Medium Ash

Ash Brown Ombre

Ash Brown Ombre

The dark roots beautifully merge into very light brown choppy ends gives us the chills! Ideally, a balayage like this works on any one as long as it has a certain size.

On beach waves, these contrasting and dimensional baby lights are super amazing! This is a simple idea of how to freshen up and give life to your naturally colored dark mane.

Dark Ash Brown Hair

Get a great transformation by painting your straight hair with a stunning smokey gray shade and mocha hints for added depth. The effect on straight hair of this chic color melt is completely pleasing to the eye! Light brown ash hair is suitable for darker tones of the body.

Ashy Grey-Brown

This famous silver mushroom hair is great for us! The way the soft waves fall perfectly accentuates the dimension.

Medium Ash Brown

Silvery Ash Brunette

The pattern begins with this beautiful smoky baby light shadow! Note how the colors fade smoothly into a subdued brunette from dark to mocha.

Ash Brown Highlights

If you have natural jet black hair, don’t worry about maintenance! Do it like the melting of this sweet mocha color that shouts of scale and volume! Ash brown hair highlights keep the color toned but still popping.

Cooler Ashy Tones

QA with Nikki Nga La Stylist style maker @ Bebe Garden Grove Salon Ca How would you describe this look? This is a black or gray skin with medium ash or mushroom. The greatest thing about doing this color is offering the customer who wants a natural-looking low-maintenance hair by adding a few long layers and refreshing those split ends to make the color more smooth and light. The most enjoyable movement is to finish with some beach waves the haircut and color to give an incredibly chic look to the client. Make sure to look at the different shades of ash brown hair color before finalizing your choice of hairstyle. The suggestions that someone feels about it? If the client wants to change the color of the hair because it’s too hot, too cool or too plain, this medium ash brown hair color is one of the most natural ways to pull it off. Mushroom Brown

Summer Lehnertz Hairstylist QA with fashion maker @ In Touch SalonSpa in Fort Wayne In How do you describe this look? The suggestions that someone feels about it? Go ahead with it! I think it’s great for people who want something different from your usual black but don’t want something too loud or bright. The great thing about haircuts in the lob is that they are so flexible. The length we went for complemented her oval face shape, but if you don’t want to commit to go as short as we did, you could probably do a longer version of this haircut. Ashy Brown

Ashy BrownHave to begin with decently healthy hair. Having this color is very high maintenance and in order to achieve this tone (think of the inside of a banana) your hair will need to be lifted very lightly. In order to maintain consistent color, customers who want this look and ash brown color will need to be back at the salon every 4-6 weeks for root touch. Maintenance at home is vital to preserving hair quality, such as deep conditioning treatments and proper professional shampoos which restrict hair washes to two days a week and use heat-protective / leave-in items to maintain maximum healthy hair. Enjoying hair like this is a change in lifestyle and requires a lot of customer maintenance, but it’s totally worth it. If you invest time and take care of it, healthy fun hair is always possible.