How to make banana smoothie

How to make banana smoothie

The banana Smoothie It is perhaps the king of smoothies, due to the ease in its preparation, the exquisite flavor it has and also how nutritious it is. East banana smoothie As it is also known in some countries, it is also a fantastic food for children since it adds to the properties of milk the energy and potassium that a banana has along with all its nutritional benefits.

But now let’s move on to what interests us, Make a Banana Smoothie perfect. There are many ways to do it but only one for the result to be perfect and at we will explain it to you in detail. Keep reading and find out.

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Steps to follow:


So that we achieve the perfect banana smoothie we will need the fruits to be in their optimal state. The peel must be yellow and it must not be green or dark, this is key since in this way the interior will not be too hard nor too doughy and sweet, which translates into a delicious and ideal shake for adults and children.


Once you have the bananas in their ideal state, it is time to get to work. Cut the bananas with a knife, it does not need to be sliced ​​as the blender will break them easily. Then place them in the blender and add the milk that can be whole or skim cow, soy, almond or whatever you like best.

How to Make Banana Smoothie - Step 2


And we move on to adding the ice, which is key to a perfect banana smoothie. It is ideal that it is a little broken because otherwise we could break the blender or electric rod. You can put it in a sturdy bag and throw it on the floor or against a wall so that it breaks into small pieces.

How to Make Banana Smoothie - Step 3


Add the sugar or sweetener if you don’t want to consume sugar and blend. The idea is that the texture of the smoothie is smooth, but in turn it is a little thick from the ice and, if possible, that there are also small pieces of banana.

How to Make Banana Smoothie - Step 4

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