Top 30 Medium Hairstyles For Men

Short Unkempt Ringlets

Do not attempt to tame the animal. If you let your unkempt curls go wild, let the tight ringlets of your natural hair shine. Not only does this deliver volume and texture, but it also allows you to show your trust in your enviable hair that will translate into your attitude.

SkinFade+ Hard Part Pompadour

Zainal Gravity-defying haircut is always a nice look. With curved edges, this pump takes hair straight up, setting it apart from a flat top style. The tough portion stretches the hairline while the neckline is softened by a small skin fade.

Natural Curls for Black Men

Moisturizing gel will help to maintain this hairstyle immediately after the shower. Anyone in search of cute hairstyles for naturally curly hair should try this haircut at least once.

Wavy with layers

With the addition of a few layers, the waves in your medium hair can have all the volume provided by curls. You can wear it partitioned down the center or with a side part flipped over. Layers will also add a little texture to the bottom of the hair so it doesn’t look like its one length.

Best medium-length hairstyles for men

Medium-length hairstyles provide greater styling flexibility than both short or long hairstyles. Medium hairstyles may differ from pompadour to side, but may include a chaotic, natural appearance as well. Unfortunately, most men avoid hair of medium length because they are afraid of maintaining it. As stated above, however, the disheveled or natural shaggy look is fantastic for everyday life, while some withpomadeorwax styling can be used for unique activities. Check out our cool cuts and styles if you’re curious about the best ways to style medium haircuts and need some inspiration before you visit the barbershop!

Short Sides, Long Bleached Top, Messy

The complete top style of the season was the extreme blonde. Men and females have bleached their hair everywhere you look to get this sort of locks. But this is a tip. Don’t try at home to do it.

Medium Length Hair Blow Dried Back

Haircut by Alan Beak Here is some long slick attitude hair. With noticeable comb marks, the hair is brushed back, but no shine. Undercut sides for a smooth finish and tapered back.

Tight curls

Your curly hair is not quite the length of your shoulder, but it’s not too short either. So what are you going to do with it? Let the curls do their own handling. Despite their length, flattened curls make your hair look dense and voluminous and you can add a little definition to some item.

Sweep Back + TaperHaircut

Aaron Kiely Swept back hair is comparable to a slick back but it feels like your styling was windy. This taper for fine hair is designed for a loose finish that stays in place with a matte product and fingers.

High Volume Curls

Some may see curls as a beast that needs to be tamed, but tight ringlets may actually shape a dull haircut that is otherwise. Leave length on top while maintaining sides and back short in order to get this look.

Cool WavedPompadour

Another version of the classic pompadour is demonstrated in this long-length hairstyle on top that adds to the height of tiny waves. Use strong styling products to highlight your hair.

Textured Crop + Heavy Fringe

Tousled Mousy Hair

” Some people like to produce an elegant look just rolled out of bed. With this stylish hairstyle consisting of bedhead locks, you’re only likely to get the nonchalant look you’re looking for.

James Dean Haircut

Matthew Conrad This contemporary version of the classic James Dean haircut is a bit longer than the original, but it is styled with the distinctive allled finish. James Dean may have worn a comparable brief beard in this hipster era.

Curly Bangs with Short Mullet

Use brow-length bangs to play the shape of your face. The sides of this style are descending backwards and the locks are getting longer for a full and thick effect that looks great with any shape of the face. This will serve to make them more prominent if you have curls.


Curls with Highlights

Bring some highlights here and there to accentuate your naturally curly hair. Highlights offer your hair an unmistakable dimension and by highlighting some of your curls, you bring them to the fore, enabling them to be part of your ensemble and less of

Blond Hair Withlow Fade

Fashionable twin-colored hair nowadays and they’re so hit for some reason. Have blond colored the upper half of your hair and leave the rest black. You must give it an undercut or a low fade to balance it well. The lower side of the short hair and the top of the medium hair make such a perfect combination that you’ll love it.
“Short Sides + High Brushed Up Top

Vintage Fringe Withside Undercut

If you love to go modern while keeping some of the conventional stylings then choose this medium haircut for thick hair. Due to the shaved side, the solitary fringe ta front is even more prominent. So with these amazing medium hairstyles for men with thick hair, lift up your persona this season!

Side Pomp

Groomed Barber Club This modern pompadour pulls hair to one side on the diagonal and adds piece texture.

Chris Hemsworth

One for straight hair people. A core portion hugs the face with or without layers and flatters its form. If you are worried about flatness, a small product can give it some volume at the scalp to help break up the monotony.


“Buzzed Sides and Top Knot

” Consider this haircut as definitely the one for you if you want to look very masculine and tough. This style combines a ponytail with buzzed sides as well as a medium beard, all contributing to your elegant look.

Messy Medium Length + Thick Beard

High Volume Top with Tapered Sides


Cool Waved Pompadour

Haircut byRoss Parlane Barbershop Another update of the classic pump, this long top cut adds a wave in addition to height.

Men’s medium-length hairstyles disconnect

Rasped sides give you a cool contrast to the long top. This hairstyle disconnect looks great without tattoos.

Brushed Highlights Back

” If you have a one-length straight hair and want to change it, get some highlights! Highlights add a dimension to your hair and make it look fuller. With those in mind, brush your hair back for the illusion of layers in your hair and waves to rest behind your head.

Flat Top Fade

This season’s glam stuff with this hot half pump. The high fade and a different color pop can take it to an impressive and hot whole new level.
“Classic medium hairstyles for men with thick hair

This time around, medium hairstyles for men with thick hair are the hottest fashion. Thick hair is difficult to style, but the medium length makes it suitable for most hairstyles

Undercut + Long Fringe

Curly Faux Hawk

Curls are larger in volume than most types of hair, so they appear naturally thick. Even though it’s hard to style them, they can be your sexiest feature if you have the right hairstyle. This curly hawk hairstyle is the best way for males with dense hair without going overboard to adopt a cool and artistic medium hairstyle, so go for it.

Blonde High Brushed Quiff

The length of the nexus of this style. This blonde hairstyle strawberry has so much personality when the hair is at the correct midpoint. It may look conventional when the hair is too brief. It may look cartoonish when the hair is too long. Use a lightweight wax in damp hair when the hair is right and blow dry hair up and back. Then use a strong-hold hairspray to make sure hair remains up. Keep the sides compact with a few loose strands poking out against the scalp.

Movement + Flow

Quiffwith Designed Fade

What is more suitable for medium-length men’s thick hair than elegant full pomp? This one has everything you need to make women look at your hair when you go through them. The pompadour has a stylish wavy pattern that gives the high fade design more attraction.

Natural Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

Now for boys to try this is another cool length. Natural curls will make you look mature and appealing in the center of the nape and nearly down to your shoulder.

Tidal Wave Comb OverHaircut

With this hairstyle, you can use your fringe to create a wave-like stunning effect that will make youlook young and dapper while wearing. Use the product of light hair to flow to the waves.

Textured Spikes

Will Salon This high-fade medium-length haircut is styled into modern, textured spikes.

No part hairstyle

The sliced back hairstyle continues to evolve and is one of the latest releases. Hair is arranged with matte wax volume and one piece can be left in a curled fringe to fall over the forehead.

Wavy HaircutTaper

Cameron Tooyserkani Haircuts of medium length look fantastic with some wave. This gentleman pulled hair back into a cool sweeping back with plenty of natural texture instead of a loose, shaggy look.

Jointed spikes with Fade

One of the incredible medium-length hairstyles for males with dense hair is the way the spikes are joined in the middle. The medium to high fade finishes the look so well that every time you go for it.

Tousled Side Hairstyle

The look below is another way to wear the side part hairstyle with medium hair. This particular one has on both sides of the part a different volume assumption with messy height. An imperfect component contributes to that look’s casual style.

Mid Skin Fade + Pompadour

Longer Thick Hair Blown Dry

Morris Motley Haircut One of the most underused styling instruments for boys is not a product but a blow dryer. They are user-friendly and take just a few minutes to achieve a high-volume style with more staying power than with a single product

Comb Over With High Fade

If you like to be right and flawless, why not shoot this hairstyle? The hair is peeled to one side and it’s made of partitions to give it a stylish vibe. The hairstyle looks very classy and formal, so you can rock it readily in your office as well. The line in the elevated fade provides it more intensity to make it precisely what most individuals enjoy.

Undercut and Slick Back

This disconnect cut is the simplest and most trendy way for people to wear a medium-length hairstyle. There’s a big difference between long hair and short hair, all you need to do is straight back style this hair.

Have undercuts if you like.

Morrissey Hair

Glassbox Barbershop This loose quiff is inspired by the signature style of Morrissey that James Dean inspired. Over the past few years, this classic pump has been in fashion and now looks as nice as ever.

Best Men’s MediumHaircuts

Below you will find some of the most popular medium hair choices!

Messy Dreadlocks

You can understand what your dreadlocks mean. This messy dreadlocks hairstyle is what the crime of being awesome and out of this world can be to your partner.

Tapered New Year’s Neckline Haircuts


Wild Messy

The trick is just a little gel to lend straight hair some depth and alleviate flatness. Rub a little between your fingers and run it through your locks, brushing it back and making it chunky, textured and piecey on the side. This strays away from the tone of straight hair, somewhat monotonous.

Long Sweep Back Hairstyle

Exactly what the title says is the long sweeping back hairstyle. For a loose and free style, this medium length version has plenty of height at the top and a hint of messy and allied texture.

Asymmetric Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

This asymmetric haircut has a beautiful set of long bangs, very edgy and fresh. It’s going to make you look contemporary and cool because right now it’s so on-trend. So why are you not giving it a go?

Angular Fringe + High Taper Fade


It can be tricky to think of something to do with them when your curls just barely brush over your ear. There’s a solution, and it’s the product of hair. Throw a little mousse into your hair to help define your curls and then allow them to frame your face to allow your eyes to take center stage.


Long Slick Back Undercut + Beard



The surfer offers the appearance of fresh-off – the-beach locks without ever stepping into the ocean. It features hair that has been broken down the middle or side and allowed to relax in its natural wave or curl, providing men with effortless and carefree hairstyles of medium length that simultaneously frame your features.

Medium Natural Curl

” For men with natural hair, keeping it short for easy maintenance may be tempting, but think about leaving it free. Fluff out those curls and give the quantity of your hair to let your curls dominate your style, giving you an edgy look and a confident appeal.

“Classic Tapered Sides + Thick Brushed Back Hair

Side Comb Over Haircut

Give the appearance of your hair acool by focusing the volume in the center and then combing it sideways. Thin out your head’s sides, then by styling it with tiny waves you can get a smooth, professional look.

Black Rose

Curly Hairstyle

Curly hair has volume and size, something you should be proud to have. Show it off with an easy and natural place where the curls can fall around your face free of charge. The bangs add to the look, naturally framing your features and showing off your enviable curls.

Natural part and blonde highlights

Dreadlockswith Fade

Thick Afro hair is even more difficult to style than the usual dense male hair. So, you need additional expertise in styling, don’t you? Whatever you want, you can have your Afro hair styled, but large faded sides are the best way to style it. To make it even cooler, you can add your favorite design to the fade.
“Taper Fade With Beard

Because people enjoy wearing stylish and sleek hairstyles to always look prepared for gatherings, they need something like that. This side combed hair, while the gel keeps it well defined, has stylish parts in it. The medium fade makes the side-swept dense hair more focused, which enables you to maintain an extremely warm look.

Slicked Back Fade

Frizzled Subtle PartBeaches

The heartbeat hair of the chair makes a severe return. This look often describes “laid-back sophisticated” with a single strategically positioned curl swept across the forehead.


Straight Medium Slick Hair

If you have straight hair or want to spin your curls, you can add volume and body by splitting it down the center. It gives it a bit of a lift when you divide it this way so your straight hair doesn’t feel flat or underwhelming. Layers are also helping this.

Side Part Pomp

Haircut by Bryan at Squire Barbershop An outstanding addition to almost any haircut is a well-defined side component. A skin fade cleans the neckline while the hair on top is groomed into the traditional combover.