Haircuts for thin-haired boys

Side-swept spikes

Put a little styling product in your hair and use a comb to pull your hair into spikes. To give a side-swept look, draw your comb to the side. This gives the appearance of additional volume to thin hair.

Slicked Back Bun

No less attractive than a mohawk hair. Leave your top hair long to achieve this look and then slick them back into a bunby mini man with some gel. Lightly trim the side hair for a middle fade style gradually decreasing in length.

Rough Wispy Bangs

If your lifestyle is aesthetic, its time to make your hairstyle a real part of your lifestyle. Grow your thin hair to a reasonable length and let it go wild. Bring some hair forward to look like a rough wispy bangs. Successful mission esthetics! Hundreds of different options are available for people with thin hair. Some people worry about styling their hair once a little thinning begins, but this gallery shows that men need not worry at all! You can do a lot of things to maximize your style and even make your hair look thicker if you want to.

Blonde Buzz

If you have blonde hair then cut them to shape a trendy buzz hairstyle. Trim the hair gradually decreasing in length towards the sides.

Asymmetric hairline

If you have an asymmetric hairline, you can include it in your style. Sweep your hair to the highest point in your hairline in the opposite direction.

Subtle Fohawk

If you dont want a full mohawk for whatever reason, style your hair instead into a subtle fohawk. Run your finger from both sides of your head simultaneously to create this look.

Platinum Mens Blonde Hairwith Mid Fade

If you like platinum hair, choose this hairstyle. Use styling products to add texture to your hair and trim them down to the back for a light curve.

Hedgehog Hairstyle

While hedgehogs may be small, their fashion statement is big! Inspired by nature, this hairstyle is a true representation of the blonde edges and dark roots of hedgehog spikes. This haircuts perfection can be enhanced by sides and back shaving the lower hair.

Root Volume

Pulling your hair from the roots gives you an illusion of more volume. The day after you wash it, run your fingers up through your hair to get volume without using any kind of gel or artificial holding product.

Short Front and Side Trim

To get an edgy and trendy style, raise your short top hair to give them a rough look. Cut your front short with unequal hair strands and slick to complete the look.

Trainee Curls

Trainee curls will add a lot of volumes to your hair. If you want to stop your hair from developing into full-blown curls, keep your hair relatively short.

Short goat-and-mustache hair

One of the simplest ways to work with thin hair is to give your head a clean, close-cut shave. This style is more suitable for younger men.

Raised Hair with Shaved Sides and Line Design

Receiving hairline problem doesnt seem to be that much of a problem if you get a hair. To summarize the style, shave the sides and add a line design.

Straight and Groomed

This hairstyle is charmingly vintage. Simple, straight hair like this also looks great with a side section.

Peaked Fringe

Use a comb and a very small amount of styling gel to draw your hair into a peaked fringe. Your hair is going to look fluffy and touchy.

Azure Blue Raised Hair

Azure Blue for a different look is a unique and magnificent color. Ask your stylist to color the azure blue of your hair. Use some pomade to lift your hair by cutting your hair to the side and back relatively short and youve got the look of the year!

Short Mohawk with Fade

Mohawk is a style trend we cant see. Cut the side hair into a low fade for the punk in you, leaving a slightly wide strip of middle hair going from the front to the back. Raise the strip into a mohawk style and finish the look.

High Fade Fashion Curly Bangs

Who has curly hair? No one at all. And if youve curly hair, think its a blessing and go for pretty curly bangs. Take your front curly hair and cut it into bangs. D a fade high and go out in style.

Thick Buzzcut with Beard

A thick buzzcut with a light beard looks really stylish. For an even more rough look, grow a more developed beard.

Mid-length spikes

Such spikes can help to add thin hair volume. You must first apply a little gel to your hair. Start from your hair base and pull your comb up quickly to create subtle-defined spikes.

Thick Fringe

Although the rest of your hair is thin, you can create a thick fringe. Loading your hair like this front over parts of your face can actually help make the rest of your hair look thicker.

Asian Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is a simple but classic mens haircut that gives you a whole new look while being low-maintenance. Top hair with a neat frontline hair cut short to the scalp doesnt put you in a lot of mess. The ding temple appears majestic on the sides.

Brushed Forward

Run a bit of holding gel through your hair to make sure you pull up from the roots and straight from front to back.

Thin Curtains

Curtains on thin hair look much better than on thicker hair. These curtains look more stylish than a throwback to a boys band!

Spikes with Line Design and Low Fade

If youre a spiked hair fan, its better to instantly raise your short hair to spikes. Combined with a low fade and a line design, this haircut for thin-haired men will give you a super trendy look that nobody can resist.

Man Bob

Try a man bob similar to this one if you have longer hair. Give your hair an extra cool look by styling close to your crown in shorter sections.

Stiff Choppy Peaks

Cut your hair to several lengths at the top. Use styling gel to tease into a steep peak each section. Pull them off for another exciting dimension of this style in conflicting directions.

Unequal Forward Fringe

Cut the forward fringe in an unfair fashion for a super edgy look against all expectations. Include a low temple fade and you are already the inspiration of everybodys style!

Crew Cut with Assorted Fade

Crew cut is a go-to look for everyone who can no longer handle the long hair burden. Short your top hair and work through your fingers to give them a certain texture. Shave the side hair to the skin and cut the back hair smoothly. They are given the assorted fade look by the curve between the two fades.

Preppy Sweepover

Trim your hair so its shorter on the back and sides but longer in the center. Use a comb to sweep all your hair without using any styling products so it goes from one side to the other.

Sliced Back Hairwith Side Trim

For this hairstyle, gel is a major component. Take a lot of gel to slick your hair back smoothly. Trim the hair down to the skin on the sides equally, and thats all it takes to achieve this hairstyle.

Choppy Mullet

Leave the longest back of your hair. Cut the rest of your hair for a very rock and roll look in choppy sections at different lengths.

Rolled Quiff

Style the back of your hair as you normally would, but leave a small front-free section. To roll the front round into a stylish quiff, use a little styling gel and a pocket comb.

Creative Hairstyles and Haircuts for Curly Hair</h2


Brush it from the roots to give thin hair more volume. Combine to each side and round to help make your hair look thick and full.

Long and Sleek

If you have thin hair, you can still have long hairstyles.

Hair Raiser

Use a comb and hair styling gel to create hair raising spikes on the front of your hair. Let the rest of your hair remain in their natural style.

Forward Fringe Hair with Neat Trim

Keep the top hair long for a sleek look and then sweep them side by side. D Clean the rest of the skin on the sides and back. This will give you a trendy polished look.

Messy Mod Look

Growing your hair evenly around your ears and around your heads back will give it a thick and full look. Dishevel a little to give a slightly more modern twist to the style.

Full Fringe

A full fringe style can help you to look mysterious and brooding. To create a thick full look, combine your hair forward and down over your forehead.


Use a fine tooth comb and styling gel to create a smooth pattern in your hair. With thin hair, this style works much better than with thicker hair.

Max spikes


Micro Flick

Subtle hairstyles for office and casual events are great. Use your fingers in a quick, slight flick to pull your hair upwards. Use your fingers to allure the rest of your hair slightly.


Rollhawk style creates a fohawk by rolling long hair down your head center. Create additional definition by shaving at the base of your roll in a distinct line.

Blonde Wavy Hair with Subtle Trim

Sometimes having thin hair can reduce your self-confidence, but not if youre going with this highly elevated hairstyle. Use some pomade to raise high on the front of your top blonde hair and then slightly curve down on the back. D The dark hair on the sides is subtly trimmed for a beautiful contrast.

Shaved Head

To solve the problem of thin hair once and for all, shave your hair to the skin. This hairstyle for mens thin hair automatically becomes super attractive with the high fade forming towards the sides and back.

Preppy Mohawk

Shave most of your hair to make it a short length of stubble. Hold a segment down your hair center long. Carefully groom this section to take on the Mohawk style for yourself.

Widows Peak

Your hairstyle will look very good if you have a natural widows peak. Instead of trying to hide this unusual genetic trace.

Tousled Sharp Spikes

Hair spikes look at the sharpest spikes immediately after a trim. Get your stylist to make choppy hair cuts and run their fingers through it randomly to get a sharp allled look.

Blonde Long Wavy Hair for Men

To achieve a style for long wavy hair that nobody can beat. Ask your stylist to dye a golden shade of blonde hair and let it flow into beautiful subtle waves around your head. Side part to add perfection to your long hair.

High Fade Rainbow Hair

Ask your stylist for a funky Rockstar to add rainbow colors to your base yellow hair. Include a temple fade for a sharp contrast to your dark side and back hair.


Give up weight to your hair by rolling it from the roots. Create this effect while youre drying with a barrel brush. The Best Short Crew Cuts to Try in

Swept Peak

should be carefully combed flat against your head. Combine the heads hair in the middle so it rolls up and down.

Subtle Fringe Flick

Use your finger and thumb to tap a small section of your hair into a subtle flick at your heads front.

Scruffy Spikes

Disheveled spikes are a great choice for a casual evening event. Ruffle your fingers in different angles through your hair to create a scruffy look.

Messy Bangs

Bangs are an ideal haircut for thin hair guys. For a messy look, ruffle your hair and sweep the front hair for messy bangs.

Butch Shaved Sides

Look for a legendary style icon for men with thin hair. The front front styled in a subtle pointy shape adds a lot to your edgy look already. This hairstyles shaved sides are nothing but incredibly exotic.

Side Swept Hair with Mid Fade

Side swept hair provides an elegant style. Cut your hair slightly short for this thin hairstyle and sweep it to the left. To sum up your look, d a middle fade.

Curled Fringe with Full Beard

Keep the rest of the hair short on your head to make the biggest impression with your curly quiff fringe so it doesnt have the chance to curl over.

Slicked Down

Use a little gel to slice down your hair so theres no hair out of place. To build a perfectly groomed look, mix it gently.


Keep your hair on top a little longer than on the bottom. Put lots of gel in your hair and use your brush to smooth your hair from front to back into a look reminiscent of the Hedgehog Sonic.

Mens hair model with thinning hair

Choose a look that is completely unique, e.g. a style which incorporates artificial colors. To pull off a look like this, you have to be quite comfortable.

Shaved Sides Pompadour

Pompadour is as elegant as anything else. Raising your hair for this hairstyle and slicing them back with a slight tilt. For more fashion, shave the side hair to the body.

Side-Swept Flowy Hair with Side Trim

If the hair is short, let it grow long to give it a thick hair illusion. Sweep them to the side to look like a flowing hair. Trim the hair to the ends, which for extra beauty slowly decreases in length in an angled way.

Military Buzzcut

Long military buzzcut is a fine hair choice. A buzzcut is softer than a heavy buzzcut.

Spiky Hair for Men With Thin Hair

To make your hair look as if it has a maximum height, keep your sides much shorter in appearance. If you have an angular face, this trick works really well.

Preppy Combed Style

Put the styling gel in the hair and run the comb from side to side. Use the comb to style your side sections to run back and forth.

Long and Straight

If you have long, straight-style, thin hair you need to make sure that you regularly wash it. Leaving your hair between washes for too long can make it look smooth and greasy.

High Bald Fade Side Swept

Always look cool, swept side hair. This is a thin part of the hair on the side. Include the sides with a high fade for added style.

Hairstyles For Curly Hair


Fade Cornwall Braids

For a trendy but classic look, go with mens cornwalls. Weave all your top hair into thin cornrows that end up connecting to the back. D a high sideline fade.

Side Fringe

You can cover this with careful styling if your hairline starts to recede. Combine your hair to one side to make it look like a sweeping side fringe.

Short Hair with Temple Fade

is everyones favorite among many other mens hair styles with thin hair short hair fade. All you have to do is cut your hair really short for this hairstyle. Temple fade into this haircut will only add to the look.

Manicured Comb-over

If your hair starts to thin at the top, you can create a comb over without desperately looking. Use your brush to style your longer hair carefully to cover any places that are beginning to look thinner.

Long Messy Spikes

Get plenty of styling gel on your fingers and then run through your hair to make sure every strand is covered. One last time you put your hands in your hair and move them back and forth to create a messy look.

Emerald Short Hair

If youre looking for a short hair look thats trendy at the same time, you need an exquisite emerald shade to dye your hair. Once youve finished coloring your hair, to complete your look, cut them evenly short on all sides.

Choppy Mane

Getting your hair cut into a choppy style can give you a lot of different fashion choices and can help to create an illusion of extra volume for thin hair.

Floppy Fringe

For those with thin hair, a floppy fringe is a great choice. Either get a thicker fringe by letting it fall naturally or using products to help you style it in a way you want to flop.

Choppy Buzz Haircut

Keep your sides short but cut the top of your hair in a choppy fashion. Your hair will look tangible and textured. Its very easy to maintain this style.


Use a firm styling gel to tease your hair in a mini quiff. With a slightly disheveled feel, the rest of your hair should look great. Coolest grease hairstyles

moving forward

This style combes the hair from the back. A little styling gel should be put in and a fine tooth comb should be used to create the best definition. Unique popular undercut hairstyles

Crew Cut with Shaved Sides

The crew cut is a low-maintenance haircut that does not require a great deal of styling. For a smooth look, cut your top hair short and shave the hair completely to the skin towards the sides. Now nobody can stop you.

Swept Back Silver Blonde Hair

For a look as chic as this, a stunning silver-blonde hue will tint your hair. Keep the hair relatively short on the sides and sweep the top hair backrest by working through them with your fingers.