Skin Fade Men Haircut Are you on the web looking for the latest men hairstyle –
you are on the page that gives you the answer!! I give you this list of the
latest skin fade hairstyle in 2019. By going through this list, you will get
the idea of what is a skin fade hairstyle.

Scroll down and take a look at the model photos to learn all about skin fade

Magnificent Mohawk

Overview of Skin Fade/ Bald Fade Haircut

Skin fade is a type of haircut where the hair gets cut shorter and shorter towards
the nape line with an electric clipper. The majority of the hairstyles require
all the hair on the head to have the same length  but skin fade requires the hair
length to be shorter from layer to layer.

What are the Different Skin Fade/ Bald Fade Haircuts

Below is a list of 20 types of men skin fade haircuts.

1. Braided Top Knot Bun with Disconnected Skin Fade

Disconnected Ponytail Bald Fade

Skin fade has been incorporated in many creative contemporary haircuts that are
ranking on top of the most trendy hairstyle list. You’ll look neater with
your side hair taper faded progressively compared to simply leaving your hair
uncut. This type of haircut looks modern, easy to cut and does not require much

2. Short Fade Slicked Back Haircut with Balanced Beard

Balanced Cut with Beard

Short fade haircut works for hair that has been layered on top. You can get a smooth
contour for the top with the help of a styling gel. As seen in the photo, the
slick back top is cut to match with the style of the beard. The hairstyle can
provide a neater and cleaner appearance.

3. Curly Mohawk with Undercut and Beard

Mohawk Fade

This curly mohawk hairstyle which features a middle row of hair and completely
shaved sides is definitely an eye-catcher.

4. Afro Mohawk with Skin Fade Side

Magnificent Mohawk

The Afro mohawk haircut features sharp edges on the sides. The shape up sides may
seem like small details but they have important roles in highlighting the
mohawk haircut which is what everyone should be looking at.

5. Angled Comb Over Pomp with Skin Fade


This dapper haircut has been in the fashion trend for a long time and it is still
popular today. It looks like an upper-class hairstyle and gives a cool
appearance at the same time. Ask your barber to cut your hair to this hairstyle
and you will be happy that you make this decision.

6. Afro High and Tight Haircut with Light Beard

Imitable Fade with Light Beard

There are lots of different hairstyles but getting a haircut like the one in the
photo can help you to look like you are someone from the upper social class.
The high and tight haircut features a brushed beard and short buzzed Afro curly

7. Angled Comb Over Fade with Hair Line and Beard

Side Part With Professional Skin Fade

Do you want to have a haircut that looks cool but also meet the codes in the
workplace? This polished haircut which features side part may be what you are
looking for. It is suitable for people who work in the office and military. A gel
can be used to style the hair into a sleek comb-over that will give you a retro

8. Short Buzz Fade Haircut with Beard

Buzz Cut Fade

9. Long Side Swept Top with Skin Fade

Bald skin with Side Punk

10. High Afro Curly Haircut with Hair Line

Old School and Cool

This hairstyle gives the impression like you are a high school student in the 90s.
The high top Afro haircut is a cool hairstyle for boys in high school. The
extra high Afro top and how the hair around the temple is cut to a square shape
matches with the round face. It also adds a classy appearance to the high
school student.

11. Man Bun with Side Part and Temp Fade


12. Angled Comb Over with Hard Part and High Skin Fade

Straight to the Point

This hairstyle is for those who want people to follow their hairstyle instead of
following other people’s hairstyles. The high skin fade gives the appearance of
a leader. It also adds seriousness to your countenance. You can also cut your
beard to match with your hairstyle. In my own opinion, this haircut looks

13. Slick Back Textured Pomp and Fade Sides

Shaved Head Fade with Comb Over

This type of haircut can soften your look and impress your girlfriend on the night
you take her out. The short razor cut sides blends in with the tone of your

14. Buzzed Cut with Skin Fade

Bald Fade Caesar Cut

The entire head is shaved short to a buzz cut gives the look of a leader. First,
you must cut the hair to about 1/8 of an inch in length. The hair is cut to the
shortest length to give a mature appearance. Most importantly, this type of
haircut is easy to maintain – you don’t have to comb or shampoo the hair.

15. Textured Faux Hawk Fade with Side Part

Taper Fade

This is a simple haircut that looks stylish and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
All you need to do is to use a comb to comb the top after having a bath.

16. High Top Knot Bun with Undercut


24 Side Part Blad Fade

17. Slick Back Haircut with High Fade

High Fade Slick back

This is another haircut that is suitable for people with professional occupations.
The straight to the point haircut features a top that is combed back neatly
while the hair on the rest of the area is tapered down to skin clean.

18. Cool Angled Comb Over with Hard Part and Faded Sides

Dapper and disconnected

The most noticeable part of the haircut is the thick black hair that is combed at
an angled point on top and the thin layer of the full beard. The haircut may look
monotonous but it gives a mature look. Skin fading the side can add some
coolness to the hairstyle. The side part separates the flowing hair on top also
capture a lot of attention.

19. Quiff Comb Over with Bang and Skin Fade

Quff Skin Fade

20. Blonde Angled Comb Over with Undercut

Haute Heights

Never under estimate the role of sideburns in improving your skin fade haircut.
Sideburns may give a retro look but you can reduce this impression by getting a
fashionable haircut for the top. For example, in the photo above, the sideburn
matches with the pompadour top. You can also give the hair on top some texture
by or sweep it to one side by using gel. The top can be customized in many ways
based on your creativity.

21. Fade Cut with Balanced Beard

I am sure that all gentlemen will like to have this haircut. As you can see in
the photo, the faded sides match with a balanced beard.

22. Angled Comb Over with Side Part and Fade Undercut

Disconnected Skin Fade

23. Top Knot Bun with Undercut and Sharp edges

Fresh Sharp edges

This is a good example of a haircut with a nice silhouette. The top knot haircut is
matched with a full beard that joins to the sideburns.

24. Textured Faux Hawk with Skin Fade



Here concludes the list of the 20 skin fade haircuts. If your client asks you to cut
a hairstyle, you must choose one that matches with his face shape. The
hairstyle from this list is sure to impress your customers. Have a nice day.

25. Curly Mohawk Fade with Hard Part and Beard

faux hawk fade

26. High Pomp with Side Fade and Full Beard

Brief and Simple

If your side has long hair, giving it a skin fade cut is the easiest way to make
it look neat. The progressively short hair naturally looks nice without styling
or carving any pattern. This cool haircut is for those who work in occupations
that require a sharp haircut for example in the military.

27. Classic Men Skin Fade Side Part Haircut

Step by Step Do-It-Yourself Guide to Skin Fade Haircut:

You’ll have to prepare 2 types of clippers including t-liner and
heavy-duty hair clippers. The blade of the clipper must be sharp otherwise you
won’t be able to cut the hair accurately. In addition, you must prepare a
mirror, brush and comb.

The first step is to make 1 inch of a fade line above the ears.

You must use the clipper to trim the hair to the shortest length
starting from the lower hairline up to the fade line until you have cut the
hair on the entire head. When you start using the clipper, you should use the
lowest setting. Various types of clippers can be used for performing a skin
fade haircut including mini electric clipper, t-liner hair trimmer or straight

Now, use the clipper to clip the hair about 1 inch above the
area that you have clipped just now. You can increase the clipper setting by
one notch. This step involves cutting the hair shorter and shorter in each
layer as it reaches the ears.

If there are small hair that sticks out, you can use a clipper
to clip it off in fast stroke. You only use long stroke when you want to clip a
large amount of hair at one time with the clipper. As you clip down the hair,
make sure you use a brush to brush the hair so that you can see for yourself
whether the hair is taper faded correctly.

The process should be repeated up to the head edge. If you find
any area that has been tapered unevenly, you can rectify it with a mini trimmer
or scissors. A comb will be useful in helping you to cut the hair evenly.

Once you’ve confirmed the hair is faded correctly, you can use a
mini electric clipper to give it a final touch so that the haircut looks
sharper. For example, you can shape up the sides to allow the haircut to have
more details and look more professional.

You can start cutting the top as the client instruct you after
the hair of the whole head is taper faded properly. The top can be cut to a
long or short style according to the client’s face shape. Many men who are
after the latest hairstyle trend have chosen skin fade haircut to attract the
attention they want.

28. Slick Back Hair with High Fade and Long Beard

Slick Back with Side Shave

29. Wavy Top with High Bald Fade


30. Top Knot Ponytail with Low Skin Fade

Ponytail with bald Skin

31. Long Ponytail Men Haircut with Faded Sides and Beard

Skin Fade with Long Hair

32. Curly Top with Skin Fade and Beard

Skin Fade with Curls

It can be hard to cut a skin fade when you have curly hair. However, when you do
cut your hair like that, it will look nice as seen in the photo. This haircut
is ideal for men with naturally curly hair.

You must first allow the hair to grow long if you want to curls to be visible. Once
your long hair starts to curl itself, you can go to the barber and get a skin
fade haircut for the sides. The cool hairstyle will make you stand out from the

33. Angled Comb Over with Short Skin Fade and Beard

34 Very Short Skin Fade with Beard

34. Wavy Men Haircut with Mid Skin Fade

Wavy skin fade

Mid skin fade haircut is popular in the haircut for men with dark skin. The wavy top
looks much better than cutting a straight hairline to separate the sides. It
is the main highlight of the haircut that adds a cool personality to the person.



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