How to care for the money plant



Nieves Portal

I have the money plant and nothing prospers, I see that it has some mosquitoes, I do not know how to remove them


Excellent article on plant care

veronica alejandra sanchez

the leaves of my black dollar are weak … squishy … it worries me.

M. Alicia Maldini R.

Can I plant it in a container with only water and have it inside?


The money plant, is that its original name? How do I ask for it when I buy it?


good afternoon !! How do you take care of the dollar plant ??? It came out like black freckles behind the leaves … I washed it with soap, but I don’t know if it will heal, hopefully it will … and I also have other plants similar to the ants, why do they come and how does it heal … Thank you so much


I have moved to a colder area and my money plant is rotting the leaves, and the stem becomes hollow, I do not know if it will be too much water or some disease, also the leaves are too weak, I could tell myself what it is it must, so much weakness, I also had to transplant it and now it has sprung up again, but it is very weak.


Good article, I hope my plant gives me the money I need, however if it does not give it, I keep the beauty of the plant in my house. Thanks for the tips

Blanca Alvarado

I have a money plant but not recently my daughter gave it to me. But I have found him some dry leaves. Why is it? I would like to keep her very pretty.

Claudia Falcon

I have a millionaire to whom the black leaves are being applied, from the edge to the center. I want to know whether to cut the leaves and leave the pure stems or just cut the black from each leaf?


I have a money plant that was very pretty. Now it is being eaten by one OR several green caterpillars OR worms, which I cannot find.
I know about the worm or caterpillar, because it happened to me on another occasion
I would like to know what is due and how to end them.

Gladis marmolejo

How long can an aloe vera plant last?

norma escobar lorca

Hello .. the leaves of my dollar plant turn yellow when they grow down, do I have to cut them?

Carlos E. sarmiento s.

what is the best way to cultivate the peppermint plant?

Nestor De Leon Suarez

Hello good. I follow all the advice to take care of my money plant but my leaves always burn. They begin to turn black until they dry up and die. It does not get the sun but very little first thing in the morning and although I have removed it so that it does not touch it, the leaves continue to die.


I have a bamboo cane for a long time. It was put from the root to the middle of the yellow stem above it has green leaves and green children. Can I cut it in half to where the yellow ends? I changed the water every week-Thank you


I want to know if I can place it on a north-facing terrace, with lots of light and little sun and near the sea.

Irene Juste (Editor of unCOMO)

Hi Mariajo,

Yes you can place it like this. The important thing is that the sun does not give it too direct to prevent it from getting burned and that you water it without going overboard, as it is a plant with fleshy leaves and easily accumulates water.


marta gladys carrasco

the leaves are very small and you need to know what soil is in the pot

Amparo Sabater

I would like to know how to take care of it in fertilizers and how to transplant it so that it does not die because I would like to always have it in. I business