25 Mens High tight Haircuts

High and tight men haircut is unsophisticated, trendy and does not take much time to maintain. Many men who work in the military have a high and tight haircut as it complies with the haircut code.

High and Tight Fade with Crew Cut

The haircut which features top not more than 2 inches and undercut sides have already existed centuries
ago. Because it is a short haircut, it may not give you many rooms for
customizing and styling it. However, its minimalist design makes it practical
for men from all kinds of career backgrounds. A high and tight haircut is a good
alternative for those who don’t want to shave their head bald.

High and Tight Haircut

Scroll down to get ideas on the different types of high and
tight short men haircuts.

What Should You Know about the High and Tight Haircut?

A high and tight haircut is a military-style haircut that put
emphasis on maintaining short hair. The short sides can feature different types
of taper fade styles leaving a high pile of long hair on top. Just like the
long top short side haircut short sides, it can be cut into many different

High and Tight Fade

It works for many types of face shapes and has been featured in
many celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt. If you have a square face, you
will find that your face looks wider after the haircut. Therefore, you must
consider how the haircut will affect your appearance before cutting your hair.

Tips on Cutting Your Hair to a High and Tight Hairstyle

In a high and tight haircut, the hair on the sides is cut short
while the top has a few inches length of hair. The contrast of the short back
and sides against the longer top produce a handsome look.

For a high and tight haircut, the barber will first use a hair
clipper to taper the sides. The side can have a length of up to #0 – #3 while
the top is to have a guard sizes of between #3 – #5. The hardest part is to cut
the hair to a clean, tight fade. In simpler high and tight hairstyles, the
clipper is the only equipment used in cutting the hair.

High and Tight Cut - High Skin Fade with French Crop

Top Men High and Tight Haircuts

Men’s high and tight haircut is a practical haircut that is up
to date with the latest fashion. It is easy to have this type of haircut
without having to show the barber an example photo of the haircut. On this
list, you will find the top men high and tight haircuts that we have compiled
from all over the web.  You should take into account all factors when deciding
the type of men high and tight haircut you want to obtain.

Dapper Slick Back High and Tight Haircut

High and Tight Haircut - Bald Fade with Slicked Back Hair

Angled Comb Over with High Fade and Hard Part

High and Tight - High Skin Fade with Short Side Part

Cropped Top with High Fade

High and Tight Fade with Crew Cut

Spiky Textured Top with Hair Line and High Fade

High and Tight - Hard Part Fade with French Crop

Buzz Men Haircut with High Fade and Beard

Buzz Cut with High Skin Fade

How to Maintain a High and Tight Haircut?

Not much maintenance is needed for the high and tight haircut.
If you don’t want to get a buzz cut, you must maintain at least 1 inch of hair
on the top. The hair stands on top on its own so you don’t need to put any
styling product.

If you are planning for a do-it-yourself high and tight haircut,
you must prepare a pair of hair clippers with guards from #0 to #5. However,
most of the time, you will only be using a clipper with sizes of #0, #1, and
#2. Clipper of this size allows you to clip and taper fade the hair to the
desired length.

It is not necessary to put any product on the hair but applying
some styling gel can definitely give you a more handsome look. The styling gel
will give your hair a more polished look so that you can get positive
compliments from friends and work.

High and Tight - High Skin Fade with Crew Cut and Beard

Comb Over Textured Top with High Fade and Beard

Skin Fade with Short Texturd Top

Buzz Fade Men Haircut

Military High and Tight - High Fade with Buzz Cut

Short Top with Mid Skin Fade

Men's High and Tight - Mid Bald Fade with Very Short Top

Buzz Cut with Undercut and Hair Line Pattern

Shaved Sides with Buzz Cut Top and Hair Design

Wavy Brushed Back Men Haircut with High Fade

High Fade with Wavy Brushed Back Hair

Men Crew Cut with High Fade and Beard

High and Tight - High Fade with Short Crew Cut

Neat Men Butch Cut with Full Beard

Butch Cut with Beard

High and Tight Men Haircut with Undercut and Beard

High and Tight Skin Fade

Men Cropped Top with Low Fade

Low Skin Fade with Short Tight Top

Short Brush Up Haircut with Mid Fade and Hairline

High and Tight Haircut - Mid Fade with Hard Part and Brush Up

Burr Men Haircut with Skin Fade and Beard

Burr Cut with Bald Fade

Comb Over with Low Fade with Hard Part

High and Tight Hairstyle - Skin Fade with Hard Side Part