How to KNOW if a RABBIT is DWARF

How to tell if a rabbit is dwarf

Having a rabbit as a pet is the dream of many children. An option that is easier to reach thanks to the dwarf rabbits that, as their name suggests, have smaller dimensions than the rest, so that it is easier to have them at home and in a cage adapted to their needs.

Nevertheless, How to know if a rabbit is dwarf? The choice is not as complicated as it seems, because they have special characteristics that make it not so difficult to identify them. In oneHOWTO, we explain them to you so that you can take them into account when choosing your dwarf rabbit as a pet.

The weight of the dwarf rabbit or toy

One of the best ways to know if a rabbit is dwarf is to weigh it. The weight can vary depending on the kind of dwarf rabbit that is going to be kept as a pet, although you can follow the guideline that, in general, they tend to weigh between 800 grams and 1,700 grams, that is to say between 0.8 kg and 1.7 kg. This last weight is already much less common because, practically, it could be considered as a non-dwarf rabbit.

Within this fork, there are different weights as we have commented. The smallest is the dwarf dutch rabbit, of different colors, with short ears and hair and that usually weigh between 900 grams and 1,300 grams. Bigger is the belier dwarf rabbit, which can weigh up to 1,700 grams. Likewise, you can find the angora dwarf rabbits and lion’s head, also weighing between 1,300 grams and 1,700 grams.

How to know if a rabbit is dwarf - The weight of the dwarf rabbit or toy

The size of the dwarf rabbit

Although the weight is really more indicative to know if a rabbit is dwarf, the truth is that paying attention to its size is also helpful because they are rabbit breeds that are smaller than the rest, even when they are young.

In addition, the dwarf rabbit is not long, it is rather short, since it is usually 30 cm long, and has a compact structure. In some cases, it can reach a length of 50 centimeters, although it is less common and is usually more typical of the larger classes of dwarf rabbits.

How to tell if a rabbit is dwarf - The size of the dwarf rabbit

The key to the hair of the dwarf rabbit

If we do not have a scale to weigh it and we cannot measure it, how do we know if a rabbit is a dwarf? Another way is to look at her hair. The original race of the dwarf dutch rabbit The toy rabbit is short haired so, in principle, all those with long hair would be ruled out.

However, there are other breeds of rabbits of more average sizes, of which dwarf or toy lines have been developed. This is the case of dwarf angora, lion head and belier rabbits. The angora has long hair, this breed differs well because the coat is very similar to that of angora cats, the lion’s head has semi-long hair being more abundant on the head and neck, reminiscent of the mane of this great cat, and finally, the belier does have short hair, like the Dutch dwarf, but has long, drooping ears.

The color of its hair, regardless of the type of dwarf rabbit it is, is not helpful because there are many colors in all its classes, in addition to different coats that may have been generated by the crossing of races. In any case, her hair is always very soft to the touch.

Other physical characteristics of the dwarf rabbit

Paying attention to their physiognomy is helpful. But,how to know if my rabbit is dwarf by his features? It is easy. You just have to take a good look at some parts of your body. First of all, you should look at his head, which is a head broad in proportion to the rest of the body. In addition, in belier dwarf rabbits the head is more rounded. In all cases, they have little neck. It is also common for their eyes to be quite large compared to their size.

The ears are another of its characteristic features, although there are variations depending on the type of dwarf rabbit. In general, they have the short ears with the exception of the belier type in which they are longer ears, but they fall on the head and have a straight shape. As a guide, a length of the ears of between five and eight centimeters can be established. They are not very wide ears either.

And the legs of the dwarf rabbit are another of its points of differentiation compared to the rest. The key is that they are short legs, in fact they are quite shorter than those of other non-dwarf rabbit breeds, although they are still just as thin.

These are traits with which, in general, it can be said that the dwarf rabbit is like a small ball with more or less hair, depending on whether it is an angora or not.

How to tell if a rabbit is dwarf - Other physical characteristics of the dwarf rabbit

Behavior of the dwarf rabbit or toy

Now that you have some notions about how to know what breed a rabbit is And if it is a dwarf race or not, finally, we only have to reveal another little trick for it. The key is to observe it because toy or dwarf breeds are a type of rabbit that is very playful and, practically, it cannot be still. In addition, it is also usually very curious, so you have to be careful with the corners of the house and prevent it from chewing on unwanted things, such as cables.

Here are some tips on how to know if a rabbit is dwarf or not, which will allow you to detect it, although always when in doubt it is good to go to a veterinarian to make the consultation. From unCOMO, we hope we have helped you and we recommend that if you have decided to include one in your family, consult this other article on How to choose and prepare the rabbit cage.

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