to be much shorter than the back layers. It will help to facilitate maintenance without stealing any length of hair away.

Pixie star

This hairstyle opens your features to oval faces. The face is bright and open while the bangs are lifted to create a stylish look. The shorter your hair becomes, the more prominent your oval face is.

Long bob with blunt ends

They usually go for something asymmetrical and wispy. But it shouldnt be missed blunt bangs. On any girl with thin and straight hair, a simple long bob with blunt bangs will look amazing.

Wispy bangs

If your hair doesnt get too thick for wispy bangs. They do wonderful things to make you look younger and add to your haircut a lot of style. It should keep the rest of the hair smooth. Get ready to do some maintenance if you want to leave your fine locks for a long time.

Side part

A side part may sound like a simple styling trick, but its a lot more than just sweeping your hair to one side. Its imperative to take care of your side part. The hair has to get used to with a certain side part looking its neatest.

Short Soft Waves

This short wavy bob is fun and flirty as well as being one of the best haircuts for heart-shaped faces and can accentuate your best facial features with its soft sexy waves. Apply your favorite styling product to wet hair and then blow dry with a big round brush to achieve this sultry style. Upon applying a thermal protecting to your hair wrap parts of your hair away from your face vertically around a curling iron with a medium rim. Run your fingers smoothly through the finished curls and apply a spray to the finish.


This hairstyle is not a perfect choice for the shape of an oval face, but if your face is between long and oval it can be a good choice. This pixies shaggy feeling creates a romantic and wind-blown look that can help you make a statement.

Your oval face shape will allow you to choose between bangs or no bangs. If your forehead is not too big you can easily go to the middle part. This will allow your hair to fall smoothly on the sides of your face and prevent frequent cropping rates.

Long pixie

Pump the volume

If you have long, thin, dull hair, you need to add some volume. Style your locks and arrange them on your shoulders in large curls. You can also create long wispy bangs, which will contrast well.

High hair

High hair may be a thing of the past but oval-faced girls should do anything at all. And why dont you get creative? Brush your hair to the top of your head to create a beehive. By collecting two side strands and tying them in the back below it, keep it sticking up.

Wavy bob

Waves are an excellent way to diversify haircuts. So if youre getting ready for a special occasion or just get tired of your hairo wonders to make you feel extraordinary!

Middle part</h2

Large curls

The most beautiful women with long and curly hair over the years. To look amazing, you can make different types of curls. Consider making big ones. They look impressive and take less time than small coils to style.

High hairstyle

Oval-faced girls have no difficulty in wearing high hairdos. They dont have to bother to make them higher or lower in order to make the face appear less long or round. Thats why women have the biggest variety of haircuts and hairstyles to choose from with this face shape.

Curly beauty

You know everything about daily maintenance issues if you have curly locks. To create a clean appearance, many women with curly hair try to cut it as short as possible. This hairstyle is one of the preferred options for those who want to flaunt their curls without any trouble.

Short Pixie

One of the best ways to illustrate the oval face shape is a short pixie. If you have fine hair, this hairstyle will blow you away if you hate too much upkeep. To complement the look, consider short wispy bangs.

Be natural

Your face is oval so you dont need to think about styling your hair somehow. If your mane is wavy of course, let it be that way! This oval haircut form of the head will make you look amazing with no maintenance all day long.

Blonde and wild

If you have straight hair and want to make a statement, this oval hair style is for you. This short A-line bob enhances the volume and leaves the strands on top long enough to make you look wild.

Oh those bangs

Fiery red bangs will make any woman look sexy and feisty. No matter how long your hair is, you can play with the bangs length as long as they dont completely cover your forehead.

Straight and windblown

No reason to get curls or waves if you want a certain volume for your straight hair. You can blow it dry. Hang up your head and do the job with the blow dryer. Then wash it with a few hairsprays and youre good to go.

Long curls

There are many people who dream of curly hair. But if your natural locks are straight then it can be a real headache to wield a flat iron every day. What you can do is curl your manes ends. You can easily go on your hair and time this way.

Bright Accessories

All oval-faced girls know the importance of bright accessories. If you really want to make a statement and learn how to accessorize your way through the crowd. Consider getting big earrings and sunglasses glittering.

Style it

If your hair is long and youre tired of letting it loose, some innovative style ideas can be found. Make some long side bangs swept and sweep back one part of your hair. Pin it to make one of your ears noticeable with some accessories in the back. D a trendy earning! Do you have a face made by your heart? Lets try these

Keep it neat

hairstyles. Its not always easy to keep long locks clean. Especially when the length is displayed. Taking two side strands and pulling them backwards is one of the easiest and smartest ways to get your cake and eat it too. You can either tie them in a ponytail or clip them with some nice hair clips.

Textured Lob

The thin jaw part is the most characteristic of the oval face. So if you want to fill in the spaces, go for a bob haircut with texture. It will add volume and movement to your tresses.

Messy waves

Wouldnt you like to use the iron? Make some braids for the night. Youll get the most amazing messy waves that can last all day long when you undo them in the morning. There are messy haircuts in style so dont ignore them.

Asymmetric Funky Cut

This unbalanced cut is funky and one of those oval-faced haircuts that can help balance your facial characteristics. You can take the look up a notch with stripes or highlights. After washing and conditioning, start with your favorite styling product as usual, then comb or brush your hair side by side against your heads natural curve. Trail the brush as you style it with your hair dryer. To add texture to your favorite product and a light finishing spray for holding.

Windblown layers

Long and soft locks look fantastic but it is very difficult to keep them smooth and healthy. Thats why many hairstylists will offer you a layer-making option. Layers not only make the hairstyle bigger they keep the hair from dehydration.

A pixie

Short hair can almost be considered ideal for the oval face. You dont have to wonder if a pixiew is going to make your face look too long or too short. Get the pixie youve always dreamed of making you look fabulous. Check round face hairstyles

Pink highlights

If you want to add some spice to your old, boring blond hairdo, go for some pink highlights. With outrageous colors, you dont have to go overboard. Only dye some pink strings and youll see how your picture can change dramatically.

Long bob

Short hair styles would appreciate girls with fine hair. If youre not ready to go with a long bob to start a pixie. With your oval face type, it will surely look amazing. Make sure you keep your hair smooth.

Make it shine

Make sure to add some serious maintenance when straightening your hair. You will need to browse a lot of hair products to make long and thick hair sleek and shiny. Make sure your locks are pampered and they look fantastic.

Side bun

This really nice hair look is created by twisting the hair into a low side bun. For girls with medium-length hair, this is a great choice. This bun makes it look like you have long locks. To look even more pretty, d wispy side-swept bangs.

Asymmetric long-banged bob

This is a really trendy haircut that involves some hair care. If youre ready for your daily styling, get ready to look really amazing. Ask your stylist for a long and wispy bangs asymmetric bob. On a regular basis, youll get some heads turning your way.

Neat highlights

It is difficult to make neat highlights. If your hairstyler is a real master, after highlighting, your hair will look completely natural. Try slowly switching the colors to get the sleekest and most impressive look. Dont forget to regularly touch the roots.

Chin-length bob

If your hair is straight a chin-length bob can be a perfect tool to make your oval face outline. The strands fall almost down your faces sides while the bangs are long enough not to hide the shape.

Go long

You can easily grow your hair as long as you want. Thick hair looks perfect when it falls on your shoulders carelessly. You can experiment with curls and waves from time to time or just leave it looking natural and amazing.

Layered Lob

Although oval faces are known to have the most balanced facial features, they tend to appear too slim and long when they meet a thin chevelure. So if youve got fine hair from time to time falling flat layers are a must! They will add pleasant volume and dimension to your hair that will help you even out your silhouette.

We suggest you go to the angular bob if you want to draw attention to the middle part of your face. Straightening your hair is going to have a wonderful extra impact.

Dark and beautiful

If youre ready for a change and love to wear dark make-up, consider coloring your hair with a very dark color. Such a dark image brings the focus to your eyes and lips automatically and allows you to become a completely new person.


Are you ready to look wonderful? Try some luminous highlights. Some say bright hair color is perfect for the summer, but were sure youll look great at any time of the year. Choosing the right shade is a percentage of the success of fashionable hairstyle.

Spunky pixie

Would you like to look spunky? Go with asymmetric bangs for this little pixie. Youre almost going to forget about maintenance and look absolutely amazing. Women cant even dream of this with triangular and oblong eyes, but you can easily flaunt it.

Asymmetrical Pixie

This bold and edgy cut is state-of – the-art and will surely turn heads for those who want a new look. For some colorful tones, it works great and makes your hair pop. Until rough drying, apply a thermal protecting to slightly dampened hair to achieve this chic contemporary style. To create additional texture, use a flat iron. Finish it off for a piecey look with a pomade.

This haircut looks great and is ideal for the shape of your oval face. For both leisure and work, you can wear this hairstyle. Colorwise see how blonde this hairstyle is flattering. This hairstyle is going to fit women with thin to medium hair. Lets talk about how you can style it now. Apply some textured product when your hair is still wet. Blow the hair with the aid of your hands. To smooth long sections, use a straightener next. And finishing spray is going to be great to set this style.

Curly weaving

If your natural hair is straight and short but you dream of long and curly locks, you will get a weave. Hair extensions are available in all shapes and sizes and can help you create the image youve always wanted. For special occasions and photo shoots, they are very useful.

Soft waves

If you have fine hair, the waves look great. Only if you cut them short and use some hair products, straight thin locks should look neat. If you want to keep the length, however, opt for some curl waves.

Fashionable mix

This great fashionable hairstyle mix will be appreciated by girls with oval faces. The hairs top part is built to be straight and wind-blown while the ends are tightly coiled to produce a pageant look. Youre definitely going to turn your way to some heads!

Comb over

If you have an oval face, you shouldnt be afraid to open your eyes. If you know how to keep it smooth, a comb over will look amazing. Use a lot of hair gel to keep your hair from your face and back.

Long and side-swept

Would you like to flaunt your amazing long locks but is it very difficult to keep them clean? Create a side-swept hairstyle by brushing all your hair on one side and dropping your shoulder down. Its a great look for shooting pictures.

Medium Hair With Center Parted Bangs

Oval-faced haircuts are designed to shorten your face length. So bangs are the best choice in this situation. The bangs are curling at the tips just a little to bring the attention to your eyes.

Tinted roots

Dyed locks women try their best to keep the roots in the same color as the rest of the hair. Theres a different way to handle them. Dye a different color for them. Make the color dark so that the difference will not be too obvious when your natural roots grow.

Dark and shiny

There are several ways to do it if you want to add some good shine to your long hair. To keep it very clean is one of them. Especially if you dye it, this is not always possible. The other is to use the cosmetics of the right hair. Ask for advice from the hairstylist.

Be Boyish

This boyish, oval-shaped haircut will only look amazing if youre not afraid to do so. By scheduling regular hair salon appointments, dont forget to keep it intact. Such hairstyles make it look younger for women.

Stylish choice of shadow

Women with an oval type of face may choose any shadow colors they want. Consider coloring silver in the top part and blond in the rest. This option may sound a bit crazy, but the result is really awesome. If youre over

Become a redhead

Redheads are considered sexy and fashionable, why not go red? You can choose any hairstyle and almost any color with your oval facial shape. Consider and go for your skin type. Your stylists going to help you pick the shade you need.

Burgundy strands

If you want to add a little flavor to your hair, consider highlighting a number of colored strands that are not very different from your own. If your hair is dark, then it would be a great idea to have burgundy strands. Youre really going to make an excellent impression!

The shorter – the better

This incredible pixie will be perfect for girls ready to try the shortest hairout there. Have you ever been envious of boys who dont have to look after their hair? Get a short pixie and forget about your daily upkeep.

Amazing shadow

Like long hair but tired of ponytails? Let your hair shine with the addition of a shadow. If your hair is dyed blond, it will make your natural dark color ends. Experiment with various mixes of shades. Youre going to love the result.

Asymmetric bob

Asymmetry will make every hairstyle look fantastic and unique. If you have nice and short hair, think about getting an asymmetric bob. Keep one hand shorter than the other, and sweep the bangs to the shorter side.

Curly bob

What better way to outline your ideal features than to make your face curly? This method, though taking some time to keep it this way, can establish a romantic and sexy look.

Blond and messy

If your hair is naturally wavy, you cant do much to keep it very smooth except for loads of hair products. So sometimes you can just let it down and be messy. Youre going to be surprised to learn that your locks are still fantastic.

Get hair extensions

Doesnt your dream come true of long locks? Growing long hair is a hard job not all of us are patient enough to do. Getting hair extensions would be the easiest way out. They are relatively quickly attached and will allow you to enjoy your new image for weeks.

Eye-covering bangs

Youll love these eye-covering bangs if you like sexy looks. The fringe is swept side by side and arranged over one of your eyes to create an attractive picture. This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions, but on a daily basis it is difficult to wear.

Get a sun kiss

Girls with dark skin look incredible with light locks. So if youre not afraid of challenges, ask your stylist to make your mane lighter. Consider multi-stage blonding. This stunning sun-kissed color would be one of them.

Long bangs

Try having long bangs if you want to draw attention to your face. This is another hair-shaped oval face-weeks.

Chic Chin-Length Bob

is one of the best oval-faced haircuts. This sleek sexy bob will be perfect for those who want a trendy style without a lot of length to frame your face. For style add a thermal protective for gently towel-dried hair and then blow dry using a round brush to shape the hair to the side of your preference (dont struggle against the way it wants to go naturally. Then pump back to the crown. You can use a flat iron to straighten it or curl the ends slightly below if desired.