How to make brownies in the microwave

How to make brownies in the microwave

Brownies are a very popular dessert because they are delicious and easy to make. But if you don’t have an oven and you want to enjoy their sweet taste as well, it is also possible to prepare them in an even simpler way: using the microwave. This recipe is perfect for any time when you need to make a dessert quickly and without complications, write down the ingredients and get to work, because in oneHOW we explain how to make brownies in the microwave.

15 minutes
Low difficulty


Steps to follow:


Making brownies in the microwave It is as simple as it sounds and in a few minutes you will get it. To begin, take a preferably glass container suitable for the microwave and place the chopped chocolate With the butter.

How to Make Brownies in the Microwave - Step 1


Put in the microwave to medium power for 1 minuteAfter this time, remove it, stir it and check if it is melted, if not, insert it for 10 more seconds and so on. It is important that you do it very carefully because if you go over it or place the microwave on high power, the chocolate could burn.


Later, to continue making these brownies without an oven, add the eggs to a bowl and stir together with the rest of the ingredients: previously sifted flour, sugar, cocoa powder and baking powder. Once mixed add the melted chocolate with the butter and stir until you get a homogeneous mixture that will be your brownie batter.

Here you can learn how to sift flour.

How to Make Brownies in the Microwave - Step 3


Take a microwave safe mold, apply butter and flour to the surface to prevent sticking, and then pour the mixture of your brownies. Now take the mold to the microwave at 750 W for 5 minutes.


After this time make sure the dessert is ready, just put a knife in the center, if the same comes out clean will be ready.


Take it out and let it cool slightly before serving. You can eat the brownies directly from the cup or container that you have used, with a little icing sugar on top, or you can remove the microwave brownies of the container for cut them into pieces and accompany them with a ball of vanilla ice cream and delight yourself with a delicious dessert that is very simple to make.

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How to Make Brownies in the Microwave - Step 6

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