Middle age Hairstyles For men

Power and Beard

This is one of the most honorable searches for balding men because it better reflects your intelligence.


The fringe might be the ideal haircut for balding guys who want to hide a bad hairline. Long sides and short hair on top with longer bangs, fringe hair

You can order a short or long fringe from your barber and sweep it to one side for angled style. The rest of your hair should be allled to avoid exposing the scalp, especially around your crown if you have thin hair.

Fully Shaved–Vin Diesel Look

Be fast, get mad, and look great while you’re doing it! Vin Diesel proves that balding is never a problem for men who are brave enough to look completely rasped. While others prefer to wear facial hair on their shaved heads, Vin Diesel also reveals how badass you can look with a clean-shaven face.

Flat Top with Tall Bald Fade

When you feel confused about any of the

Awesome Hair

No matter how old you are and whether your hair is scalding black or already “salt and pepper,” you don’t have to write off. Just take a look at the celebrities who don’t hesitate to appear with the sleek, super short hair on the red carpet. They say that gray hair is God’s art, so if your head is already snowy, don’t rush to get sad, let alone write off yourself! You’d better come to the barber and ask him to make you cut new and trendy, such as fading side part hair

Short Buzz Cut with a Stubble

If you’ve opted to go with the extra short buzz cut, a stubble will make this look even more bolder.

Jude Law Hair

” Jude Law is arguably one of Hollywood’s most beloved performers, as well as a heartthrob to countless fans. How does he pull off his attractive look even when faced with balding? He’s taking on a short but young body.

Spiky Hair

If you’re one of those guys who prefer typically spiky, shorter hair, but instead apply some cream and run your fingers through it to look like a bristle.

Short Spiky Hair + Low Fade

Jeremy Wexler Hair Another way to wear buzz cut fade is with a touch of spiky texture that minimizes the appearance of a bald spot on the crown.


Ivy League Cut with Discreet Fade Sides and Short Beard

Add faded sides to make your ivy league cut more daring. And finish the look with a short beard that adds structure to the whole hair

Extra Short Crew Cut

As described above, the crew cut is a life saver for balding men. But the extra short cut of the crew is a key look you just need to try at least once. You should include a short beard or at least a stubble to get the full effect of the look.

Power Donut and Mustache

Mustaches have recently made a comeback, making it the perfect time to try one for size. One of the most impressive short hairs

is the power donut and mustache look.


Regular haircut

You can always choose a regular haircut if everything else fails. The casual effect of business.

Good Haircuts for Older Men Who Are Going Bald

‘ Age and baldness are not the excuses to lose excitement. Don’t worry about being sarcastic–it’s perfect for people of all ages. Rock something pompous and beautiful just for fun on your face! If you like

Quiff Hair

We’re pretty sure that the quiff won’t go out of

Flow Hair

The flow hair is suitable for men of all ages, whether or not they start going through balding pain. Do not pressure the hairline, but switch your attention to the rest of your hair. The concept is a must for wavy-locked guys.

Steven Seagal Hair

” We’re used to seeing Steven Seagal with a long, chopped back hair

Side Comb & Disconnected Low Undercut

Now, it might be hard to pull it off, but if you’ve entered the advanced stages of receding hairline, it might be for you. Note how the part goes into the head’s bald hand, making it look normal.

Short Side Brush with Temple Fade and Part

” Another great look is the short side brush that you can get if you have a fading hairline or thin hair. Complete the look with a fading and dramatic portion of the temple and you’ll be unstoppable.

Messy WavyComb Over and Discreet Faded Sides

The wavy back comb is an excellent way to correct central baldness in the first stages. The discreet faded sides will make the look full and give it a deep touch.

Short Hair

” Traditional balding men look for short haircuts. Short hair on top with sides and back fade minimizes contrast and draws attention away from bald spots. Similarly, guys with thinning hair on the crown, a widow’s peak, or a receding hairline may get very short hair

Young men who can pull off edgy modern haircuts will want to ask their barber for a high skin fade and a buzz cut or crew cut on top. Even a short fade comb with a front swept side or undercut slicked back can look nice.

Using matte pomade or wax and

to improve coverage, density and texture Older men may not get very short bald fade cuts that blend in the skin and show the hair. Good haircuts for older balding men include a high taper fade on the sides for a

Bald and Long Beard Look

If you’re enjoying your beard experiment, then working your way to a long beard is worth your time. The bald with a long beard look is one of our favorite hairs

Comb Over and Slicked Back Hybrid Hair

” If viewed separately, both the comb over the shave and the sliced back hair

The Patrick Dempsey Discreet WavyUpsweep

You can use moose or gel hairstyle to keep it in place. The smooth faded sides make it virtually irresistible and complete the look. Play Video

Textured Hair

Focus on texture is the last of our smart hair. Whether your hair is thick or delicate, you can employ in your haircut a multitude of layers. The resulting layers will allow you to bear your locks without concern about your hairline.

The Ed Harris Power Donut

This hair

Upward comb and mustache

As mentioned earlier, the upward comb can do wonders for men with thinning hair precisely because it can add some serious texture and length. Complete the look with a thick moustache for the irresistible effect of Tom Selleck.

Such thick hairs A big bummer for any guy is the first signs of balding, thinning hair and receding hairline. Be that as it may, instead of worrying about the problem, you should focus on the solution. What better way to do this than with an inspiring

Jason Statham Hair

hair set, one of the fiercest faces in the film industry is never shy about showing a clearly balding hair cropped beard at all times. It goes to show that it’s all attitude!

Forward Fringe TexturedCrop

Jack Robinson Pullen This trendy men’s hair style is a new Caesar cut edition. Short bangs over the forehead hide a receding hairline with more length and texture, while allled styling on top works well with thinning hair.

Tom Baxter Hair Shortcrop cut to enhance texture but styling with salt spray, alcohol-free gel or lightweight matt pomade.



Brian Gutierrez Spiky texture is one of the finest hair styles for hair thinning. This is because when the scalp becomes more visible above the forehead, but there is still hair. The height and texture decrease the thinning hair appearance.

David Beckham might no longer wear his hair like this, but spikes are a flattering look that never goes out of style. This style fits well for thinning hair with a mid-fade, short hair on the back and longer on the front.

Daniel Craig Crew Cut

Agent is an excellent role model for mature men looking for their next look. This stylish crew cut will make your hairline a thing of the past.”


Downey Jr. Robert. Straight upsweep

is the perfect way to add to your hair some significant texture. When applying some hairstyling gel to keep your hair up, remember to finish the look.

Short Pompadour with Temple Fade and Part

A very special type of side comb is the pompadour look. The fading and dramatic part of the temple makes this hair

high and tight

a simple, military-inspired haircut that hides hair loss and thinning hair. The high and tight fade is functional and easy to get, similar to the buzz and crew cut, except it’s not all around one-length.

starts high and tight with a very short haircut on the sides. Cropped and faded, for a balding crown, it’s one of the best haircuts, receding hairline or fine-haired guys. While

Short CaesarHaircut

Baldness is the problem that is inevitably faced by almost every man. Luckily, there are many ways to deal with this issue today. There are a lot of hair products and technologies to prevent hair loss, for example, but for most of us they are too expensive. However, even if you’re not a billionaire, by choosing the right hair

The Bald and Mustache Look

you can look beautiful if you want to take your bald look to the next level, then try a mustache. We assure you that this will be an outstanding test, whether you want it to be short and trimmed or long and curled.

Best Hair

” Hair receding hairline to create a trendy appearance while covering bald spots. Whether you’re balding on the hairline or crowning and have short or long hair, there are a number of good hairs on top with a fading haircut on the sides and back paired with a crew cut, buzz cut, smooth back, pew over, spikes and pompadour, guys have a lot of cool short and long haircuts to choose from. Check out the best hair

Bruce Willis Hair

in recent years, Bruce Willis is all about that alluring stubble if you’re going bald, losing hair, or just have a receding hairline and wanting to graciously bald. In lieu of an o’clock shadow beard and a burr style, the extraordinary actor skips the possibility of longer hair. They say the two go fantastically well hand in hand and you ought to give them a chance!


Patrick Stewart Clean Shave

By far one of the most popular hairs

Short Hair

Martin John As noted above, the buzz fade is a haircut that works for many baldness phases. The temples here begin to recede and the skin at the vertex is clear. The professional cut allows a bit of length to cover the crown and the hairline in such a way that the short haircut works. The skin is the reverse of the power donut around the sides and back.


Chris Martin Hair

Chris Martin is as much loved for his looks as for his songs. But when his hairline obviously recedes, how does he get all that admiration? It’s simple–he’s working around it his way. Chris is making the most of his curly locks, so they can grow all around.

Jude Law Inch Long Cut

By having one inch of hair around you, you can take your attention away from your hairline. These will add character to your final look as to the very discreet fading hands.

Prince William Haircut for Crown Bald Spots

If a prince is proud to be able to wear his hair in any condition, you must! Prince William proves that a balding head does not always have to be covered up. In fact, you can feel free to wear any