How To Make Honduran Baleadas – Easy Recipe

How to make Honduran bullets

Baleadas are one of the most popular Honduran food recipes. They are delicious wheat tortillas accompanied by bean paste that are used for a perfect breakfast or dinner. Its origin dates back to the 20th century. With the passage of time, two styles have developed; the “simple” baleada with beans accompanied with grated cheese or butter and the “mixed” or “special” baleada with a fried egg, meat, avocado or fried banana slices.

Whatever your tastes, whether you are passionate about bullets or if you have never tried them, in this new oneHOWTO article we will show you how to make Honduran bullets Simple or battered catrachas, you are going to get this exquisite wheat dough to be perfect.

4 diners
30 minutes
Low difficulty


You will need to:

Steps to follow:


How to make Honduran bullets? First, we elaborate the tortilla dough. To do this, add the wheat flour with the oil or margarine and salt in a container. Mix everything until you have a lumpy dough that crumbles to the touch.

How to Make Honduran Shots - Step 1


To finish the Honduran tortilla recipe, add the water or milk warm and gradually incorporate it into the dough until you can handle it without sticking to your hands.

How to Make Honduran Shots - Step 2


Divide the dough into balls the size of the palm of your hand and let them rest on a non-stick surface for 15-20 minutes.


In the meantime, prepare the filling that carry the bullet-riddled catrachas. Put the cooked black beans in a saucepan. Mix it with the onion and minced garlic and wait for it to warm. Then add the chicken broth and ground cumin and bring to a boil.

How to make Honduran bullets - Step 4


When it has been boiling for about 5 minutes, remove from the heat and, with the help of a mortar / mixer / masher, crush the mixture until a creamy paste is left. At this point, you can test the flavor point in case an extra pinch of salt should be added.

How to Make Honduran Shots - Step 5


When the mass of the Honduran gunshots has rested, stretch it out on a surface to give it a flat and circular shape. It should be, more or less, the length of the hand and fit in the diameter of the pan that we are going to use, if we do not have a comal.

How to Make Honduran Shots - Step 6


We put the pan to heat (if we doubt if it is non-stick, we can put a few drops of oil). When it is already hot, we place one by one the tortillas in the pan until golden brown. Keep in mind that if it is well done and kneaded, it should swell as it is done.

How to Make Honduran Shots - Step 7


Once we have the golden and cooked tortillas, we proceed to ride the bullets. Place the tortilla in your hand, spreading a tablespoon of the bean dough on it and folding them in half. At this point, grated cheese or butter can be added on top to finish melting with the residual heat.

How to Make Honduran Shots - Step 8


You already know how to shoot Honduran shots. The last step is to serve the plate with a side, such as banana chips, potatoes, salad, or even rice. The only thing left to do is enjoy this wonderful dish from the Honduran cuisine.


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  • Simple baleadas can also be topped with a cabbage, carrot and grated chili salad seasoned with vinegar and sugar for a fresh touch.
  • To turn your simple shots into mixed ones you just have to add a fried egg, some type of meat, such as chorizo ​​or beef, avocado and / or fried plantain in slices.A real flavor bomb!


“Where was the bullet born? More than 100 years with Hondurans”: