Haircuts for round faces

Haircuts for round faces


High Crest

It all depends on how long your hair is on top of your head. If youre brave enough to make it at least inches, spiking up will make your face shape fun and very effective.

Skin Fadewith Bangs Beard

Skin fade with bangs and beard complement box is a suitable haircut for men with a round chubby face. The beard gives the perfect contrast with skin fade and top bangs. It also makes the chin look relatively angular in order to improve the effect.

Fun top

There are a lot of interesting ways to organize the undercut top. Try to change this one.

Creative Spikes

You can enjoy all sorts of creative spikes if you have long hair. Take some gel and experiment with it. See this picture and copy the style. You will find that having fun with long spikes is very easy.

Curly High Top Fade

This is another appealing option when choosing the best mens round face hairstyles. The fading temple and the curly top make a face look slimmer and more angular.

Blonde Hair

Playing around with colors is a great way to make your face look elongated. High blond bangs coupled with dark locks are not just going to make you look stylish; they are going to help make your face appear near perfect.

Round Faces Neat and Solid Cut

Guys with straight hair should mess around with a lateral comb over. See how you feel at one hand or the other with your hair washed. The fashion world appreciates any asymmetry.

Gelled up Mohawk

Mohawk is an interesting way to trim Mohawk. This basically sheds more light on your features and offers a very attractive look.

Undercut round head haircuts

This is a great choice for people who like classic hairstyles. The sides are cut short and for all sorts of tests the top is left long enough. The side-to-top contrast makes the face look broader.

Very short

This simple solution will be appreciated by fans of short hairstyle. Keep the hair shortened by about half an inch and leave a little more in front to spike.

Short Asian Spikes

Its a great way to keep the look funky and classic. Thishaircut blends with any dress or reason for the round head. This gives off a very young persons feeling.


Mohawks and fohawks are perfect hairstyles for round people. They elongate the face in contrast to short hair on the sides with the high locks on the top. Receive a fohawk if you want an immediate effect.

Feathered Top

Another sweet, round-faced, short hairstyle. Its not easy to make all spikes. So if you have a great hair spiking experience, you can go further in making complicated hairstyles like feathered edge. Youll have to let yourself learn some time.

Textured Hair Cut

This look is for you if you have a red face form. This hair cut has little longer flicks to make the face look clean and yet show the hair density.

Caesar Cut

The sides of the hair are faded while the middle part of the hair is cut very short to give it the appearance of the hay. For men with round faces, this extremely fine hair cut is easy to maintain and requires little or no attention.

Taper Fade with Curls

For men, a sharp fade with a tapering end is always an appropriate round face hairstyle. But the curls certainly add to the whole cut a feeling of exoticism. The hairstyle looks exceptionally cool and classy without mentioning it. It also stands out wherever you can step out of this hairstyle. This is a kind of slice that no one in a rush can forget.

Slick Back Hair

Combining your locks backwards will only give you a sexy look if you add a little mess to your style. Allow one stray strand to fall down your forehead and youll definitely keep turning your way with some pretty faces.

Tapered Undercut with Thin Whiskers

is a great idea when you need to play with your face shape. Long and thin whiskers can be a great continuation of an undercut to help you look oval on your face.

Simple Comb Over

If your occupation does not allow you to do all the hair experiments you can go over to a simple comb. For men with round faces who dont like too much maintenance, this is a perfect long hairstyle.

Short Bangs on Top with Taper Fade

In this case, the sharp taper fade works brilliantly to eliminate significant weight from the head. This turns into an ideal round face hairstyle for men with the spiky short bangs on top. It is sober understated without the hint of style being compromised.

Comb Over with Mid Fade

This is an especially good haircut for round and chubby people. Its a kind of haircut that shifts the attention easily from the faces chubbiness. It helps to maintain the boyish charm and a super attractive jawline at the same time, however. This is also a low-maintenance haircut that is perfect for those who spend long hours outdoors.

Sharp Fade with Spiky Pomade

The sharp fade of the spikes and the full-length angular beard accentuates the pointy appearance and takes care of the roundness of the face. For men with a round face, thats what makes this a great haircut. It helps make the face look much slimmer than it is, of course. The spikes and the beard obviously complement each other in this sense.

Long Bangs

If youre a bangs fan, youll appreciate that hairstyle for round-faced men. To make your face look elongated, bangs must be long. Because they have an inverse effect, short bangs should be overlooked. Coolest mens crew cuts

Blue Hair Flip

This is an amazing way to make a statement look. The hair is cut long and in a bright blue color the hair is fully dyed. The sides and back are kept short.

Man Bun Braids

This is an exotic option when you decide to cut the hair for men on the round face. Together with the man fade bun, the golden braids draw attention to the faces roundness. The little patch of the soul also emphasizes the illusion of the angle. For those with a round chubby face, this will be particularly suitable.

Dreadlock Styles

If you like long hair, these long hairs are a beautiful way to go.

Long Quiff with Low Skin Fade

This is a nice way to style your textured quiff hair. This look gives the appearance of a recent brush up on the hair by keeping it long and loose and fading the cut on the edges. That definitely looks very attractive and offers a good atmosphere.

High and Mighty

If youre a lucky owner of thick, curly hair, you dont even need a style to make your face look oval. Just leave the top of your hair-inches long and its going to stand up alone.

Platinum Blonde Hair

This is the perfect hairstyle for you if you have a round face and are looking for a hairstyle that can hide your forehead. The side parting is arranged in such a way that you can cover your forehead when it is combed.

Wavy Short Pompadour

This is another pompadour variation. This wavy and short pompadour works brilliantly when shopping for chubby-faced mens haircuts. A mustaches stubble and hint further reinforce the look. It also exudes a sense of subtle machismo that adds to the impact as a whole.


This hairstyle is for you if youre preparing for a special occasion. Ask your stylist to make such a spiky haircut and keep it as smooth as possible. Youll definitely keep the heads turning if you add some blond hue to your locks.

Skin Fade with Top KnotBeard

This is a slick back hairstyle variant for round-faced men. The top knot adds to this hairstyles excentric and unique element. It brings to the whole get up a distinctly pointed and angular feed. The top knot also gives the face a sense of strength and shows ones personalitys masculine energy.

Short Man-Bun Undercut

It is possible to tie your front hair to a small pony. It makes you look classy and very clean. Its a very prim and style thats right.

Blow out Hair

Windblown looks perfect for all styles of face as long as the hair is thick. You can use a little gel to spike up your locks and allow the rest to be done by default. Girls look like this messy yet romantic.

Pomade with Side Sharp Fade

This may be a great option if youre looking for mens haircuts with a round chubby face. The thin line of beard enhances the overall behavior and does not make the face look as heavy as it otherwise would.

Curly Man Bun

Bunis the most chic and simple way to keep your long hair. Since men ideally dont prefer long hair, this is a literal escape between the two. You can tie your hair whenever you want. For one haircut, several variations are included.

Round Face Trendy Haircuts</h2

Short Asian Hair

The flared spikes cut is a completely different outlook for spikes. These are a little spread out from the conventional spikes and have no definite shape. Thats what makes this hair head special.

Classic Short Comb Over

This is a common round face haircut for people. This is all about creating a versatile and definitive cut that sleek, sophisticated and suave look for those with a round face. But, if you have a chubby face, this wont be acceptable. The taper fade helps to keep the face angular.

Buzz Cut with Beard

On most round faces, the buzz cut with a tapering end works well. The focal point shifts to the tapered angular end and the overall roundness of the head in this round face haircut for men.

Nice and Curly

Men are frequently reluctant to show off their curls. But if youre not afraid to take care of them, you can sport the most romantic haircut ever. Youre likely to get a lot of attention from curly bangs.

Hard Part Comb Over

Nice waves look great as your mohawks top part. Just dont forget to keep them that way when you need to touch them up.

Curly Long Hair

The main look is how youre carrying yourself. Here, these long curly hairs are properly groomed and arranged in aside parting, making them look very attractive and suit the round face as well.

Innovative Haircut Fade

This haircut is a real-time experiment for round-faced men. Here the hair is spikes longer with some side edges going up giving it a Mohawk cut look. The side edges give a rather dramatic appearance to the cut. The thin clean shave produces a clean line that is also unique and innovative in this look.

Chili Bowl Cut

If youre interested in something really interesting, you can definitely try this mens round face hairstyle. Its one of those exotic cuts that will always make you the focus of attention. It celebrates the faces roundness, but at the same time allows the jawline to be properly highlighted for the best impact.

Back with Beard Ginger Slick

This is one of the most common haircuts for fat guys. While complementing the round face with this hairstyle, it makes the face look slimmer, making you look relatively less round.


You can choose from a wide range of awesome mohawks. Some of them may even be brought to the office. Your goal is to be as high and spiky as possible in the top part.

Golden Blonde Highlights

One of the most attractive mens round face hairstyles is the pompadour in any version. Here the golden highlights give it an exotic charm.

Pompadour Fade

Pomp is a hairstyle which can be arranged in many different ways. The style here is combed side by side. With the sides fading out, it is then set sideways.

Eye-covering Bangs

For people with round heads, eye-covering bangs may not be the best haircuts because they make the head noticeably shorter. Youre going to have to choose between very short spiky bangs and very long bangs going under the ears.

Careful Styling

If you have straight hair and complicated hairstyles, youll need some time to experiment with your locks. Imagine arranging smooth waves on top of your head and storing them as a comb over with oil.

Comb Overfor Round Men

Creating a high comb-over is a great way to open your forehead and keep your hair smooth. To make this subtle transition from a spiky top to a smoothly combed lock, you will need plenty of gel.

Two Block Haircut

is a great hairstyle for round-faced guys. The cut of the mushroom makes your face look longer and look smooth. The hair on the forehead acts as fringes that increase the prominence of the mushroom cut.

Undercut vintage side

This may be one of the most common haircuts for men with a round face. To create a striking impact, the longish bangs swept to one side with a distinct hard parting play on contrasting length.

Side Hairwith Beard

Side hairstyles are the best option at all times. This haircut above is perfect for men with a receding hairline in the round face. For a cooler look, pair it with a short beard.

Simple Short Spikes

This is one of the shortest hairs that both look good and make your face look longer. With spikes on top, its a light taper fade. To elongate the face shape, spiking must be done daily.

Low Fade Afro Hairstyle

Breaking the typical stereotype of this round-faced mens haircut is literally a city-cut talk. The spikes in this cut are a bit down, making the cut more dense and different. A blade cut runs from the sides of the hair, distinguishing between the spikes and the fade cut. The hair is also in steps that make it even more interesting to cut the fade.

Tapering Razor Fade

This is undoubtedly one of the perfect mens round face hairstyles. It is a sleek, sophisticated low-maintenance cut which complements the faces natural roundness. Together with the mustache, this helps to highlight the features even more. This style of haircut is perfect in the office environment and for businesses.

Perfect Comb with Fade Taper

Combined with fade taper is a popular hairstyle for men with a red face. It complements the jawline by bringing out the elements that are naturally angular and by cutting weight from the round face. Its a sophisticated, clean cut that fits brilliantly with a round face.

Elongated bob

Elongated bob is a popular round-face long hair. This style will require regular touch-ups, and daily maintenance will be required. Go for it if youre ready for the challenge!

Soft Spikes

For people with thick hair, this is a good short haircut. You can make the hair as long as you like and spike it up in whatever way. Do not use too much gel of hair. With just a dash of cosmetics, thick hair will stand up on its own.