Top 50 Haircut Bowl

Haircut Oxford Bowl

How about a college bowl cut? Take a look at this before you say it sounds like your worst dream. It’s a very classic and beautiful Oxford hairstyle bowl version. We believe you can pull this one off with the right clothes and accessories.

Bowl Haircut for Straight Hair

This is the modern take on the traditional bowl, but it’s so cool that you can’t miss it.

Bowl Haircut for Young Boys

Traditionally, bowl cutting is associated with young boys. However, the days they were compelled into it are long gone. Rather, it’s a cool cut now that they wouldn’t care about sporting.

How to get the bowl cut

The simplicity of bowl cutting is noticeable even to the naked eye, which means you can easily get it and keep it yourself, following your mother’s footsteps. Yet you’re not going to get angry about your picture this time.

Messy Fringe Bowl Cuts

Another traditional departure. We saw a wavy bowl, but how about a messy bowl? Of course, if you’re running or doing anything like that, straight bowl cuts can get a bit messy. But here we’re talking about actual messy hair, achieved mostly thanks to this hairstyle’s textured cut.

Textured Bowl Cut

Therefore, this textured haircut is the first entry on our men’s cool bowl cuts list. This was paired with an undercut, likely to accentuate this long top style’s layers and structure better.

Best Men’s BowlHaircut

Maybe not the most attractive in this picture, but here’s Mark Davis, the main owner and general partner of Oakland Raiders, and one of the men responsible for making the mushroom cut popular again.

Caesar Inspired Bowl Cut

It is always a win-win decision to combine two popular haircuts! For example, with the bowl cut silhouette, the longer and a bit choppier fringe of a Caesar cut works incredibly. If a Caesar haircut does not match your facial characteristics, the framing can be done by any layered fringe haircut.


How to Men’s Ideas

Chili haircuts have been an enormous deal in the’ s. Even though they’ve begun making a comeback this spring-summer season. This haircut bowl can be highly versatile and relies heavily on how well you style it to suit any occasion. You can either make it look extremely professional or make it look fun with a statement of style on the other hand. The most attractive thing about this haircut is that it is not restricted to a particular gender or age.
Long Top Short Sides

Men’s long bowl cut is great. For those who want something classy and easy to maintain, it might be perfect. This length of hair reminds us of the kindness styles our moms used to do. One of those childhood hairs or years old is the bowl cut men.

Bowlhaircut With Bangs


You may notice more layers towards the crown in this haircut. This gives a voluminous, fluffy look to the hairstyle. It’s the ideal look for someone with a chili bowl aspiring to have a shabby hair look. All you have to do is comb the layers to the front to style it but down the ends of the hair.

Summer BowlHaircut

If you wondered what festival looks like you should wear this summer, don’t ask. It’s once again the contemporary bowl cut to rescue. Add a few layers and depth and you’re going to be everyone’s envy there.

The ModernSchoolboy

The cut can also be used with a certain flair for teenage fashion to preserve your youth forever. This is a take on the traditional school uniform with a blue camouflage tie that seems to say college is a war battlefield and inexpensive nylon backpack.

Undercut BowlHaircut

No better way to bring the bowl into our modern age than to combine it with an undercut. Add to this equation some high-quality products, a killer style, and you have a winning look for yourself.

Undercut Blonde Hair

Another hair blonde bowl is now trendy as well).

Modern MushroomHaircut

We saw the mushroom disconnected, now it’s time to see the contemporary haircut of the mushroom all by itself. The picture below shows how cool a hairstyle that used to be frowned on can look.

Mushroom Cut

This cut blonde can even be dyed and turned into a virtual mushroom instead of a standard cut. This model poses in a forest between ferns to offer you a better look at what you should be striving for in terms of your summer look.

Emo Bowl Haircut

If you feel nostalgic about your childhood in s, you can even combine the emo trend with a nice bowl haircut. Again, it’s all about the accessories you’re wearing and the clothes you’re wearing. These are the items that your whole look can make or break.

Asymmetric bowl hair

Asymmetry may exceed a lot. Ask the barber to cut the top into irregular layers and highlight it over a hairstyle with a comb. A goatee circle is such an amazing accompaniment.

Short Bowl Haircut

If you don’t like styling your queue every morning, go for a short bowl cut. It looks stylish and elegant as well as being highly convenient and utilitarian.

Chili Bowl With Undercut Disconnected

Many people don’t like to fully shave off their sides. You can see in this Chili bowl hair this haircut is perfect for a thin-faced person. Styling is highly simple, just blow-drying it down. You can either ruffle your crown’s hair or make it sleek and chic. It certainly catches a lot of attention by adding a mahogany color to your hair.

Thin blonde Hair

The significant distinction between this hairstyle is the hair volume. The hair here isn’t as complete as it has its declaration of fashion. For someone who has naturally thin hair, this style would be ideal. In this hair

Short Bowl Haircut

they are many more layers. Bowl haircuts come in all forms and sizes. It all depends on how large you’ve got a bowl. Or how long you would like your fringe to be. Because these two variables are the determinants of the hair length that the remainder of your head will be enveloped.

Talk To Your Stylist

Give your stylist to the satisfaction of a pair trying to get the cut. Listen to the person who cuts your hair, but doesn’t stand up to someone who refuses to listen to your wishes.
Superior Black Boys Haircuts And Haircuts

Bowl Haircut for Thin Hair

Just because you don’t mean you can’t wear a bowl haircut. This is shown by the dude in the picture below.

Bowl Cut with Bangs

This is a literal bowl cut in which the length of the front bangs matches exactly the rest of the hair. If you want to add a more mature touch, you can also let your sideburns develop a bit. After all, this is a haircut for kids.

Spiky Bowl

Spiky hairstyles may never be fashionable. Why aren’t you trying to cut them on your tray? You are fully responsible for the size and intensity of the spikes.

The most evident way to prevent a deceptive cut. Use a skilled and trusted stylist or barber and insist that when the haircut is completed they listen to what you want in the completed pictures of men’s hair in print that demonstrate precisely what you want to look like. A word of caution, however, will be prepared to create thin and wispy hair look bushy and wiry even the most skilled and experienced hairstylist.

Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Many people like to dye their hair. If you’re one of them and you want to go extreme, go for a blonde coloring. For even better contrast, you can leave your roots naturally dark. On men’s bowl cut, hair like this will look incredible.

Clean Cut Bowl

If you want to upgrade the bowl cut, an under shave is always a good save, we said that before. Add a lumberjack shirt and an earring on the hoop, and you may find yourself on a trend wagon that will quickly lead you to style success.

Bryant McCuddin Cut Bangs

The Bowl cut is known to be one of the cheapest out there haircuts. However, this fresh version of the bowl cut sponsored by a model called Bryant McCuddin is far from inexpensive, with texture and understated flair that you would never see in the traditional hairstyle. McCuddin’s bowl cut hairstyle is one of the best suited transitional haircuts for males who want a stylish, low-maintenance cut. The traditional cut of the bowl is produced by trimming near the ear and around the nape along the sides. Although stylish variants now tend to favor smaller lengths along the back and on the sides of the ears to remove the illusion of an apparent bowl form in the cut, there is no variation in size. Some styles prefer cutting very close to the nape, with the hair cut shortest on the lowest part and gradually getting longer as they meet the cut of the bowl.

McCuddin’s cut has a significant texture along the cutting length. Texture can be achieved by cutting at different lengths so that the hair does not fall flat by one length. This can also be achieved by adding colored highlights to highlight the shorter cuts. Without any partings, bowl cuts work best and you can see how this compliment is the face here. Bangs are best suited for bowl cuts, which works best when cutting longer than the remainder of the hair to offer more styling choices. McCuddin sports an even row of bangs hanging low and reaching just above the eyebrows in some pictures, which accentuates his face’s sharp features. Bangs also generate a better profile, particularly for cutting bowls near the nape. When grown long, it is possible to sweep the hair on the front side or to hang low, whatever the wearer prefers. Also, a longer cut enables the wearer to produce an allled style that can be placed with gel or wax styling.


Feathery Bowl Cut

Why not go for the feathery version instead of keeping it all round and uniform all over your head? It’s much more worrying. Not to mention how easier it is to keep. Here’s a snip, a clip, and you’re ready to go out.

What is a bowl haircut

Some call it a haircut comic. The bowl haircut, however, is a very simple hairstyle that can be done at home. That’s why it was mostly aimed at kids and paupers who couldn’t afford to see a barber. For one reason,

How to Fix a Bowl Cut

was invented. So you can do it at home. So, if you need to fix a bit, discover a bigger bucket and work it off until you get a straight line back.

Blonde Bowl Haircut

Can a non-conventional color spruce things up somewhat? In this iceberg pink shade, dying your hair can assist move your eyes away from the reality that you’re wearing a classic bowl haircut. It can also help make things much cooler than they were back in the day.


Not only should men look but they also feel confident and daring to pull off a bowl successfully. Otherwise, it might be ridiculous. If you have all the qualities you need to ace the hairstyle, don’t restrict your creativity–merge incongruous components like this two-level undercut bowl cut textured with a mustache.

Short Hair Bowl Cut

Most bowl cuts required a fairly long hair base or at least a medium hairbase. Underneath, however, you can see how you can sport and get this look even if you start from the base of short hair.

Wavy Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are considered to be straight hair cutting again. But as you can see below, if you have wavy hair, especially if your hair is cut in layers, you can wear it as well.

Freefall With A PurpleTinge

This bowl cut can be the same for you if you have naturally straight hair. The Chili haircut boosts pointing edges, making the line less tough. To make this trendy and fashionable look better, add a tinge of purple on a quarter. Get this style in a downward movement by blowing your hair. To create some texture, apply some dry shampoo to the roots. For the hair to look straight and fall forward, comb it smoothly.

How to

Blue Bowl Haircut

You can go for a kooky color if you want to go one step further and make it even more modern. This example is a pale, inky blue streaked gunmetal gray. It led to a rainy day aquarelle masterpiece of a hairstyle we enjoy.

Curtains Bowl Haircut

Near the original, but with a bangy twist (excuse the pun). The image below demonstrates to you how you can divide your hair in the front, generate curtain bangs, and alter the look of this haircut.

Textured Bowl Haircut

Nobody ever hurts a bit of everyone. This may be the look of your summer or beach. This is a tip. Get some sea salt spray from the ladies ‘ department for incredible allled strands. Let it dry in the wind, and you’re going to look great.

Street Style Bowl Haircut

You may not think so, but bowl haircuts may be badass as well. It’s all about how you style them and make them accessories. We propose the pairing of your bowl with a bald shave and a piercing of the nose. And it has to do with your approach, of course.


Layered Bowl Cut

If you choose to go for layers and texture, we recommend that you also attempt to add some color. It is the best way to show off the layering of your hair. For instance, you can keep the natural color of your hair as a basis and then dye the blonde upper layers.

Layered Bowl Cut

There’s no better way to improve your hair’s natural texture, adding more volume than layering. Layered haircuts, whatever they are, offer somewhat messy, yet sharp and unique looks to a wearer that will be a nice addition to bowl cuts.

Pastel Bowl Haircut

Who does not like the color of a nice pastel hair? We dare to discover an individual for you. Other than, of course, your mom. This is purple light and discolored orchid, accessorized with faux necklace and earrings of an oversized diamond.

How To Get Men’s Bowl Cut

Report this ad When choosing a men’s bowl cut, it’s important to know what your hairdresser can tell. The time for the mother-hairdresser is over! You just have to identify a line of separation from the back, sides, and top. That’s how you look like that bowl. Men’s Trends to Follow in Hairstyle-Men’s Fashion Play Video There are many methods to cut brief hair. You can apply a tiny quantity of gel or hair spray depending on your hair length and style it to look less or messier. Watch Learn How to Do Bowl Haircut Following Tutorial Report this ad

Asymmetrical Bowl Haircut

You can even allow your hairstylist to be creative with it. If you do, you may end up with one of those wonderful asymmetric and extremely architectural bowl haircuts that will envy you everybody in your college.

Asymmetric cutting produced the cut on our list!

Violet Blue Bowl Haircut

Here’s another non-traditional color that we believed would look incredible like a bowl. It is a violet-blue that, thanks to its very small bangs, will surely bring out the color of your eyes as well as your skin tone. You can later thank us.

Short Bowl Cut

The short bowl cut is good for those people who want to take classic and contemporary haircuts. It’s not as eye-catching as some previous ones, but the key is to keep it so easy. Wherever you go, you can count on that hairstyle.

Twisted Moustache LineFringe

A lot is going on here, and you don’t know what to look at first. Cut the brown bowl, straight-line fringe, or maybe the full and twisted mustache.

Classic Bowl

Here’s the classic bowl haircut from behind, with a little undercut, to give it a more modern spin. It even has the puffed-up quality that we all remember after our moms used to wash our hair for photo day. That was the time!

The Latest Edgy Men’s Haircuts For All Hair Types

Spiky Haircut

Pink and Purple

This fantastic strawberry sorbet pink and dusty purple lavender is another great combination for your bowl haircut needs. This way, not only through your hairstyle but also through your hair color, you will stand out from the crowd.

Casual Mushroom Cut

A mushroom cut is a way to go for those guys who prefer authentic hairstyles. To offer it a contemporary touch, add a bit of texture to the bangs and get a smooth fade on the sides.

Clean Bowl

A classic bowl cut refers to clean lines. However, by accentuating with an under shave, you can take it to the contemporary days. Push the fringe to one side instead of letting it hang over your forehead to add a little bit of a stylish twist.

Bowl Haircut

This is how you get the best of both worlds. You get a layered hairstyle that enables you to claim a haircut bowl. At the rate your hair grows, in just a few weeks you’ll be rid of it, no worries!

Cropped Fringe

As with a bowl, the fringe is what makes a difference. Say, cultivate it slightly unevenly and partner with a scruffy beard.
Masters of innovation, the Asians have also discovered a way to breathe fresh life into this dusty hairstyle. The hair was kept short at the back and the round line was discontinued. It looks much manlier in this manner and, we must admit, much more badass.