How to defrost in the microwave

How to defrost in the microwave

The microwave is one of the home appliances more useful and comfortable in kitchens around the world. Not only does it allow for quick cooking, but it is also capable of defrost food in a few minutes. Although preferably it is always better to remove the product from the freezer the day before consumption, when an unforeseen event arises this device can rescue us. However, we must proceed appropriately to prevent the product from cooking while it is being defrosted. To facilitate the procedure, at OneHowTo we guide you about how to defrost in the microwave.

Basic defrosting

The usual procedure for defrosting in the microwave is as follows. First you have to introduce the food inside and then proceed to turn on the appliance by positioning it on the minimum power for 1 or 2 minutes or by selecting the snowflake icon that represents the defrost option. Then take a look to check the state of the food: if it is still frozen, separate slightly into pieces so that it defrosts optimally inside, and wait another couple of minutes again. If it has leaked during the process but you need to continue defrosting, first drain it in the sink to prevent it from cooking. Repeat these steps until the product thaws properly.

How to Defrost in the Microwave - Basic Defrosting

Defrosting fish in the microwave

When it comes to defrosting fish in the microwave, the proper first thing to do is to remove the plastic Of the piece. Then wash the fish with water to remove the glaze – the layer of ice that covers it – then place it in a microwave-safe container and finally put it in the appliance for less than two minutes. On the other hand, remember to be very aware that it does not get cooked, remove the steak from the micro while it is still cold. Also keep in mind that once defrosted you must cook the food as soon as possible and not freeze it again.

Defrosting meat in the microwave

The following process will help you defrost the meat quickly, but it is only recommended to use it if you have no other choice. First remove the wrapping from the meat so that it does not melt in the heat, and then put it on a container or microwave safe dish. Then insert it into the appliance and choose the option to defrost for one or two minutes. If the appliance does not have this option, select the minimum power. When you verify that it has thawed, cook the meat immediately. If it has not defrosted yet, insist for another couple of minutes after turning the product on the plate; we also recommend you consult our article how to defrost meat.

How to defrost in the microwave - Defrost meat in the microwave

Peel off a freezer bag

In the event that what you intend to consume has been previously frozen within a freezer bag, First of all, you must remove it from your freezer, wait until the bag detaches slightly from the body of the food to remove it and place it in a microwave-safe dish or dish so that it releases the liquid on it during the defrosting process safely . This way you will avoid staining the turntable of your appliance.

If you need to defrost a series of stacked fillets, whether fish or meat, and they are so united by freezing that they form a single partYou can put it completely in the microwave for a few seconds until you check that its interior is slightly softened, as this will allow you to detach the fillets afterwards. Then proceed with defrosting each individual fillet.

Latest generation microwave

The modern microwave come equipped with a series of defrost programs automatic for all types of food, assessing factors such as its weight. Therefore, it is really useful to enter certain data related to the product when putting it in the device to facilitate the process. In addition, these state-of-the-art appliances have a function that alerts you to the right moment to turn the food over.

How to Defrost in the Microwave - State of the Art Microwave

Avoid cooking

Likewise, it is recommended to be aware of the defrosting process, because it must be taken into account that the product must be prevented from heating up in any area. This usually happens with the thin parts of the food, and can be seen by seeing a change in color: for example, in the case of meat steaks, their thin edges can start to cook during defrosting.

So stay in the microwave and remember that you are defrosting, not cooking. Therefore, act before noticing a color change or before noticing that one area is hotter than another when touched with your finger: turn it around to the product several times to prevent this from happening and you will defrost it properly.

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  • If at the end of the defrosting time set by your microwave the food has not completely defrosted, wait a few minutes by activating the