ideas for back hair

It was very common with the sliced back hair. Its a style that usually rock with several celebrities like actors. This has led their fans to wear this type of style as well. One of the easiest coiffures to make can be considered. But it may be a challenge for the first timers to get that perfect look. Were going to discuss the various sliced back cuts that you can try in this post.

Slicked Short hair

This look is great for people who like long bearded short hair. In this style, the elements are a side part, a very small quiff, and a large sideline slice. Amustache is cut short and on the sides of the beard is neatly trimmed to form almost a rectangular shape. The chin islefts facial hair forms a smooth transition from the sideburns down the nose. A neatundercut is done in layers to reduce the distance downwards.


Makes your head look shaven so you can spot a thick, long beard. The undercut is achieved and the remaining hair is strengthened with natural products so that the height does not reach one centimeter when swept backwards. It looks very good, smooth and shinny on the back swept section. With an untidy look, the beard is kept long. To people who like to wear their beards in this way, its a good style.

Undercut Plus

Undercut plus is a two-millimeter shaving on the sides. The remainder of the body is left as long as four inches. It is then swept in the direction of the center forming a quiff near the front. It should be upgraded to maintain the position maintained.

This style favors dense hair people. A dense head is needed to form an avoluminous slice. hair should be left to grow to a size of about four inches in the middle length. It should be blow-dried first and then strengthened with natural products in order to preserve the place it is held. At the edges, one near the front is combed backwards. The remainder is combed in the direction of the center of the head and the rest in the direction of the back to maximize the middle size. You create a huge slick by doing so.

high peak

It requires traditional styling as different head parts were shaved in different sizes. Atop part has very long hair that decreases backwards in height. Also, one on thesides is trimmed and shaved completely. The height of asideburn should be close to the hair next to it, making a neat line down. Then the top is swept back in a way that creates a high peak at the front.

Swept to the side

By forming a row on one side of the head. On the sides, a cut is rendered of various sizes decreasing in height from the lineto section of the top. The one near to the side line is left smaller than the one at the bottom. On the other side, the part remains long and swept in the opposite directions. Generally speaking, if you wear this style, it will sweep your hair sideways.

Top Twirl

This look involves an undercut with some hair near the sideline about an inch long. Duration, however, decreases to the eyes. Dried, enhanced, and then swept back the top hairis blow. Its a top part that gives a special look to this theme. It is twirled in such a way that hair loosens on the headappears and some pieces are made to lie on top of each other. It gives a better look when combined with the mustache.

is another long hair look. This consists of a long tail-shaped undercut and swept back ears. It protects the back of the short hair. To make it soft, it should be blow-dried and enhanced. It is also added to some brown dye to make it look fading. In this case, the tail shaped should be in the shape of an arc on the back and not straight as in most designs.

Classic Slick Back

If you have sideburns and beards, this is a look you should try. The lookis done by shaving to a limited height at the back and sides of the head. Longer is left the part on top of the head. To get that perfect look out of it, a shock near the forehead is needed. A sideline is produced to split the head into two sections. On the side, the shaved part is swept sideways down while the long one above is swept in the opposite direction. The part near the front is swept backwards forming a smooth curve. Then the rest of it is swept backwards. The sideburns are trimmed equally while the lower beards are cut to about half an inch. The hair is swept backwards from the top of the head, offering a perfect look.

With French

This is another interesting design where the top of the head is less shaven than the sides. From all the front sides it is then swept backwards. Use natural products, its smoothness is improved. The moustache is a particular thing about this style. In a way, its left to look shaggy and the ends of itare twisted to look like horns under the nose. Thats whats called the African moustache.

Fade is made by cutting hair in layers on the sides. One is cut very short on the extreme sides. The top of the head is left with long, dense curls, enhanced with natural products and then swept backwards. Because the front hair is longer than the back hair, a small quiff is developed. The fade effect should then be caused by dying. As well as beard and mustache are dyed, the name fade it.

hanging Bangs

Long hair hanging bangs type. One side is shaved, leaving the head top unshaven. The sides are shaved so that at the end the section near the top is longer than that. The long maneis dyed for brown tips at the bottom. It is then swept to one side with the hanging bangs forming short hair.

Bearded Man

Includes a sliced side part and a beard cut. In this case, a small quiff that is swept sideways is formed aside component. An undercutis made for very short hair near the ears. Side part should look loose and shiny, so items such as light wax should be added. Without styling a beard, this style is not complete. The length rises downwards from the sideburns. Amustache should stay long and the cut on the sides should form an arc.

Medium Length hair

In this situation, the hair should be average long in order to achieve the look. There is an undercut that leaves only a small height. Then each part of the head is swept backwards. Because apart from the front is denser, a slick is formed that is smoother. To look aged, the hair is dyed and the same is done to abeard. It is cut short to approximately two millimeters long.

Shaved side line

This design is very similar to the aclassic back slick, but the aquiff is larger in this slice. however, as it is about half a centimeter wide or more, shaved sideline is wider. Theres a long hair left at the top of the head so it can form a longer peak. Apart from the sides, the layers are removed. At the top, the smaller one is longer than that. And, like all the other cut back hair, curls are swept backwards.

This is almost the same as the long tail. The top hair is a pony tail and the main difference is anundercut. The sides are almost evenly shaved, leaving a very small height like the size of the fur. Theres also a mustache and sideburns shaven. On the front of each side there is a smart cut that gives it a nice look.


Works well with long-locked people. They should be dried and improved first by blowing. The portion is cut short on the lower sides and the remaining hair is then swept backwards. Since the mane is very long, a bun is made on the back to prevent it from covering the part with fur like the size on the back. Some hair is swept on the front to spill down the face.
Perfect slickness

Perfect for people with a rounded back head. To make it smooth, it is done by blow drying and then applying enhanced products. It is cut down to about two millimeters in size on the lower back. hair is swept back in such a way that there is a smooth transition on the back between long and short. To make the perfect slickness look good, it should be black.

Slick Back for Receiving hairline

Its good to consider if your head is boxed on top to achieve this look. A boxed head makes the model look good as the hair is cut in a boxed fashion on the sides of the head. One on top is left long, which is then swept backward, exposing the pattern of receding. The fur on the edges like left should be about two millimeters in size.

Spiked Up

Maybe youve got long hair, moustache and chin beard. To you, that would be a good style. Like the others above, the sides are shaved, leaving the top side to form a high quiff. however, some spikes are made with a fine toothed comb. At the nose, eyebrows, mustache and beard are swept up to form spikes facing each other.


This stylecombed the top part sideways to form a small bundle on top. A sideline slice, about one centimeter long, is made. A thin line of hair is left behind, swept backwards, followed by a clean shave. Thats next to the ears. For look better, it can be paired with a French moustache.

V Shape Nape

This might be the style youre looking for if your hair is somehow hard and long. The sides are shaved to a length of less than two millimeters, which rises to the top. A headpart is swept back and packed from the front to the back in a way where it forms a V shape. Where the two bundled curls intersect at the nape, a V-shaped nape is bent forward.

Line of hard parts and

Arc slick

This is the best style for those with rounded heads. Instead of having a straight sideline, an arc oneis was formed by sweeping along it the curls on one side. The one on the other side, like the other styles, is cut short.

Disconnected beards

In most of the above styles, a smooth transition beard is well connected to the hair. Anundercut is performed in this cut, however, in such a way that the sides are shaved absolutely. Sideburns start from the hairless point and their width increases downwards in both height and breadth. Achin has a high beard volume that is long and in a way curled. A beard is also colored for a color-like cream.