men fond of beards

Were people fond of beards? Okay, theres no doubt that in the modern age beards really rocked. Nearly every man sports one, from the poor street beggar to the office boss figure. The beards great popularity has seen the introduction of many different styles of beard designed to match the tastes and preferences of millions of men around the world.




But what exactly do women take on this older generation previous domain? Okay, women are hard to understand at times.
They have that mysterious personality that makes them see things contrary to our expectations (well, from the perspective of a man Im talking about). Therefore, the issue of whether or not people prefer beards is a matter of discussion.
Masculinity creates a manly figure

that makes women more attractive to men. And theres no better way to show off your male appeal than by growing a little beard.

Gives a new look

It can be very monotonous, especially for your wife, to have the same look throughout the year. And, of course, it can have an adverse effect on your relationship. Women want new things–some improvements that can really make their day brighter.
however, if you want to get more attention from women and possibly get a suitor, the main thing is to keep it clean and well trimmed.

Beard Burn

Ok, facial hair tends to make touch burning. Especially when a guys stubbornly rubbing against her skin, women find this not cool. And we know how women, particularly the hair, love their looks. The burning sensation will cause skin rashes, which every woman is trying to avoid.

Looks good in anything

Women as a man who makes her the neighborhoods envy. Someone in charge who knows how to dress. But in style, the way you dress has to be in line with the current trend. We know women like style and when the guy is also trendy, we like it better.

In fact there is a lot of controversy in this topic. And if youve been waiting for a conclusive answer, Im sorry to disappoint you. Theres everything but tastes.
And what better way to show you maturity than growing a beard? Yes, a well-groomed beard portrays a mature, smart, and honest man. Think of Abraham Lincolns values, a wise and fair man who has done much of his nations job. he had a mustache on him, wasnt he?
It is also seen by other women as a lack of moral education and possibly a thug in the making. Its pretty scary for them and puts them off completely.
This shows the mans ability to protect her, making her feel protected by his side at all times. Its definitely a man whos in tune with our caveman ancestors!

On the other hand, there is no need for a man with a beard to go through all the trouble. he can change into Guccis pair of jeans and still look fashionable. And that means that when it comes to obtaining the looks that make him fit in, he doesnt have to invest much. Literally, he can wear anything but still find some womens love.

Two separate figures for womens opinions on male facial hair were also collected. One was in the form of a simple poll asking a large sample of women if theyre attracted to men with facial hair.
A majority preferred bearded mens photos over clean-shaven ones. In fact, this research contradicted the results of the simple survey.
Okay, I know you would argue that men who are clean-shaven appear to have that stunning, dashing look. But then, the lack of facial hair that print on your face the feminine look, particularly for guys who are fascinated by long hairstyles.
And what are you sure of? The changes shouldnt be too big to get her attention. When shaving your beards in different styles, it can be as simple as changing your looks.


Imagine the food you eat is trapped in your hair. Its cheap, isnt it? And I bet your wifes not going to take it lightly. It can get even worse when you dont notice and get into bed with it during the meal time. Shes probably going to get mad and write down some mealtime rules or even order you to cut it down.


A man traces his origins to animals that had a lot of hair, according to the theory of evolution. For some people, a man with wild hair appears to be overly aggressive in this animalistic behavior. We still believe that such a man still has some wild nature and will do all they can to keep him safe.
The fact is, women simply dont fancy dating a man whos still stuck on his boyish face. What they want is a mature man. Someone in a woman who knows exactly what she wants.
Especially when you walk around the neighborhood with it, its quite humiliating for your girlfriend. Its really mean, and when she says it certainly throws her off, dont blame your girlfriend.

But Ive got a word for women before I wind up. Dont get the first impression taken away. Despite being unable to be ignored, a mans physical appearance is not so important.
But then its not the beard they dont like the burning sensation that it triggers. So be careful about not letting your face hair come close to her face next time.

Its all but a trick

Many women take beards as a device used by men to disguise their personality and appearance. And we all know better that it can be very misleading to appearances. As I pointed out earlier, women like men have in them that masculine appeal.
You can choose to keep it long and full or to shave it down to a little shadow. In comparison to women who have to go to great lengths to achieve this new look, facial hair will completely transform the way you look in a moment. Many women find this enigmatic transformation rather irresistible. Well, take some time to experiment with your beard to get that new look!
Scientific studies were carried out in order to paint a clear picture of the topic. One was done in the 1970s, the other four years ago. Despite the huge time difference between the studies, both came to a similar conclusion:
Women find more attraction to men with stubble or light beards. Because of their aggressive yet mature look, men with full-grown beards were found less attractive. Those without facial hair were attractive second-least but did not have what it takes to form the perfect romantic partners.
For a clean-shaven man, though, things may not go too well. To get that look that will appeal to his girlfriend, he has to go through a lot of trouble. And the flashy costly suits that may be too costly for some men out there are when I talk about looking good what comes to mind first.
Simply put, they cant stand it. Some associate beards with untidiness, especially if they are not well-groomed. It paints a picture of an unhygienic person who doesnt really know whats good for him.
Therefore, some men will go to greater lengths just to cover up their boyish faces to grow a beard. Its more of a façade shielding their lack of true manhood. Women are too careful not to fall prey to tricks of this kind.

This is not the case, though, as hundreds of clean-shaven people are considered to be more wise. Its all about a beard that gets rid of the boyish face that women find really unattractive. Underneath you may be immature, but a beard is going a long way to make you more attractive to women.

If you dont keep it out of her way, shell choose to avoid sitting near you. And if your wife has that sensitive skin, then I advise you to just give a clean shave to your beard and stay out of trouble. Its not going to cost you a thing, and shell definitely love you even more.
And the only best way to do this is to stay away from bearded men. So, just realize that she means business when she turns you down. Theres absolutely no second chance!
This tends to create a better cushioning base, which makes your girl even more likely to hold on to you. A full-grown beard is more like a natural blanket that gives the warmth it so desires to your wife.
And watch the next time youre having a meal for the little bits. Your relationship may be expensive! Therefore, be careful not to feel her wrath.
So theres everything about tastes. An explanation must be provided from each side of the divide, however. Well look at why some people prefer beards in this article and why others dont. Lets look at first why women prefer hair on the head.

Maturity displays

There are many stories of young boys dating women out there. Okay, for that, Ive got one term–fun. Their main goal is to derive pleasure and at least create interest in their boredom life.

Thats what this means? Well, it shows that its just not up to you how women perceive you. It is evident from the above studies that women have different views on beards. Others prefer bearded men while others find these men to be a complete waste of their time.

Fuzzy Factor

Many people just love the idea of a bearded or moustache man. I know you might wonder, why? Okay, its all about the warm and comfortable feeling in them. It just doesnt make them want to let go. When the beard is fully grown, the feeling is even greater.

Those who consider beards appealing often appear to be particular about the beards size. They prefer shorter beards rather than longer beards. Certain beard types, like Santa Claus, Lumberjack, Duck Dynasty, Goatee and Chin Strap, also dont appeal to them. On the other side, hipster beards are like that with the women.
Would you plan to take your wife out in the cold winter? Well, just think about the benefits from your cozy facial hair. And if you dont have one, starting to develop it is not too late. Cozy and fluffy is the way to the heartbro of a woman!
Yet one thing that is decided on by both sides of the divide is that the beard in question must be clean and well-groomed. And I mean washed without any signs of dust or other contaminants when I say dry.
And then feel free to post it below if you have any feedback. Im going to be glad to hear about your take on the subject.
Now lets look at the coins other hand–why people dont like bearded men. This will help to remove any bias on this subject. Please read on to find out why they dont like it.
Women find men with stubble or light beards more attraction. Because of their violent and mature look, men with full-grown beards were considered least attractive. Those without facial hair are desirable second-least but did not have what it takes to shape the ideal romantic partners.
All that matters at the end of the day is accountability, trust, and concentration in life. It is not possible to make life decisions about whether or not a man has a beard. Take a moment to think about it.
And what about the blemishes that are unsightly? Well, when such a feeling happens to cross her mind, no woman would want to get close to your stubbornly.
The report showed that most women find men unattractive with beards. A comparison was made between clean shaven and bearded men in the second study. Mens photographs were given to the women and asked to choose the most appealing.
, wouldnt you like that, though? Well, its not sexist, its a fact. And the thing that first comes to mind when women see that manly figure is a body full of testosterone. Theres also a manly figure representing great strength, which women love in men.


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