Judicial ultimatum to Ceferin for the European Super League

The magistrate of the Commercial Court 14, Manuel Ruiz de Lara, has issued this Monday an order giving five days to the UEFA to prove that he has complied with the precautionary measures imposed on him in the proceedings of April 20 and July 1. In them, he requested that the disciplinary procedures open to Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus of Turin, the clubs that continue to belong to the European Super League. The judge understands that it has not been tested so far, according to the website of ‘El EspaƱol’.

If it is not done, Ruiz de Lara threatens to impose appropriate fines and sending the Prosecutor’s Office to open a case against UEFA for the alleged commission of a crime of disobedience to the judicial authority. The magistrate points out in his order that the continental body acts “outside the rule of law, in open promotion of practices that compromise the principle of free competition in the relevant market for organizing professional football competitions in the European Union“.

The car is a warning to the body that directs Aleksander ceferin to keep “an impeding will tending to consolidate anti-competitive practices”. Ruiz de Lara goes further in his writing: “The passivity and omission regarding the precautionary measures adopted and regarding the requirements made do not come but to certify by UEFA a rebellious strategy tending to frustrate compliance with judicial decisions in order to make effective the danger of procedural delay that is intended to enervate with the adoption of precautionary measures “.

UEFA will have five days to comply with what was agreed with the Spanish magistrate, who is considered a judge of the European Union to all effects. Ruiz de Lara understands that a mere announcement of suspension is not enough but that it must be canceled, as well as that he has ordered the federations dependent on the UEFA that they refrain from carrying out any type of similar action.

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