César Carballo sets a date for the long-awaited sterilizing vaccine and the end of masks

The new season of The Ana Rosa Program It has returned through the big door and with great news. The doctor Cesar Carballo, one of the best known medical faces, has dared to make a series of predictions about the coronavirus pandemic in the space of Telecinco now that the school year begins.

The well-known doctor has indicated that the health community is waiting for a sterilizing vaccine, which would be one of the keys to ending the coronavirus. As Carballo pointed out, this antidote “is expected for the end of next year, in 2022.”

Vaccine more than 99% effective

The sterilizing vaccine would be responsible for absolutely block the entry of the virus and transmission, with an efficiency greater than 99% thanks to the fact that they act directly on the respiratory mucosa.

Therefore, this coronavirus vaccine could cope with guarantees to the Delta variant and other mutations that may emerge over the next few months.

For Carballo thes current vaccines have done a great job and they have avoided “a escabechina” but the variant Delta continues causing that the vaccinated ones can even infect due to its high viral load.

Precisely because of the Delta variant “the whole scene has changed”. If before the group immunized was fixed in 70% of the immunized population, now it is considered that it would not be reached even with 90%.

Mask even without pandemic

The face mask It has been another of the elements on which Dr. Carballo has spoken. According to the expert, the masks should be use as long as possible.

In addition, he has gone further and pointed out that it would be optimal to continue using the masks even when the pandemic has been fully overcome of coronavirus.

“I think it has come to stay, look at the results with the flu, especially to combat respiratory diseases that we know come every year,” said the well-known doctor.

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The beginning of the course

One of the critical moments will be lived very soon: the back to school after the holidays. It will be the second return to the classroom since the coronavirus pandemic began. The positive part is that there is already accumulated experience and vaccines have been shown to be effective.

“We have the Delta variant that we know is transmitted much more, we are going to see what happens in the next three or four weeks because there are very high accumulated incidents in that age range,” said the emergency doctor at Hospital Ramón y Cajal about adolescents and the virus.

In this sense, Carballo has indicated that it would be appropriate to vcradle teens ages 12-16 “to protect us all”.