How to make a queimada

How to make a queimada

The burnt is a drink of Galician origin prepared based on pomace or brandy white along with sugar, coffee beans and lemon and orange peel. As its name suggests, it must be prepared by burning the concoction and represents a whole rite even tied to a spell. And it is that the queimada is closely linked to the world of meigasHabeilas hailas!– and mysticism in general. If you also want to start with this typical Galician drink, don’t miss this OneHowTo article about how to make a Galician queimada.

45 minutes
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The first step to prepare a Galician queimada will be to put the brandy or marc along with white sugar; the proportion is about 120-150 g. of sugar per liter of brandy. We reserve about two tablespoons of sugar.

It should be noted that there are containers specially designed to make queimada, with the ladle and glasses to drink it, but we can also use some other casserole of this material that we have at home.

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Next, we must wash and peel the lemons and orange to take advantage of your skin, which will be the ones that will flavor this drink. Next, add these shells in the clay pot, along with the ingredients that we had already added.

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You should also take a handful of whole coffee beans to incorporate them into the mixture that will be used to prepare the queimada. This will give the burnt a toasted color, as well as a special flavor.

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Then the most spectacular moment of prepare a Galician queimada: turn it on. To do this, you must take a little brandy from the saucepan with the ladle, add the two tablespoons of sugar that you had reserved and set it on fire with the help of a match or lighter. When the flame flares up in the ladle, you will have to bring it closer to the casserole so that the liquid in the container also ignites.

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First, you must stir without reaching the bottom and then we can raise the ladle so that the flame rises; You will see how the flame will be bluish due to the sugar. It is essential that be very carefulor with the flames of the queimada since you could burn yourself.

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It is important to note that the Galician queimada is closely related to the mystical world and the meigas -as witches are known in Galician lands-, so tradition marks that it must be read the ‘Hidexuro’ or ‘Conxuro da queimada’ before finishing the preparation.

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As for the time that must pass for turn off the burntIt will depend on how strong we want it. The longer we wait, the more the alcohol will be reduced and the softer it will be. Regarding the method to do it, there is the traditional option of putting out the burner with one blow, but we can also use a cover so that the fire goes out. It should be noted that the queimada should be drunk hot, so once it is turned off, it will be necessary to serve it – if possible – in clay pots or glasses.

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