Is a BODY TEMPERATURE 34.8 – 34.9 Normal?


Well, I’m sick with chlamydia. While initially I had a fever for several days in a row with aspirin it controlled me. Now I am already taking medication for that. But lately my temperature has dropped like 34.5 or 35.2 ° C. Obviously I don’t feel quite right. But he’s already left the other side.


I have a body temperature of 34.0


Ask if I have a body temperature of 34.5 degrees, can I exercise?


Last week I got sick I started to feel dizzy and my hands and feet started to freeze my body started to get cold and the chills started it seemed as if I was without clothes they took my temperature and I was 32.3 I did not go to the hospital for fear to the virus … what can I do so that it does not give me the same thing again


Last week I got sick I started to feel dizzy and nothing that happened to me made my feet and hands freeze and little by little my body felt like I was without clothes many chills they measured my temperature and it was at 32.3 it was horrible and it gave me out of nowhere since I was working, what can I do so that it doesn’t give me the same thing again


Find a type of tea for that. Or if not then anyone for that matter. And it takes every day.


I am 34.5 but I have always been 35 35.5 I only know that everything always hurts, I also work in construction


Is it normal to have 34.9 dr of body temperature?
What should I do to raise this temperature to NORMAL?
I await your comments.


I normally have a temperature between 33.5 to 34.5 and a maximum of 35. I do not feel sick, if I am very cold but I do not suffer from anything else. I don’t see gravity, there’s no foundation

Carlos Daniel

36.8 can be serious and I get hot and cold for a while

Rosa Patricia

My 11-year-old boy brings 33.6, should I take him to the emergency room? I took it because his cheeks were very plated


Hello, good afternoon with this coronavirus, in my work they take our temperature every day, what draws a lot of attention is that in 4 days in a row my temperature has been 33.3, 33.7, 34, 34.1 this is normal since my colleagues are over 36 I must worry since what I read is how to have ipothermia


My 4-year-old girl has a temperature of 34.6, I call 112, they don’t answer me.


What to do if the temperature 34.7
Thank you

larrain lopez

My body t ° marks me 35.4 °, I feel good and my oxygen saturation is correct, that t ° is abnormal


what to do to raise the temperature.

Maria Luisa

My husband took his temperature and it was 34.6. He is 69 years old. What should you do? Thanks.


It is normal to have a body temperature of 34.5 at 79 years old, what I have to do today, I am at 35.2 but the day before it was at 34.5.


A body temperature of 34.8 or 35 is normal

Francisco Visiedo Garcia

I have a boy of almost 8 years old and his temperature is 34 degrees, what should I do. Thanks


My girl is also 8 years old, and handles low temperatures, only that no doctor has told me what it comes from, they only advise me to keep her warm and warm, have they told you something coherent?


I have the feeling of fever but my temperature is 35.4 and my head and right side hurt a lot