Medium hairstyles for men are among the latest trends that are gaining worldwide popularity. Regardless of the race, hair type, colour, and religious affiliation of the person, medium hairstyles in all spheres become more appropriate. Customizing the hairstyle makes it more popular with a number of appropriate styles giving each one a chance to create their own identity. In addition to other individual traits, it helps to boost self-esteem.

Edgy Medium Locks

The locks provide an impressive texture with angled layers that can be improved by adding highlights to the shape. The highlights usually used, consisting of an improvement in hair color, provide an impression of sun-bleached hair and thus a chance to upgrade to a new life.

Curly Thick Locks

Providing a natural outlook for the body, curly thick locks give the man a sexy outlook. It is important not to weigh the curls with tons of hair products to ensure a more natural feeling, and this helps to maintain the hair as it is obvious that every woman loves to run her hands over such hair while scruffy beards complement the style. Its an ideal style with varying hair colors that also works well.

Gaspard Ulliels Gelled Look

Gaspard is known for his unique hairstyle as a famous French actor. his style has a wet, sleek, and flat look that gives him a formal look. Guys trying to spot the actors style should be careful not to make the hair look sleek and flat.

Clean Cut Classic Outlook

While hairstyles are commonly displayed, most of them forget that facial and head appearances are equally important. The classic clean cut styles ensure that the hair that covers the forehead, the hair over the eyes and other important parts of the face are removed leaving a beautiful face to show off.

Cool Disheveled Look

A style considered to flatter the entire nature of man, disheveled style is all that any man desires. It is perceived as energetic, with a fine texture, movement, and edge that is well defined. It is known that the style carries along a mans extra aura and is thus considered within the reach of celebrities and other men of value.


The modern man defines good looking and non-pologetic. Soft hairstyle offers a chance to get rid of hard and crispy hair that gives the man a more casual and groomed look. The style not only helps to improve the respect and confidence of individuals, but also calls for unprecedented peer attention.

Choppy Gray Bangs

Young people are always looking for fashionable styles. That aside, gray hair can look mysterious but equally impressive at such a tender age. The look is more outstanding due to a dark gray smoky hue and a layered cut. Not only is it a symbol of beauty, it also represents wisdom.

Tapered Sides haircut

Although this style sounds familiar, it is unique in its own way. The spikes high heights are designed with enhanced texture, which gives the top an exceptional feature.

Fauxhawk hairstyle

Fauxhawk is one of the trendy men styles. This is a common style with sporting personalities that includes waxing and treating hair withchemicals in order to make styling much easier. Styling involves keeping the hair in the desired shape and allowing the wax to dry and leave a set design in place.

Big Pomp With Movement

While fixed hairstyle looks great, loose hair looks more sexy and appealing especially in outdoor settings. Big motion pump involves adding enhancers which loosen the hair leaving it smooth and with a fine texture. This then remains free to follow natures strengths.

Soft hair is difficult to manage in some situations. While even wind can distort the designs of light hair, this is an ideal choice which helps to maintain the style chosen. Using soft blonde highlights is a complement that looks great after the hair is golden tips. It is necessary to wax the hair to keep the hair in place and prevent distortions.

Side and Sweep

A style used for decades, ideal for wearing a suit and tie. Side part and sweep is a pattern used as the official style of a natural man. hair softness is required to keep the style intact: a variable that can be accomplished by applying various hair enhancements.

Light Wispy Waves

Natural wavy hair provides an easy hairstyle to purchase. Not only is this effortless, but it also requires a simple haircut to achieve the result that looks good. Applying creams may be required to give the style a wispy texture. This is considered a major attraction for women and is therefore a praiseworthy feature for those seeking partners.

Edgy hairstyle

The style was created to reflect a vibrant personality and features cool male medium hairstyle. however, for some, the style is considered too messy or brilliant to their taste. With this theme, pulling off the look is pretty easy.

Style Extra Volume

Tapering the sides and section of the nape provides a commendable choice for those who prefer long hair. Application of wax, a product to boost volume production and creaming style, provides nice edges that define the desired result to achieve this.

Medium-sized hair and beard

In todays society, adopting medium-sized facial hair is considered sexier. While this opinion can differ between individuals, it is important to groom facial hair and beard to make it look more fashionable and presentable. In this regard, hair color and texture matter less when compared with the style care. It is important to ensure that there is no contrast between the colors applied to the hair and the beards.

Seductive Wavy hair

Some prominent personalities at the time enjoyed a seductive wavy hair style that featured back in the 90s. Its classic and contemporary appearance makes it one of the trendy designs of modern times. The style is available in a variety of personalized styles which make it possible to enjoy its benefits for people from different walks of life and with different hair types.

highlights Emo Style

This is a great outdoor style. A cap that offers adequate protection against direct sun rays is formed with the hair styled around the head. It also helps the fingers to move through the hair while straightening the braids and holding them back in shape. Its also one of the sexiest designs that allows men to run their fingers seductively through the skin.

Straight Medium hairstyle

For children, the majority of boys go to work. This means that they need to look neat to the school administrations satisfaction. The hair does not receive extravagant treatments and shavings, although with moderate length, but basic treatments and prescribed styles. The flat medium hairstyle ensures an easy time for the boys to clean and maintain their hair.

Fatal Curls

Some of the highlights applied to the hair give it an exceptional and beautiful touch that is hard to trim or manipulate. It is important to wear fatal curls to keep the hair growing. The best results were achieved by giving the curls a semi-matte dark finish in colour. The result is healthy moisture and textured skin and not greasy hair.

Side-shaved haircut with a comb over

Perfect for those who wish to show their masculinity, the style requires varying the length of their hair. It involves shaving the sides, leaving long hair of the desired length, which can easily be combed on either side of the head. Leaving long beard highlights the styles masculine appearance. It is an ideal style for sports people and needs to provide a better display of the masculinity of individuals.

Magnetic Curly hairstyle Type curly hair with slight curls is a hard-to-style offer. When choosing from the variety of curly styles available, it is important to choose the right hair treatment products. These include adding a curl enhancer to the slightly curled hair after washing. As a result of a soft curled hair, it allows the fingers a chance to run through the hair while directing it backwards.


The formal comb-over is one of the most classic styles. The style features tapered sides and back and a nice hair length on the front. Ideal for formal occasions, this style can be enhanced by using a number of styles to make it fit the occasion better. Among them is the shiny finish needed for brown-haired men.

Straight haircut

The ideal design for a classic man involves layered hair cutting. The longer layers were left at the front, preceded in a descending order by the shorter ones. This is an excellent model for people with straight hair and it not only looks great, it also emphasizes the eyes.

Fine hair Variant

It is important to be able to switch different styles. While a particular style can be used as the trademark of a person, the ability to change allows better options when different roles, such as when acting, have to be attended. Through a hair product you get a chance to try out different styles without incurring any extra costs.

Brushed Over Style

A straight-layered style that provides an opportunity to look stunning while retaining a reserve status. The medium length hair is brushed and polished, which gives great and well-deserved cuteness but leaves a feeling of the wild side.

Blond Medium Spiked haircut

Most peoples hair is blond. But not all of them are blessed, so it is common to treat the hair in blond styles. Although the results of the blond medium spiked haircut styling process represent a defiant look, it is a common feature that applies to all occasions.

Elongated Angled Quiff

It looks great on guys, a style that shows art and imagination. The styles involve shaping enhancements like wax and adding texture to the elongated top hair. It is normally styled forward that allows a semi-matt finish to be applied which allows the hair to be styled and set to the desired angle.

Side Parted With Elongated Quiff

It is considered one of modern societys most fabulous hairstyles. The style works well among other styles of hair for those with straight and thick skin. The look features an elongated quiff with a tapered haircut. Styling involves using wax to enhance the hairs texture and also giving it the degree necessary to fix the quiff. Wax is also important to keep the style intact.

Charming and Classic Medium Cut

A style that is easily identified with Leonardo DiCaprio, it always has meaning for those who understand and connect to the set of growing pains. With layers being swept back and natural highlights being added. It offers a perfect look for young lads who are committed to being looked up in the communities they live to as mentors and helpers.

Surfer Middle hairstyle

Water life is not always smooth. It gives a great experience to have the hair respond to the winds as one ocean. The medium hairstyle of the surfer man allows the hair to be soft enough to ensure that it is easily blown by the wind during surfing.

Mens Classic haircut

This is a classic style that flatters young and old alike. The style provides an elegant and excellent look with a tapered shape, but not suitable for long-faced people. Consideration for a quiff style is better in the case of a long face.

Mens Ponytail

The ponytail is among the easiest applications for medium hair, one of the most common and easiest to set styles. It is suitable for those with straight hair where there is little worry over hair texture to ensure the style works.

Creative and Crazy Coils

It is difficult for people with curly hair to maintain the desired style and to spend a lot of time trying to tame it. Although it may look messy, allowing the curly hair to go wild helps one to show a natural disposition that not only looks good but comes in with low maintenance costs.

Layered Bang curls

Several ways of treating curled hair are possible. A curled tapered hair that has fallen over one eye is a great manly style. Attributed to old soul by a majority, it gives an outlook of a caring man who listens deeply to the feelings and composes them.


Any hairstyle comparison would make it look fresh. This makes one look remarkable and easy to see. A smoother look is accomplished by using modifications such as undercuts. The same case with the use of back sweeps that are made even without the use of styling products.

Sexy Natural Waves

It may be hectic to look for a seductive feel. But a little creative transformation, with medium-length hair, gives the hair a fresh and seductive look that is connected to rock waves. It is considered the most dangerous and seductive appearance to create what is commonly referred to as a shadow of oclock.
Layered Cut

The layered cut offers thin and thick hair with a perfect look, considered a style fit for bad boys. A hair stylist will always advise on the best approach to getting this style, depending on the hair type of the person. In both casual and official environments, it is an appropriate style and therefore an ideal choice that is easy to customize.

Bald Fade Normal, hair Pump

Long hair reveals the baldness more for those who grow a bald head. A solution for those who want long hair is available with bald fade medium hair pump. The style consists of layering the hair to ensure that the bald part is as natural as possible.

Long hair layers

Conservative style; it offers a variety of hair setting choices. The options are endless, from leaving to running the hair straight. A major factor in this look is to keep the hair as natural as possible.

Mid hairstyle with undercuts

Adding length to a round face not only reveals ones perspective, but also guarantees a friendly smile. Mid hairstyle with undercuts allows you to casually run your fingers through your hair, and this movement looks seductive. The style integrates easily with various highlights that give a more relaxed atmosphere to the hair.

Seriously spiked Bangs

A form of contemporary reverse mullet, this is the ideal style for a partying guy. The style features a friendly front-looking look and a conservative look from behind the twisted cut. It is a great option to show fun at all times.

Thick hair Very Spiked Quiff

A voluminous quiff of a few is obtained. however, particularly for those men with full beards, its a great style. The pattern is matched with different hair colors when used on coffee-colored strings. A style that looks best for the countryside offers a relaxed and rugged mans perspective.

Jet Black Punk Rock Shaggy Cut

The world has been electrified by rock music for decades. Rock stars portray confidence and curiosity a quality conveyed by seeing a shaggy haircut. It offers a more natural rock outlook by simply creating layers of shaggy locks even without highlights. This not only gives space the much love that comes with the success of rock stars, but also holds one excellent at all times.

Medium-layered Curly haircut

This haircut style is suitable for those with curly hair, providing additional volumes for those with long faces. Using it with added styling products and features gives the hair a more stylish texture, thus ensuring that the desired appearance is easily achieved. It makes it much easier and more natural to wear curly hair as medium straight.

Bead head Curly hairstyle

Its easy to create this spontaneous and natural look. Scrunched waves are easily reached with a simple application of a curl enhancer to wet hair. For better results, after application of the curl enhancer, it is important to avoid combing the hair. Simply dry it naturally should be left.

Side Fine hairstyle

The side part fine hairstyle is one of the easily adjustable models. This involves curling a higher top of the hair at the top. Although its the top thats more noticeable the sides arent shaved and that means theres a chance to change the style when its needed without worrying about destroying your hair.

Short Ponytail with a beard

This style is more appealing when enhanced with a beard, considered a male hipster uniform. For athletes who represent a calm personality behind the rough sporty body, it is an ideal choice. It is a versatile style that can be accepted across borders, given the schoolgirls attitude shown by a ponytail. Maintaining medium-length hair is an easy and cheap way.

Short Sides Natural Looking hair On Top

Trimming side hair was adopted today by a number of modern models. Such designs provide sufficient space to customize the looks and preferences of the client to ensure that the perfect hair and outlook are achieved. The designs vary from various tailors and stylists, thereby requiring sufficient shopping prior to choice. Its one of the best for customization, though.

Cool Mohawk Faded

We present a list of best hairstyles for men to make it easier for you to choose the haircut. You already know some of them, but in 2017 they will all be popular. Even if you dont follow the trends, you can take a look at them to ring the improvements in your look.


The pompadour cut will not make you a French nobleman, despite its name. Think about Elvis Presley and the 50s if youve never seen how the pompadour looks. In that time, it was very famous and still looks great and worth trying. This one needs some time and styling to style products, but you can confine yourself to a styling gel or foam and a small hairdryer.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is made of hairstyles that look fashionable but still remain on the safe side so you dont look like youve been spending a fortune on your look. Whether you wear classic suits or sports clothes, this haircut looks perfect with any style. When a barber makes the cut of the crew, the hair is kept in front longer and tapered depending on the form of the face and head of the man while the back and sides are left short.

Comb over

It definitely looked like one of the signatures in 2016 and will remain popular in 2017. To one side, the hair is kept longer and then combed to the other side to create the sleek, modern look. Ask your barber to shave the part to emphasize the difference between longer hair and shorter hair to make it even more hipster.

Clean shave

A clean shave not only applies to men who start balding, but also to those who want to look stylish in 2017. If your head shape is more or less balanced, you can easily shave it clean and forget any morning styling.
These are the top hairstyles for men in 2017 to pick and wear. If you want to try it, you are welcome to explore and add new info, but dont forget what the current trends in hairstyle are.

Buzz cut

Usually short mens hairstyles are the most common among men and boys of all ages. And apart from the clean shave, the shortest haircut is definitely the buzz cut. If you like short and sleek hairstyles that take style from little to no time, go for one. This fits perfectly with the shape of the square or oval head, but also looks nice with round eyes. If youre in more formal styles, leave your hair on top for a little longer.

high and tight

high and tight cut looks like a buzz cut, but with the sharpest difference between the longer sides and the nearly clean shaved ones. Its a more military-looking theme so compare it with this look when selecting the clothes to wear.

Long hair

If you have sufficient short hair styles, grow your hair long in 2017. If you dont want to look like a hippie, make sure your long hair is always clean and well-styled. Wearing long hair with both straight and curly hair is good, just pick the styling item that suits your hair texture.
Faux hawk

Flat top

Flat top is a good choice for those with short, straight hair and wanting to create a classic look that will be office-friendly but look good. To build the nearly flat layer, the hair is cut horizontally on top. Even with styling products, this hairstyle isnt really changeable, so make sure you like the final look before you go to the barber.

Beach curls

If you have curly hair and want to keep it long, choose the curls of the beach and youre not going wrong. This isnt one of 2017s new mens style, but it doesnt look old school or bland as it reminds of sunny days and surfing. It also requires no advanced styling just apply a drop of textured spray and let the hair dry.


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