How to cure dog pads

How to cure dog pads - the best tips

One of the aspects that few people who live with dogs keep in mind, until a problem appears and usually due to the lack of knowledge of this possibility, is that the pads of the dogs can suffer from various types of problems. These must be known to detect and treat them well, since it is an area of ​​the legs that is always in contact with the ground and can be damaged more easily than other parts of the animal’s body. At UNCOMO we want to help you offer the best care to your furry companion, so in this article we will tell you how to cure dog pads and first aid, some home remedies, why they can get hurt and how to avoid it. Take note!

Dog paw pads

Dog pads they are the part with which they step, so they are comparable to the soles of our feet. This is an area where the skin is normally much thicker and tougher than the rest of the body. For this reason, this part of a dog’s legs is usually the most resistant as it is created to be in constant contact with the ground.

They protect the joints of the legs when walking and running, cushioning movements, impacts and the pressure of the animal’s own body, thus preventing blows and damage to the bones of the feet and legs, as well as allowing the animal to walk long distances if necessary.

However, like any other part of the body, the skin on this part of the legs can dry out, crack, get injured of various types, especially when the animal is subjected to overexertion or to take walks or walks through unsuitable areas, such as very rocky or abrasive terrain. Likewise, there are dogs that have this harder area and others that have thin skin and are more prone to damage.

How to cure dog pads - the best tips - Dog paw pads

Symptoms and Causes of Dog Pad Wounds

You need to know some signs of injury or pad problems of the dogs to act as soon as possible, so you notice that your furry limps, does not support a paw at all, bites and licks its paws, you see a little blood or directly the wound, if you look at the skin around and the pad of the dog cracked, raised, open, raw or red, then this is when you should check his paws well and detect the problem and the possible cause to cure it well.

The main causes of injuries to the pads of dogs are as follows:

  • Stepping on glass, glass, garbage and debris that can cut.
  • Stepping on pebbles and hard, rocky terrain.
  • Burn on the ground, usually in areas of asphalt or concrete or, in areas with snow and ice. That is, they can suffer burns with both very high and too low temperatures.
  • Excess exercise or play, since when the dog forces his legs too much and rubs a lot and constantly for a long time against the ground, both minor rubbing and more serious injuries can occur, such as ending up with the pad raised or open.

How long does a dog’s pads take to heal?

Wounds in this part of the body can take time to heal if this area is in constant direct contact with the ground, on the other hand, if the animal is well protected and allowed to rest, it can heal in much less time. Of course, everything will depend on the severity and / or depth of the wound.

If you wonder “How to cure my dog’s paw pads?“Pay attention to the following sections, in which we tell you how to cure them with veterinary treatment and how to do it with remedies and when it is convenient to use each of the methods.

How to Heal Dog Pads - Top Tips - Symptoms and Causes of Dog Pads Injuries

How to cure my dog’s paw pads

For those who want to know how to cure the pads of the paws of dogs, it is good to know first that everything depends on what the problem is and if they are necessary First Aid or not. To assess the situation, we must observe the scratch and determine if there is a very deep wound, it is burned, bleeding a lot, there is an open or raised part, and in these cases we will go directly to the vet, or if it is only a scratch or a little cut, then yes we can do something at home.

If the wound bleeds a lot it is important that before going to the vet we try to stop or reduce the bleeding. To do this, we will use abundant hydrogen peroxide and sterile gauze and, when we see that it no longer bleeds or is much lighter, we can go to the specialist.

If the cuts, burns or wounds are superficial we can curing a dog’s pads at home:

  1. Wash the scratch with plenty of warm water to remove possible residue so that you can better see how serious it is.
  2. Apply a little hydrogen peroxide and pat dry with a gauze pad.
  3. Dilute some pet-friendly iodine or clohexidine digluconate and apply it with another gauze pad.
  4. Although the best thing would be to let the wound heal in the air, as this area is always on the ground it is necessary to protect it with a bandage that you will have to change 2 or 3 times a day and monitor the healing process.
  5. You can apply some healing ointment to the dog pads following the directions on the package.
  6. Put an Elizabethan collar on your pet to prevent him from removing the bandage and / or licking the ointment or other products.

If it worsens or if from the beginning you see that it is serious it will be the vet who decides which treatment is the most indicated and whether, for example, the wound must be sutured or not. Always follow their recommendations.

How to cure the pads of dogs - the best tips - How to cure the pads of my dog's paws

Home remedy with aloe vera to heal the pads of dogs

Aloe vera or aloe vera for dog pads can be used as a remedy to care for them and prevent problems or to treat minor scratches or as a healing treatment after a major wound. This plant has moisturizing, regenerating, healing, antiseptic and analgesic properties that will promote good health in this part of the legs and a faster recovery in case of damage.

You only need to extract the pulp from a leaf or buy the natural aloe vera gel and apply it daily to the base of your furry’s legs or twice a day if it is regenerate skin.

How to cure dog pads - the best tips - Home remedy with aloe vera to cure dog pads

How to avoid injuries to the pads of dogs

Now that you know how to heal a dog’s pads it is good that you also know how they can be avoid wounds, burns and abrasions in this part of your body in a simple way:

Avoid areas with broken glass and small stones

One of the best ways to ensure that our dog does not suffer damage to its legs is to avoid areas with garbage and residues, in which there can easily be crystals and other fragments that cut. In the same way, it is advisable not to go to areas where there are pebbles that can be sharp or where there is very hard or rocky terrain.

Avoid excessively hot and cold hours

Do not go out for a walk in strong hours of heat. Even if it’s not too hot, you always have to follow the 5 second rule. This consists of placing the back of our hand on the asphalt or cement of the street where we want to walk and hold on as long as we can, if we hold out for more than 5 seconds we can go out, but if we hold out for just this time or less we cannot walk on our own. furry, as it is most likely to suffer burns.

Also, you should not go out for a walk with your furry if it is too cold outside, since temperatures that are too low can also burn the legs of the dogs.

Products to harden dog pads

There are those who wonder if they can strengthen the thin skin in this part of their furry’s legs, as there are those who have them more delicate, and they wonder “Do youhow to harden a dog’s pads?“. The answer is that specific products should be used to harden the pads, sold in veterinary clinics and in animal supply stores. It is advisable to start using them as soon as we know that in a few days we are going to put the dog on a long walk , a day in the mountains, on the beach, in the heat or in the snow, so this part of the legs will be much more prepared to endure.

Using dog pad protector

You can also use products that serve to protect this most delicate area of ​​the legs of the dogs. There are special boots that are recommended to be used in cases in which the animal has to go through areas of hard or rocky terrain or with very cold temperatures, or it can be used cream for dog pads, which is like a balm that deeply hydrates them and creates a protective layer against abrasions.

How to cure dog pads - the best tips - How to avoid injuries to dog pads

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