56 Short Sides Long Top Haircuts ( Updated 2019 )

Short sides long top hairstyles are flexible hairstyles that can be customized in several ways. You can have a hair stylist style the hair on top to different textures, cut it in layers or dye it into different colours to match your face shape. 

1. Thick Sleek Back Hairstyle

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This type of hairstyle is considered short and suitable for people who work in a
professional career. You can go through the list below for the latest short
sides long top hairstyles. Check out the 56 best haircuts with short sides for
men below.

Using the hair jelly, you can style your hair in a professional
manner as you like it. You can use the gel to lay it as flat or as puffy as you
want. In the hairstyle above, the long hair in front is combed to the back with
some jelly.

2. Classy and Modern Side Parted Pompadour

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The hair on the right side has been gelled to a high hill style
like the pompadour haircut. When people see you, they will immediately notice
it. Under the pomp, you can see the short sides that are being taper faded in a
neat fashion.

3. Men Bang Hairstyle with Short Sides

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Having a lock of hair drooping over your forehead makes your
face more proportionate. It only requires a bit long of hair to use gel to
press it into a nice lock that droop on the forehead. The bangs can be cut in
layers, tapered or just leave it as a straight line of hair.

4. Wild Pompadour and Short Sides

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You can keep the front hair longer and let a few strands of hair
fall naturally to the short hair on the side. To have this hairstyle, you must
comb the hair to one side so that the short taper fade side is shown.

5. Classic Side Swept Hairstyle for Gentlemen

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This is a casual hairstyle that features the longer hair is
swept to the left or right and the shorter taper fade hair is combed down to
the ear. The short side matches perfectly with the side swept hair. To achieve
this look, you must apply some jelly on your hand and then use your hand to
sweep the hair to the side. You can also use hair spray to keep the hair in

6. Men Classic Tapered Pompadour

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The pomp hairstyle features a long front hair that is combed
back in cascade form as well as a taper fade hair on the side and nape. You
must comb the hair up to a hill form before combing it straight down.

7. Side Swept Pompadour Hairstyle

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Bangs definitely can increase your look if you have a long hair
on top and taper fade side. If you don’t want the hair to fall, you should try to
comb some to the short taper fade side. It will give you the casual business
haircut that matches with a formal black and white suit.

8. Gelled Up Hairstyle for Men

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The sides are almost shaved leaving the long hair uncut on top.
Combing your hair to one part, you will find some shorter hair which you can
comb down to the side. The pompon one side is created by using some gel and
the line gives the appearance of a dip.

9. Men Casual and Short Clean Cut Hairstyle

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The neat look is achieved with an undercut that features shaved
hair on the sides and longer hair on top. The hair is pushed to the back with
gel but you can comb it to the side with gel to achieve the same look. The gel
keeps the hair in position.

10. Men Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

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The pomp is combed back to form a hairstyle that looks quite the
same as the traditional pompadour hairstyle. The look is achieved by
straightening the hair on top with gel first while the shorter hair is tousled
to pieces with gel. However, if you have long straight hair that reach to the
back, you don’t have to straighten it with gel first.

11. Classic Pompadour Side Part Haircut for Men

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One side of the hair is combed to a hight pomp while the other
side feature a flat pomp with only a small volume of hair. You’ll need to use a
hair jelly to achieve this effect. It adds a modern touch into the classic
pompadour hairstyle.

12. Long Hair Military Haircut with Undercut

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The short hairstyle which feature shaved sides is close to a
military hairstyle. The only thing is that the top is not as short as the
military standard but has been kept a bit of a length. The hair on top is
tousled with gel to a stylish look to match with the shaved sides.

13. Slick Back Brush Hairstyle with Short Sides

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The back brush look is achieved by the shaved sides. The top of
the hair is heavily gelled to a neat hip style look and the back is taper fade
neatly to give it a classic look.

14. Men Long on Top and Short Sides Hairstyle

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Your hair in front must be kept to a medium length which is a
bit longer than the eye brow and the sides must be shortened. The hair must be
straight. If it is not naturally straight, you can use a hair iron to iron it
straight. To create a messy look, you just use a little bit of gel to tousle

15. Men Classic Taper and Pomp Hairstyle

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The angled pomp adds a contemporary touch to the classic
pompadour hairstyle. It features a heavy volume pompadour and only a small
amount of mousse has been used. The pomp is pushed to an angled point to give
it a unique style.

16. Men Long Blond Top and Short Side

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The platinum hairstyle is ideal for people with courageous and
not afraid of anything character. It is an attractive hairstyle that will
quickly grab people’s attention. It blends well into the texture of the short
hair on the sides. The long hair on top is layered and the texture is achieved
with some jelly.

17. Messy Pomp and Taper Fade Sides

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The sides feature high taper fade style which is in contrast to
the long top that has been worked into a voluminous pile. Only the front hair
is tousled up with gel. The rest of the top hair are in its natural texture
without the use of gel.

18. Men Short Pompadour Hairstyle

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The long top hairstyle features a short shaved side along a neat
hair line. The hair on the other side is cut in a way to fit a pompadour
hairstyle. The hair is not gelled all the way back. Only a slight amount of gel
is used to achieve the pomp appearance. Because only a small amount of gel is
used, some strands of hair may drop to the forehead.

19. Faux Hawk with Tapered Sides

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With this hair style, you can let some long to medium curls fall
along the forehead while maintaining a shaved side to get a cool look. It is a
good combination of hairstyles that will give you a handsome look no matter
what types of clothes you wear

20. Classic Greaser Long Comb Back and Short Sides

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It is originally a classic greaser hairstyle but has been given
a modern touch with by messing some hair. The hair is cut in layer and combed
back with jelly. The long hair reach to the nape to create a greaser look. Only
little gel is used which result in the need of having to use the hand to comb
it to a messy look.

21. Men Brushed Over Hairstyle with Short Sides

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This hairstyle is ideal for people with wavy and curly hair. It
will also work for people with straight hair. You must first apply some gel to
the comb and comb the hair from one side to the opposite direction. The gel
will help to keep the hair stayed fixed in its position.

22. Faux Hawk with Bang and Undercut

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The faux hawk hairstyle can be a casual hairstyle for every day look.
The back is shaved gradually up. In front, a tip of the hair falls back
slightly on the front to add a cool look.

23. Short Sides and Flat Piecey Hairstyle

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The hairstyle is ideal for people with angular jawbones. The
hair is combed flat to one side and the sides have short shaved hair. The hair
is cut in the layering technique and has been tousled to provide a textured
effect. The hair is then brushed forward to have some bangs that drop along the

24. Men Wake Up Hairstyle

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This hairstyle looks similar to the messy hair when you just
wake up in the morning. To get this hairstyle, just leave your hair tin a messy
way as when you wake up. To look more stylish, use some jelly and form a few
bangs that stick out on the forehead.

25. Long Wavy Top and Short Sides for Men

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This wavy hairstyle is suitable for people with straight hair.
All you need to do is to use some gel and flip over the long hair on top to one
side and then form it into wave form. It is ideal for people that have layered

26. Comb Over with Long Hair and Undercut

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Undercut hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.
Undercut hairstyle blends in well with long hair and some bangs on top. The
contrast between the long hair on top and short undercut can make a statement
on the person.

27. Messy Pushed Up Hairstyle with Short Sides

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Short sides and back blend in will with long top that are pushed
down to form bangs that cover the eye brows. The hair at the back is pushed
upward. The gels help to keep the bangs in place.

28. Wavy Faux Hawk and Undercut for Men

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Classic faux hawk hairstyle features shaved sides and long hair
that are pushed to the middle to look like a Mohawk. This hairstyle features a
hair that pushed to wavy form so that it forms a pomp in front. A few strands
of hair might naturally fall off the pomp to dangle over the forehead.

29. Messy Side Part with Bang for Men

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The messy side look is attainable no matter what type of texture
your hair has. You can just push your hair to the side messily without using
any gel. You may use a little bit of gel to add some texture to the hair.

30. Men Medium Haircut with Short Sides

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Some men like natural looking hairstyle with long hair that look
neat on top. The clean cut hairstyle may suit you if you are looking for a neat
hairstyle with taper fade sides. This hairstyle is designed for guys that have
straight hair.

31. Bowl Cut Hairstyle for Men

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Bowl cut is not just for kids but they can also look cool on
men. The hair cut shown in the photo also features buzz undercut. The hairstyle
is ideal for people who have nice facial features. All hair should be allowed
to hang freely without the use of any gel.

32. Spiky Top with Short Sides

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If you have thick hair, you can use some gel to work your hair
to a voluminous top. The sides are shaved short and the long hair on top can be
styled into many different styles with a jelly. It looks just nice when you
push the hair into a loose pomp.

33. Tied Up Man Bun Hairstyle

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This is a hairstyle that features a nice contrast between long
and short hair. The sides are shaved short while the top is not cut at all to
allow it to grow longer. The hair can be tied into a messy bun. The messy
texture of the hair can give you a cool and casual look.

34. Gelled Side Part and Buzz Sides

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This is a clean cut look that features short undercut and hair
that is combed over to one side. You can use gel to keep the parted hair lie
down and in place on the head. Using a higher amount of gel can help you to
achieve a better texture.

35. Spiky Faux Hawk and Undercut

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The faux hawk hairstyle is looks like a Mohawk with shark
pointed top. The sides are shaved short but the hair on top are kept to a
medium or long length. To create the spiky look, you must push the top heart at
an angle so that it be like a real Mohawk.

36. Classic Piecey Faux Hawk Haircut for Men

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The faux hawk hair cut above is styled according to the
traditional faux hawk hairstyle. The hair i slightly tousled to achieve the
look. This hairstyle uses mousse to add some shapes to the hair. Like gel,
mousse can also be used to keep a hairstyle in shape.

37. Windblown Hairstyle for Business Men

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This hairstyle looks casual and can be messed up by the wind
easily. You can obtain this haircut by using some mousse and gel. You can push
the hair cut to the back and side to make it look like it has been blown and
messed up by the wind.

38. Textured Hairstyle with Bangs and Tapered Sides

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Regardless of your hairstyle, you can get your hair textured
with some bangs that droop over your face. To achieve this look, you simply
have to cut the hair in layer. If you don’t want to layer your hair, you can
apply gel over it. The hair on top is pushed forward while the bang can be cut
to give you the preferred style.

39. Spike Up Faux Hawk for Men

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The hairstyle looks just like a faux hawk, featuring front hair
that is tousled up to look spiky. Some hair on the side is also tousled to look
spiky. The hair are not pushed up to a single point but to many points with the
use of a strong gel. You can tousle the hair to form the spikes as you like it.

40. Volume Top and V Shape Line Haircut for Men

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We decide to include a creative short side long top haircut with
the hairstyle in the photo above. It adds an artistic touch to the hairstyle by
having the back shaved in a V shape. The V shaped line complements the entire
silhouette of the hairstyle.


41. Quiff Haircut with Undercut for Men

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This hairstyle looks cool because it features quiff of hair that
is pushed to the left. The quiff adds some volume to your hair and can also
make you look more stylish.

42. Gelled Back Pomp with Undercut

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You can look cool and professional at the same time with this
hairstyle. It features a clean undercut with the long hair on top being combed
back with gel. The voluminous top looks like a classic pompadour hair style
with a nice texture.

43. Thick Layered Pomp and Tapered Sides

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There are two layers of haircut in this pompadour hairstyle. The
first layer is the thick hair which forms into a ball of hair that combed to
the back. The second layer is a shaved hair on the side that disappear into
nothing. A loose quiff will also work for this hairstyle.

44. Casual Wavy Hairstyle with Short Sides

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This is another type of disconnected hair style. The sides must
be shaved down to almost no hair while the top should be left just as it is
without any styling. The hairstyle is ideal for people with naturally wavy and
curly hair. The longer hair at the back is brushed forward to the top.

45. Short Casual Hairstyle with Long Top and Undercut

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This is a hairstyle for a man who like to look casual. He
doesn’t care how he looks and just want a hairstyle fits into everyday life. It
features a taper fade style where the hair on top is shaved gradually downward
until no more hair is left. Because the hair is short, it is easy to keep it

46. Wavy and Flowy Hairstyle for Men

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The hair is tousled to the back more and also some downward to
cover the forehead. The entire look of the hair is flowy. It looks good when
you just cut it and your hair is short. As your hair gets longer, it becomes
like a layered hairstyle in which the hair flows from one layer to another.

47. Messy Unkempt Hairstyle for Men

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The best look for your hair is not necessarily achieved by using
any gel to style it. Messy hair sometimes can add that cool style that you just
need. There is no need to use any hair styling product to achieve the cool
style. The sides should be trimmed short and the hair on top should be allowed
to grow long. Every morning, when you wake up, you should tousle the hair a bit
with your hand to give it a messy look before going out.

48. Thick Spiky Quiff with Short Sides

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If you have long thick hair, you can style your hair to a quiff.
Combing the hair to the back can add volume to it and add a bold statement with
a spark contrast to the side. If you want to look more stylish, you can
incorporate a taper fade and sharp edge part.

49. Voluminous Pomp and Undercut for Men

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To have this hairstyle, you must first keep your hair long.
Then, you can go to the barber to have the sides short and the long hair on top
should be comb back loosely with gel to look like a voluptuous mount of hair.
It is up to you to flip the hair to one side or parted it into two sides with a
middle hair line. The voluminous haircut is ideal for people with straight or
wavy hair.

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50. Cool Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Men

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This subtle faux hawk hairstyle is practical for both formal and
informal event. It has a short sides where the hair is trimmed down gradually.
The top has longer hair and is gelled to a subtle faux hawk hairstyle. Short
hair means you don’t have to bother about the hair flaunting across your face
or shoulder.

51. Voluminous Top with Clean Undercut for Business Men

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The hairstyle features a good amount of hair parted to a
voluptuous mount on one side. The sides are shaved and tapered down gradually
to shorter and shorter hair.

52. Spiky Top with Undercut

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Regardless of how long your hair on the top is, you can gel it
to some designs to contrast with the shaved sides. You decide how long the hair
is on the top and what type of design you would like your hair to have when
people see you from the sides.

53. Temple Fade with Tapered Sides for Men

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Are you running out of ideas to look special in your hairstyle?
Getting a temple fade may be the solution. Temple fade or box fade is a haircut
style that cut the hair around the temple into a rectangular shape. The top is
usually long and the sides are shaved short.

54. Man Bun and Undercut

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Not everyone will find it easy to unravel a man bun. Some men
like to have a haircut with man bun while others don’t. If you want to look
sleek in your man but, a top knot will best suit you. Samurai bun is a good
alternative to top knot.

55. Voluptuous Side Pomp with Short Sides

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The hairstyle has a typical pomp which is a voluptuous amount of
hair combed to one side in a mount. The other side is short hair taper fade
down in a clean and neat fashion.