Fresh Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

The disconnected undercut is the best choice if you want to have a
stylish top that grabs people’s attention. The sides are shaved close to
baldness; while the top is not cut but styled with gel to a stylish look. You
can also pair this type of haircut with a beard.


Disconnected Undercut



Mid Drop Fade Haircut for Men

Choose a mid fade cut if you want to look cool and casual at the
same time. This haircut can be easily cut if you have slightly longer hair. The
barber will snip the long hair shorter so that it only reach halfway to the
temples. The arc shape in the drop fade hairstyle can add a high school
appearance to a young man.


Mid Fade

Messy Textured French Crop

French crop is a traditional haircut that is slowly becoming
popular with men. The hair at the back is pushed to the front to create short
fringes on the temple. Ask the barber to style your hair to a piecey texture in
a messy way so that you can look cool.You can use this clay for this


French Crop


Classic Side Part Haircut for Gentlemen

Men look handsome when they have a hard part and slightly
tapered part on the sides. You can give the long top a wavy comb over to
achieve the neat businessman look.


Side Part


Cool Crew Cut for Men

The crew cut is a style of haircut that gives you that vintage look
from the 90s. You can modernize the top a bit by styling the top to look like
Ivy League and keeping the sides tapered short.


Crew Cut


Low Fade

A fade hairstyle can blend in with tops that have different
textures to meet your needs. A low fade hairstyle is ideal for those who want to
be stylish but don’t want their hair to attract too much attention.


Low Fade


Timeless Caesar Cut for Men

It is called Caesar cut because of the even fringe on the front
that looks exactly like the Julius Caesar hair. This hairstyle can add an
appearance of power to your face. If you want to look strong, ask the barber to
give you a Caesar cut. Just tell the barber that you want the hair in front to
be a row of horizontal fringe. You can modernize the Caesar cut by getting the
sides to taper faded.


Caesar Cut


Stylish Undercut for Men

An undercut is a trending hairstyle that you can easily spot on men
of all backgrounds while walking on the street. Undercut can be paired with a
lot of stylish tops such as comb over pomp, hair locks, and Mohawk.




Video men’s hairstyles for 2019

Amazing video with great styles and good analysis from  @BluMaan. You can follow his youtube channel or follow on Instagram.


Men Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Crew Cut with High Fade Men Hairstyle

A high fade hairstyle is short and can give you the feeling of
lightness. It is a simple haircut that only requires the top to be razor cut to
a short length like a crew cut. However, don’t think because it is a short haircut,
you can try to cut yourself with a razor. It is always best to visit a barber
so that your crew cut top with low faded sides hairstyle will look


High Fade


Buzz the cut is for men who like to have a head of small spikes that are nice to touch
on the hand. Cut the buzz hairstyle to feel fresh like you are starting over.
Pair this haircut with a cool attitude and casual clothing like sweater and


Buzz Cut


Medium Haircuts for 2019

Many men are vain and they like to keep their hair long up for
easy styling. This type of haircut can add a casual look for men with a cool
attitude. If combed in the right way, it can also give you a smart appearance.

Slicked Back for Long Hair

You don’t have to be so close into chasing after the latest
hairstyle. Many of the trending hairstyles are a classic hairstyle, take, for
example, the slick back men haircut, that has been modified a bit to look
modern. For the best result, keep the hair thick and comb every day to look


Slicked Back


Comb Over Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff that is comb over looks stylish and tall like an
artificial pump. The swollen hair on top is achieved by casually brushing the hair
to the back.




Men Voluminous Blowout Haircut

You can make your top look like they are grasses being blown to
one side with this hairstyle. All you need is to do is to have a thick medium
the hair on top and use some pomade to style them into the spiky piecey texture that
sway to one side.




Messy Faux Hawk with Tapered Sides

If you want to fresh up your look with a new haircut, you may
want to consider a faux hawk haircut. It gives you that sophisticated bold look
but it is actually an easy hairstyle that you can do it yourself at home. When
styling the hair, keep the hair texture a bit messy to achieve a contemporary


Faux Hawk



Comb Over with Hair Locks

Men with bald spots like to comb their hair to one side to
disguise that they have a head of lush hair. This technique is also being used
by young men who want to wear contemporary hairstyle. Comb over hairstyle is
ideal for men who have hair locks with medium length. Comb the hair to one side
in asymmetrical line to achieve a cool and urbanized look.




Cool Bro Flow Hairstyle for Long Hair

The bro flow is a cool hairstyle for men with shoulder-length
hair. If your workplace codes allow long haircut for men, you can cut the bro
flow hairstyle and show off to your colleagues. This hairstyle is for you if
you are someone who wants to incorporate some ruggedness into your gentlemen appearance.


Bro Flow


Classic Pompadour for Men

Pompadour is the first hairstyle for many men who have never
styled their hair before. To get a cool effect, tell the barber not to cut
the long hair on top. Instead, use a pomade to style the long hair into a smooth
rolling pompadour.




Trendy Men Fringe Haircut

If you have middle length hair, just let all the hair down on
your temple so that they can create a cool and messy appearance. Bangs can add
style to your haircut especially when they are styled to a messy texture.




Stylish Side Swept Hairstyle with Hard Part

Want to look swag with your medium hair bangs? Try a haircut
with a hard part. The haircut in the photo below shows a barber cut hairline,
tapered sides, and the hair on one side swept over with a brush to a tall
height to resemble the ocean waves.


Hard Part


Messy Textured Haircut with Wavy Bangs

How you texture your hair can determine the style of your hair.
Many young men now prefer messy textured hairstyle instead of combing their
hair flat and smooth. You can adapt messy hairstyle for office by having the
sides tapered short.


Messy Waves


Cool Haircuts for Men with Long Hair

There is an increasing number of men that like to keep their
hair long and it looks like more men will follow this footstep in 2018. Because
a lot of men like to keep long locks, barbers have invented many new hairstyles
that incorporate them.


Men Long Wavy Hairstyle

Waves and curls are not just for women hairstyle but they also
look great on men who have hair longer than the shoulder. Basically, you just
let the long waves and curls fall freely on your shoulder to achieve that cool


Loose Waves or Curls


Half Pulled Back Braids with Man Bun

Many men with long hair like to incorporate braids and man bun
into their hairstyle. To look cool, tie the long side hair into one or more
braids and pull them back as a man bun.


Man Bun with Braids



Black Men Dreadlock Hairstyle

Dreadlocks are hair embellishment that looks especially nice on
black men. You can try a dreadlock haircut if you have long and thick hair. You
must be willing to spend the time to look after your dreadlocks to maintain the

Casual Man Bun Haircut

Casual men who like to follow the latest fad will prefer tying
their medium hair into a man bun. This hairstyle is not a temporary fad and has
been continued to trend for many years.


Man Bun


Casual Ponytail Haircut for Men

Are you looking for an easy way that can enable you to look
stylish without the hassle of using gel? In the haircut below, the hair is
being pulled back to tie into a ponytail. If you want this cool ponytail
haircut, you must keep the hair up to shoulder length. After that, use your
hand to pull back your hair and tie it with a rubber band loosely.




Braid Hairstyle for Black Men with Long Hair

Men Long Wavy Haircut with Side Part

Is your hair naturally curly or wavy? Just simply create a side
part to divide your hair. It will give you that carefree look with an addition
of a bold character.


Long Hair with Part


Man braids are popular in Afro American men with thick long black hair. If you are
thinking about what hairstyle to wear to look contemporary, you can try the box
braid hairstyle that features the long braids tying into a bun. There are lots
of different ways to wear your braids stylishly, for example, tying them into a
ponytail, and cornrows.


Man Braids


Flowing Straight Hair for Men

Don’t feel shy to show off your long straight hair. It is still
considered a fashion hair trend in 2018. Don’t just let straight hair falls
free but add some style, for example, use some gel to brush back the top
loosely so that there will be at least some texture on the top.


Long and Straight



Half-Up Half-Down Men Ponytail

Few men would tie their long hair in a half up and half down
style. Therefore, if you tie your hair like that, you are going to look special
because no one around will have the same hairstyle. Tying your hair like that
also keep the hair neat and not hanging over your face to block your vision.

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