How to win over a mature woman

How to win over a mature woman

The older women are, the more mature they are and the clearer they have what they want when it comes to a relationship. Depending on your experience, perhaps you are just looking to have a good time or just want to find a definitive partner to put some stability and order in your life. At a certain age, they are no longer afraid to say what they think and they are much more sure of themselves and, in addition, they are in full sexual apogee, since women reach it somewhat later than men. If you have fallen in love with an older woman, at we give you the keys to seduce that irresistible woman. Learn how to conquer a mature woman with a few simple steps. You will not regret!

Steps to follow:


Have full confidence in yourself. Mature women are no longer fooling around. They are looking for a man sure of himself, who is capable of overcoming any obstacle or adversity. She thinks that this woman probably already has children, so the last thing she wants is to add one more child to her life. Use your confidence and confidence to impress her.


To get her attention, forget about showing off about flirtations or cars, that will be too immature for her and will cause rejection. A mature woman is looking for a man with the power to talk about politics, books, music, art … with some general culture you will conquer it. If these topics do not suit you, it is better that you talk about projects or hobbies, and in case you are much younger than her, do not talk about your friends or parties, but about experiences.


Don’t use compliments or compliments constantly. At their age they no longer believe them. You will do much better if you let her know what you like and appreciate about her. If you find it sexy, funny, affectionate … You must enhance its qualities without falling into the compliments of a child. Discover more details in the article 5 mistakes men make when trying to conquer a woman.


We recommend that you do not emphasize the issue of age difference or how old she is. If she asks you how old you think she is, you’d better subtract a few years from what you really think she is. Never use a phrase like “you are very good for your age”, you can look very bad. Giving naturalness to the years will be a positive point for the conquest.


The independence must be your great ally. A mature woman is looking for a man who is self-sufficient. Make it clear what your field is, how you have fun, what hobbies you have, what you do when you go out … But always making it clear that you are a free and independent person. If you talk too much about friends or family, she may believe that you depend a lot on other people to develop your life or your character.


If you think she is interested in you, propose have a date. Think carefully about where you are going to take her and what you want to do, as it is difficult to surprise a mature woman. The ideal is to invite her to lunch, to have a few beers in the afternoon, to have a bottle of wine or an elegant cocktail. You will have to do your best to conquer a mature woman. Remember: they want to have fun but they are more refined than young girls.


To seduce a mature woman you must be a true gentleman. To impress her, you must take into account even the smallest detail, only then will you attract her attention. Opening the car door for him or removing the chair before he sits down will make him notice you. In addition, you must be punctual and have a good image at first glance. A good one first impression it will earn you a lot of points.


If you are younger than her, even if it is quite a few years, do not be ashamed of it and turn your age into a boost of energy for her. You may be looking for fun or distraction, so dating a young man will make you enjoy life from another perspective. You will make her rejuvenate with your energy and your enthusiasm for life.


If you want to take a mature woman to bed, you need to be open about sex, be very honest, and not be rude at all. With her experience, she will appreciate that you are clear about your intentions and she will probably completely agree to have a good time with you. Forget making a cheesy-sounding proposition, self-confidence should unleash the mature woman’s passion. It will surprise you!


If you can get her to bed, try take the reins and control. Even though she is older, she will surely want to feel possessed by someone younger. It is also a good way to show that you are a confident man. You must make the most of their experience and yours so that the evening becomes unforgettable and very satisfying.


Leave her impressed and wanting more. That must be your goal if you want conquer a mature woman. However, you should probably be the one who steps in to see her again. So after your first date, allow a couple of days to pass before contacting her again. Do not pester her, as she will surely have an interesting and busy life, so you must show that yours is too.


In short, to conquer a mature woman you must be elegant, confident and passionate. With these three requirements you will impress that woman. Test it!

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