How do you say the area or the area

How do you say the area or the area

In the Spanish language, when it comes to articulating certain words, doubts may arise about what is the correct way to say them, asking us whether we should accompany them with a masculine article or, on the contrary, a feminine one. In this OneHowTo article we show you in detail a clear example and help you solve how to say the area or area, since there is a phonetic rule that can clarify this question.

the area

If we search for the term ‘area’ In the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), we verify that it is a feminine noun that, normally, we use to refer to a space of land or a unit of surface equivalent to 100 square meters.

Despite her feminine gender, the correct way is to accompany it by the masculine article ‘the’ and say ‘the area’. This has a phonetic explanation, and is that as happens as for example with ‘water’, the words that begin with a stressed vowel (to-rea) adopt the masculine and singular article ‘the’, regardless of whether they are feminine terms.


  • I will create the orchard in the area right of the farm.
  • The referee has called a foul made in the area of the field.

the area*

That is why, taking into account the rule indicated above, we can point out that it is completely incorrect tell ‘the area’, putting the singular feminine article ‘la’ before it.

However, it should be noted that the adjectives that accompany ‘the area’ must be in feminine form, for example: It is important that the actors occupy the whole area scenic.

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