Hairstyles for thin curly hair

Fine curly hair: tips to maintain

Many supermodels naturally have thin curly hair and use the right products to keep their hair under control. To fit your super curly texture, you need special styling products. Use hair serums to help curly fine hair and always use shampoos and masks to help control frizz when it comes to your hair. Use a protective serum ditionally if you step out in the sun. The goal of maintaining neat texture is to keep your locks hydrated for curly hair wine fine texture. Use hydration-oriented hair products and stay away from all hair types of mundane hair sprays. Keep a straightening rod handy if you need to straight your hair segments while keeping the rest curly.

Curly Bangs Ponytail

Leave a huge chunk of your hair loosely on the front while sweeping your remaining tresses into a side-swept ponytail. This look highlights your front curls while keeping away a portion of it. To women with fine curly hair, its super cute and beautiful.

Braided Crown For Long Hair


Messy Twisted Low Bun

This messy bun is very cute and playful if youre looking for easy hairstyles for thinning women. In a loose low ponytail, tie your hair and make a low knot at your necks nape. Then take out a few loose tendrils to create a carefree environment.

Twists In Ponytails


Half up Half Down Style

Who said that women with fine curly hair could not rock half down the hairstyle. To order to highlight their facial features, many women with curly hair like to keep their hair away from their faces. This hairdo is perfect for you if thats how you like it. Pick up your hair from the front and transfer it to a crown area bun. You can ditionally use a spray setting to prevent your curls from breaking out. Use serum styling and comb to complete your look.

Low Bun For Medium Length Hair


Twisted Low Bun

Twist and twist your hair from the front to create a sleek look while going for a tight and simple bun at the back ending just slightly above your neck. This curly thin hairdo is ideal if during your workout session or on your day out you want to keep your tresses away from your face.

Angled Bob Haircut

Medium-length shoulder haircuts are very versatile and stylish. You still have the ability, if you so desire, to wear them in a cute updo or half updo. This angled bob haircut is a great way for your thinner locks to add depth and dimension. And whats more beautiful than a soft blend of blonde buttery shades like those pictured here. If you prefer a haircut lob, ask for a long bangs cut of the shoulder length. Side swept bangs are all the rage right now because theyre very sexy and playful.

Twisted Half-Up With Top Pulled Back

If you prefer long hairstyles, choose a longer cut with long layers to add some depth to your thinner tresses.

Short Curly Bob

Perhaps a timeless charm is the most common sight for women with short curls. Slay the look at the front with bangs.

Braided Side Bun


Braided Side Bun


Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Choose the appropriate hair shade and combine highlights to accentuate your curls. Follow daily style guidelines when this is finished and let your thin curly hair flow naturally.

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle With Accessories


Pixie Cut With Undercut


Top Thin Curly Hairstyles

Go through the styles and find the one that suits you.

Messy Curly Bun

Place the tresses at the top of your head and place them with a bun. If you prefer, you dont have to pull up loose tendrils and the bun is super voluminous without using curly fine hair to try. When you feel ornamental, insert flowers or brooches.

Long Side Swept Bangs

Medium-layered hairstyles are a great way for thin hair to add weight. Choppy layers, like those pictured here, add a lot of volume and give a much-needed boost to your fine locks.

Sleek Space Bun

Use styling serums to collect your hair tightly into twin buns on either side of the head. Because you style thin curly hair top buns, your curls are better appreciated and accentuated.

Asymmetrical Short Bob Haircut


Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

We think its a good way to add some bounce to your thin hair. Haircuts need not be dull for thin hair. A deep side is very sultry and a great way to catch any mans eye.

Simple Chestnut Curls

If you have fine curly blonde hair, consider getting a darker shade done with highlights to show off your curls. If the hair is of a very light color, the pattern is almost always transparent and its too pretty to cover. If you want to sport your curls in a trendy bob, a chestnut shade is perfect. Simply bob and let it run with a side partition.

Five Strand Braid Hairstyle


How to Style with Fine and Thin Curly Hair

Fine or thin hair with curls can be a little challenging, but you can perfect your tresses with the right products. After a shower, use a styling gel when your hair is still damp and scrunch an extra wave in areas you want to add. For the most part, try to towel dry and if you use heat-based styling techniques, go for heat-protective sprays and leave-in hair conditioners. To keep moisture and hydration levels in your hair, always keep a small leave-in conditioner in your handbag.

Voluminous Short Bob

Using styling serums while your hair is wet and scrunch at the root of your hair to add volume to the edge. However, your beautiful curls are falling into place. A simple and appropriate hairstyle for women with thin curly hair.

Low Messy Chignon Updo


Updo Hairstyle With Accessories


Side Swept Ponytail

If your hair is a little between curly and fine curls then this easy long curly hair with bangs.

Middle Wavy Long Hair

Every style of our gallery today is here to remind you that thin hair is not a curse. Youve just learned how to put an end to flat looks in order to stop complaining about them: its time to recreate our perfect ideas! Fine Hair Wispy Bob with Silver Highlights

If you have thin hair, youre likely to get away with shorter hair than thick hair. Why dont you chop your hair into a short wispy bob to give off a mature but playful aura if you want to flaunt what you have. D in silver highlights to add dimension and depth to your dark base. Showing off your fine hair is a perfect hairstyle. Short Pastel Blonde Bob Haircut for Thin Hair Blending in color highlights offers thin hair accents and adds depth to your fine hair. A haircut with layers on fine short hair gives this thin hair bob size. For this model, its a delicate but perfect cut and a wonderful hairstyle for fine hair.

Messy Top Knot Updo for Fine Hair is a beautiful way to style fine thin hair. The hairstyle messiness creates volume as well as interest, making it a great choice for women with medium to long hair. Layered Bob for Fine Thin Hair

A layered bob as a hair with thin hair gives your look the appearance of added weight and volume. If your hair is a blend of blonde hair color to improve the effect. If your hair is a solid color, consider investing in the treatment of balayage or babylights. Cool Brown Fine Thin Hair Babylights

Apply baby lights to long, cool brown fine hair to add size to your hair. There is no need for fine hair to be flat hair. Color may give volume illusion.

Messy Jagged Pixie for Short Fine Hair Cutting fine and thin hair into a messy pixie haircut prevents hair from lying flat. With some blonde highlights, this creates more depth. Complete the look with an impressive look and matching beaded headband. Straight Bob with Pulled Up Bang for Fine Hair

Why not go for the straight bob if you like to keep things simple and classy? Complete this elegant look with a curled hairstyle for thin hair may need some straightening in order to keep things in order. Ombre for Fine Thin Hair Could go well with an ombre hairstyle for fine hair. Whats the reason? Because thinner hair can be dyed easier than thicker hair and will require less treatment (a.k.a. damage to your mane.

For this spunky hairstyle have your barber give you a gray to black balayage with a pink ombre. If you want to give your hair more depth and make the colors more appealing curl it regularly with a curling iron. Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Thin Hair Combining two trendy elements the pixie undercut for thin hair gives you simple yet unique look that can surely turn heads. The pixie hairstyle can be great for thin hair since it’s very maintainable while a short undercut can give you that extra edge you want. Short Layered Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Mom look? Nah. This short layered bob for thin hair can give you a more sophisticated everyday look with minimum styling. Wispy hair can also benefit from this look as it doesn’t require much styling or straightening (maybe just a little bit. This amazing hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for thin straight hair. Blonde Balayage Hairstyle for Fine Hair If you are looking for that sun-kissed look balayage is the way to go. This particular look will work for thin and fine hair since blonde can go well with thin locks and curls are very easy to do on thin hair. Another fine hairstyle for fine hair. Long Fine Hair with Full Balayage Bangs As with short hair best balayage for straight hair. Blonde Fringe with Bun for Thin Hair

If you’re looking for an easy everyday look that gives off an innocent and cute vibe try this hairstyle instead. Have your stylist give you full bangs and layers that will frame your face well. Finish off your hairstyle with an effortless bun to keep you looking fresh and simple. Asymmetrical Bleached Blonde Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Blonde is an easy to do finehair color since bleaching can be done for a very short time. Moreover if you have a center part an asymmetrical bob with a slight honey undertone dye can make you look simple yet elegant. Pastel Lilac and Creative Undercut for Fine Hair

Rockstars aren’t the only ones who can pull off this haircut for thin hair. Get all eyes on you with this creative hairstyle: consisting of an undercut and carefully-done fades and lines that you can flaunt everyday. Top it all off with a pastel lilac color that gives you the extra edge. Purple and Peach Pastel Hairstyle for Fine Hair

This hairstyle for thin hair just screams color. If you can commit to bleaching and dying your hair this combination of orange pink and dark purple can blend well with each other to give you the ultimate color bomb style. However with thin hair be wary of the damage that hair dyes can do! Unicorn Rainbow Hairstyle for Fine Hair Go all out with the hair dye with this rainbow hairstyle! With a talented stylist you can color your hair with every color in the rainbow and more to achieve this effect. Short A-Line Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Short at the back and longer in the front; this hairstyle is stylish and trendy both at once. For thin hair this curly bob can also be a good idea; give your hair more volume to make it appear livelier. Cute Baby Bangs for Thin Hair Thin fine hair lends itself to wispy looks like this fringe bang haircut.

Short bangs can be hard to pull off but with the right hairto give you straight bangs that go down to the middle of your forehead along with a short bob to frame your face well. Mermaid Hairstyle for Fine Hair This is another hairstyle that focuses more on hair color. If you have thin or fine hair bleaching can give you fast and better results as the treatment is minimal. Have your hair get a mermaid look with violet dark blue turquoise and bubble gum hues. Edgy Creative Haircut for Thin Hair

It’s no secret that thin hair can have more possibilities than thicker unruly hair. Get your high fashion look with this creative cut with mid-forehead bangs and colored ponytail. Definitely an unusual haircut and color combination but if you think you can pull it off why not? Classic High Pony Combined with Knotting for Fine Hair For thin and wispy hair it can be hard for a hairstyle to work. But with this knotting hairstyle combined with a high ponytail you can achieve a unique but classy look without making your hair look unkempt. Unique Shaved Haircut for Thin Hair

Thin hair usually go well with very short hairstyles. With this look you can achieve a unique colorful and yet spunky image that’ll surely get heads turning. However a talented stylist is required to give you that smooth fade and well-done rainbow highlights. Side Swept Short Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

This side swept blonde bob hairstyle for fine thin hair is a simple and fun way to add life to your image while keeping the maintenance low. Pastel Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair Let this pink pixie hairstyle with pulled up bangs bring some flair to your thin hair.

You can great creative with a pixie cut by dying your short mane with a unique color. Pastels are in. So why not go for pastel blues pinks or greens? Long Bob for Thin Hair

For haircuts for thin and fine hair you can always go for hairstyles like these. Don’t want to go for a full bob? Have your hair cut to a shoulder length lob instead; not too long but not too short either! Center Part Hairstyle for Fine Thin Hair A center part is one the best medium length hairstyles for thin hair. It’s a soft and ultra-feminine way to show off your fine hair. Pixie and Side Swept Bangs for Fine Thin Hair Another variant to the pixie cut but this time with cute and short bangs! This hairstyle adds the playfulness to the traditional pixie cut and can make you look fun and outgoing without being too serious if you don’t want to go for the traditional pixie. Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair

A talented stylist is required for this hairstyle. Have your mane cut carefully into an inverted bob and maintain it to be straight for a classy youthful look that is easy to maintain and makes thin hair thicker. High Fashion Haircut for Fine Hair

High fashion always calls for the unusual. Pull off this very unique look and get all eyes on you wherever you go. Like the attention? Give your hair the extra edge with a ginger dye. Creative Half Braids for Thin Hair

Want to do more with your thin hair? Try styling your hair into these creative braids. They’re a little bit difficult to do but for an occasional look your thin hair can probably pull it off. Long Vintage Curls for Long Thin Hair Have the highlight of the s come backwith this long hairstyle for thin hair. If you want to give your hair more volume why not try curling it into long golden ringlets like this style above? Classy and formal this style is sure to give you an edge with any outfit that you choose. Wavy

Unicorn Half And Half Hair


Dark Red To Bright Red Ombre

This stunning hairstyle described as Sangria Wine is the last idea on our best pick list. It has dark roots then blends into dark red and a bright red finally. Its a beautiful and stylish look. To make the most of the color change, a combination like this is best suited for long hair.

We hope youve been inspired to try and find a combo of red and black hair!

Blue Purple Pink Hair

Try to keep washing your hair once or twice a week while were talking about making your do last longer. We know that sounds horrible but there are ways you can do this without walking around like you just crawled out of a greasy deep fat fryer. You can use hats on the really bad days and curly hair is the best way to cover up two-day old roots. Dry shampoo gives you some extra life between washings and you can even look at different updos. Thats what were doing when its not possible to bother washing our own!

Teal Blue Short Bob

This teal blue / green short bob is definitely # hairgoals once again with the short theme. It makes us want to run to the hair salon and take our extensions out and lopped off our locks.

We never wanted to look more like a green-blue hair!

Cotton Candy Pastels Half And Half Hair


Black And Red Ombre Hair

Ombre is a stylish hair trend that will always be. Heres how the red and the black shadows rock. At the base, the hair is black and then the red shade begins shortly afterwards. This is a wonderful idea of hair that is going to make a statement. Use a darker or brighter red to recreate a similar look to this. Also, you can continue the color down the hair.

Electric Mermaid Hair

It looks really mermaidy this beautiful blue and purple blended hair blue at the top middle purple and green at the ends although this braided look helps to beautifully show each element of the hair color layout.

Distinguished by the name of electrical mermaid skin. How are you?

Deep Metallic Magenta And Deep Blue Steel Hair

We talked earlier about Harley Quinn and that film about the Suicide Squad and that hair makes us drool! Its essentially Harley Quinn hair and its totally in love with our inner geeks.

Half blue and half pink in a fishtail braid mixed together. What might be cooler? (And so bang on trend too!

Gorgeous Combo!

Choosing beautiful hair There are things you can do to make life easier and the first thing you can do is go for a chop – get all the dead bits cut off the ends of your hair. You can still choose something bright and blue / purple like this but just a shorter version of it.

Teal Blue Hair With Colorful Tips

Keep a simple and stunning blue-green at the roots this pretty lady has chosen something we probably wouldnt have chosen ourselves for different colors on the tips, but it works pretty well actually.

Heading from deep and dark blue green to apple green yellows baby pink peaches bright purples and even some electric green for good measure is a look thats sure to get people talking.

Blue Green And Purple Hair

If you want a look crying under the sea, its pretty much like that. Combining all the oceans brilliant colors, you have all you might want in this look.

The blues of the ocean with the bright greens and hand-painted turquoise blends work very well with the pastel pinks and almost mint greens you can see. A very brave color blend, but one that works perfectly!

Purple Hair With Blue Highlights

Of course, you could always go the opposite way. More lilac / purple at the roots and just a touch of blue peeking through to the bottom. In this purple mane there is the odd chunky blue highlight and the twisted loose waves help to brilliantly show off the different shades.

Purple And Teal Hair With Light Blue Tips

Another bold and bright hair looks here – the blues and greens mixed in this colorful blend are amazing that we cant take our eyes off. We dont want to.

To get color as bright and shiny as this and to make sure the colors last as long as you want them youll need to make sure that your hair is in excellent condition before you start. If your hair is damaged or over-bleached, its probably best to wait a couple of weeks to try some hot oil treatments to take good care of your hair for a while and then come back to it later when your hair is better equipped to handle this overhaul.

Blue Ombre Hair

Ombre hair like this is easily achieved with a very simple trick – applying a conditioner to your bright color to make it more powdery and a pastel look the further down you go. Start with the roots and keep things dark and the more you work down the length of your hair, the more conditioner you apply before you hit the ends and you are left with a beautiful shade of light and ice.

It sounds easy and it really is a couple of times after you gave it a shot.

Blue Hair With Purple Peekaboo Highlights

If you want to go for a big change of color like this but youre not sure where to start clipping in extensions worn with your natural coloring can tell you whether or not the tone and shades will fit your hairSometimes youll have to play around with shades before you find one that works perfectly with your skin tone. This is something that a hair stylist experience can help with.

Purple To Lime Green Ombre

One thing you definitely need to remember with colorful hair looks like this is the amount of pre-lighting treatments and work youll need to put through your hair before you can even start coloring.

Unfortunately colorful hair looks as beautiful as this is not a simple case of walking into the living room and walking out looking like your favorite character My Little Pony. For a look that fabulous; dedication and the awareness that color this bright and bold is very high-maintenance is required a lot of dedication.

Bright Purple Hair Braids

When we first saw this bright violet, we actually gasped. Actually gasped – how amazingly beautiful it is we were in total awe. And its also really. All right, were swooning now.

In this look, the color differs slightly, but for the most part it is one-tone purple. Its just fantastic and well-conditioned hair. You couldnt achieve this awesome hair design without first having great hair condition.

Half Up Braids

Boxer braids are inside and cool. While still sleek and trendy, they deliver a tough-looking hairstyle. Everyone cant commit to complete boxer braids though, so thats why half boxer braids are a good compromise. You get the boxer braids coolness while still wearing down your hair!

Bright Red Hair Idea

Looking for an idea of hair that will make you stand out in style from the crowd? Thats for you then. We got a super bright bob here. Most of the hair is white, but black roots are peeking through. The subtler black roots give an elegant look to the hair. This bright red is incredible and is going to require focus. For anyone who wants a major hair makeover, it would be perfect.

Dark Purple Hair With Blue And Teal Lowlights

What works for you may not work for anyone else and vice versa. If your friends have had great luck with one hair dye brand, but you dont have the greatest success with it, dont give up home that looks like this. Instead, look at using another brand. There are so many to choose from these days that you would probably like to be one. There has never before been so much choice when it comes to coloring your hair with vegan specialities henna and more.

Dark Purple Teal Blue Hair

Katy Perry looked like this one – dark and light blues and purple colors together. Its a bold look for sure but one that looks incredible when braided or curled to let all the highlights and lowlights shine through. If you want to play around with color but dont have a great place to start why not?

Light Green And Silent Blonde


Dancing Rainbow Hair

If youve never heard of a hair painting technique known as fluid hair painting youve never had that beautiful hair.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this multi-dimensional look is to spread the hair flat and let the paintbrush do the job. The hair dye will be placed in your hands where it needs to be and the colors will mix as they should. Thats the games goal anyway, clearly not something youre going to get away from doing on your own at home. Actually saying that most of the looks youre going to see here are just too hard to try alone unless youre dealing with hair extensions.

Pull Through Braid

Half braid pull does not look like any other kind of braid and provides a casual yet elegant appearance. Its easy enough, and for almost any occasion it will look great. For those lucky women who have black hair, this kind of braided hairstyle looks better and it also looks better on longer hair so keep that in mind.

Light Red And Black Long Bob

You can choose a brighter color like this if all the dark red shades are not for you. Here we have a lovely asymmetric hairstyle with a red shade of copper. Its quite light, giving to the hair a hot spiciness. A color like this on all hair lengths and styles would look amazing.

Unique Black And Red Hair

Would you like a unique style different from the rest? Thats for you then. This hair looks very creative and artistic. This one has what looks like horizontal stripes instead of the classic black roots and red colour. This is an amazing method of coloring and its great for trendsetters!

Pastel Blue Purple Hair

This hair is amazing. This hair is actually very easy to create and can even be achieved if you play your cards right without even trying. Fading your brighter colors to this is super easy and making sure you add conditioner to the bright shades you used before diluting them. Little tip – it makes them more powdery and pastel!

Black And Red Short Hairstyle

Make a short hair statement like this! The hair around the edges is super short and the top is red and long. We love this look because it really stands out from the red. You may recreate this kind of bold red design or choose a darker red. The red shades of the wine would also look amazing.

Black Hair with Red Tips

Another shadow look is next. This is different from the others as it starts on the hair lower. Most of the hair is black, then the hair gradually blends into a dark red and then a vibrant red shade. This is a lovely and trendy hairstyle shadow that will suit both long and short hair.

Ink Blue With Pink


Galaxy Hair

We called it galaxy hair because its really out of this world … Theres just not enough words to express the love we have for this crazy, colorful look.

Mixing bright and vivid violets with bright pink turquoise silvery-blue and pale and pastel lilacs we would be rocking intricate braids each day if we had the opportunity to show off these colors.

Magnificent Rainbow Hair

What about this beautiful rainbow hair in those days when you cant make up your mind? If it looks colorful, youre on the hunt because youre not going to get much colorier than this one.

Dark violet to bright pink to electric green-blue pastel yellow green bright yellow green teal green teal green and more. Its a beautiful color blend that definitely isnt for the heart of the weak!

Black And Red Short Cut

Remember to have shorter hair? Then for you is this hairstyle. Here we have a trendy short cut where the back of the hair is black and the front is red. For super short hair, its like a shadow. For the ladies who want a bold new hairdo, a hairstyle like this is a must-have.

Blue And Purple Bob

Your hair is made of protein so you need to make sure that your locks are protein-packed in order to be as bold and bright as you want. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there with keratin as an added ingredient. We would highly recommend starting with these washing and conditioning your hair with them for a few weeks before starting your coloring and lightening treatments.

Elegant Black And Red Hair

If youre looking for hair inspiration, check this hairstyle. It not only has an incredible combination of red and black colors, but the real packaging and accessories are also fantastic. This hairstyle for a special occasion will look beautiful. It is an example of how beautiful and elegant colors can look while also being super stylish!

Red And Black Pixie Cut

Then well show you a short hairstyle. The hair on the bottom layers is black for this look and red on the top layer. The combination of colors used here is stylish and the making of statements. A short cut like this on anyone will look amazing. You can either try this dark red or try a darker red. Anyway, its going to be a fashionable theme! 1.2576.jpg” />

Red Hair Color Scarlet

Increase your hair look like this. This hair is an incredible deep root shade of scarlet. Its a very glamorous hair idea and looks incredible with any hair length and style. We love this beautiful color that reminds us of Ariel from The Little Mermaids Disney movie. For somebody who wants a trendy and beautiful hairstyle, it would be great.

Fairy Pink And Blue Hair

Blue and pink are not two colors that you would normally put together when you step into the hair salon and ask your stylist what you want, but as this beautiful and crazy-colored look often shows color challenging works really well.

Another fairy / My Little Pony-inspired look is one that we would like to call Aloe Blossom after one of the slenderest Spa Ponies. The vivid mix of colors here is blue and pink so stunning we cant help but want it on our own. Right now. Thank you, please.

Faux Hawk Braid

If you want to try something different and trendy, a half-fake hawk braid for black women should be used. You can style this kind of braid in many different ways and it will always look amazing. The half-up faux hawk braid is great for a more casual look, while the entire faux hawk braid you see in the picture is really impressive. The only drawback is that big hair demands this sort of hairstyle! Blissful Side Braids Hairstyles for Black Girl

Purple Melting Into Teal Blue

If your hairstylist tells you they wont be able to do all the work you want in a single session, make sure you listen. All that work on your hair will ruin it, and if they try to do too much, youre not going to end up with a perfect mane of purples and blues, but rather hair thats like straw to touch or even worse splitting and falling out. Its good that the first time you dont look right – the color is generally more conditioning, so you can do this bit more than once. Its the pre-bleaching with which youve only really shot the one.

Crown Braid

This half-crown braid is beautiful and allows you to keep your black hair out of your face. It looks easy and it will give any of your outfits that touch of chic. You can even select fresh flowers and decorate your crown braid if you feel particularly bohemian.

Candy Hair

Another beautiful pastel look is something magical about this clever combo – lots of pastels again blended purple at the roots with mint green and pink at the ends.

Why dont you consider adding a different color to your roots instead of redoing the whole look when youre growing up? This look could easily be a fading color used to revitalize top with a newer hue. And youve got them there – the coolest and brightest colorful hair looks like youre going to want to totally rock this year! Which is your favorite? We couldnt pick that theyre all so lovely!

Light Blue Hair With Purple Roots

Its like the most beautiful ocean color and its probably why we love it. This cute little look just goes to show you dont need long locks to show off a beautiful array of shades and colors. This one incorporates turquoise blue shades just at the roots with purple. If youre thinking about a way to bring your roots to life and grow the old blue at the same time, its definitely this one.

Teal Green Hair

This teal green hair looks like one of the hottest colors of this season. A solid all-in – one color that captures the light in ways we cant understand why everyone is raving about it is not difficult to understand.

Of course we do!

Dark Blue And Dark Green Hair

Another ocean / water-themed look, this dark blue and green hair looks like a brilliant hand-painted blend of natural and wavy colors.

You dont need fake twists or wild updos to show off your hair when your color is perfect.

Purple Lob

It looks like a single color, but it doesnt. It is beautifully mixed in different shades of light and dark purple to give you a multi-dimensional look that also combines with waves and subtle textures to add more texture and depth to your look as well.

Purple hair is one of the best shades for you if its your first experience with vibrant and bold colors. When it fades, it will fade from the brighter start to a pretty lilac and pastel purple, giving you an easier way to grow it out and let it fade before you decide on your next masterpiece.

Blonde Meets Pink


Short Red And Black Hair

We got this beautiful red and black bob first. At the base, the hair is black with red slowly added throughout the body. Its a fashionable hairstyle for women who want a drastic hair transformation. This look can be recreated or you can try a vibrant red shade.

Red Highlights

This hairstyle might be for you if you want a more subtle red look. This hairstyle features dark red tones with long black hair. Even if the shade is dark, it is bright as it looks like a pastel. This is a beautiful hair idea and with any red shade you can recreate it.

Red To Black Ombre Hair

Our next style of hair is sleek and straight. Here we have an asymmetrical red and black lob. If hair is asymmetric, on one side it is longer and on the other it is shorter. This is a fashionable haircut enjoyed by celebrities like Rihanna and it will look great on you as well. Pair a red and black lob with an amazing hairstyle.

Colorful Pastel Hair

Thats how you make lots of colors subtly – pastel shades all mixed together created an almost opal / pearl hair mother look wed love to rock.

Such a complex blend begins with that beautiful silver-gray base. D those pastels and beautiful shades above the top and youve got a beautiful and colorful hair look that every girl will envy.

Light Blue Dark Braided Hair

We love the blues and purple streaks mixed in one here, a hand-painted blend, of course, but one that works really well. If you dont want to commit to one of these hue blends, you can mix things up as much or as little as you want, and you can create all sorts of beautiful looks out of it.

Fire Orange Tips

If youve got red hair and youre thinking about getting rid of it for a different color or perhaps heading back to your original shade, why not do it that way – the fire orange tips?

Fading red to orange and incorporating darker roots with lighter and brighter ends is a great way to slowly fade red while seeing a different shade at the same time. Orange hair is very hard to wear (we find this look is much easier to wear.

Colorful High Contrast

Waterfall Braids Tied Back

This look can take some experience, but with a little effort its nothing you cant learn to do. Waterfall braids are stunning, making for black women a very basic but stylish half braided hairdo. For a more laid-back look, you can leave your hair straight or curl the ends to a perfect semi-formal look.

Jewel Tone Teal Hair

Dont you think this jewelry tone is great here? It looks a bit like peacock hair, but rather a beautiful deep and rich blue instead of a bright purple.

So cleverly intertwined that you cant tell where one color begins and where the other ends what vivid hair looks like.

Knotted Looped Half Up Braid

Half braid knotted is super easy to do and its beautiful. It makes a sexy hairstyle and looks elegant and perfectly finished. This is another simple option you can definitely master and whenever you need to compliment a fresh casual look, you can always come back to it. Half braided hairstyles are super flexible and you can try a lot of different things so give a shot to any of these options! Black And Dark Red Hair

Jazz up your dark red hair like this. Multiple red tones create a unique hair color together. We love this idea of hair because its stylish and beautiful. Red like this will suit everyone and can be used on all lengths of skin.

Dark Blue And Light Blue Hair In A Braid

Why dont you want to show them off when you have these many colors in your newest look?

Braid is a perfect way to display every single color in your crazy hair palette and as you can see from this light and dark blue look different color combinations intertwine so beautifully it would be difficult to keep your eyes away.

Half Red Half Black Hair

Would you like to transform your hair in a unique style? If thats right, this is for you. We have half red and half black hair here. Its such a creative and bold hairstyle, and it would be great for the daring ladies who want something new to try. Half-and – a-half color on all hair lengths will look amazing.


If you want long locks with loads of color thrown in but youre not sure you want to make such a serious commitment try clip-in extensions instead. You can add as many or as few as you like and it gives you the opportunity to play around with your colors and shades giving you new ways to incorporate blues and purples together.

Colorful Split

Id like some kind of green and blue. With peach, too, no waiting purples and pinks. In fact, wait to do only half and half. Why isnt it?

We cant think of a good reason not to be honest with this hair. Its so wild and its just working out there. But with Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad wearing half-and – a-half hair (we think itll be a thing too soon).

Neon Coral Green

Soft Red And Black Bob

Weve got another stylish bob next. At the root, this one is black and then blends into a soft red and finally into a shade of light. We love these colors and it reveals perfectly that you can put together more than two colors. Recreate this bob or try on longer hair a similar red blend as well.

Pink Orange Hair

We think that this bright hair looks like a treat that we loved in our youth – the fruit salad. Pink and a coral-peach-orange hue mixed together, this is certainly a fruity look, and for all the right reasons, one that will get everything right.

A darker, almost violet pink at the roots graduated with a hand-painted effect to the bright ends. We love that. How are you?

Purple Blue And Pink Lob

Its like an opal hair with a kick-up on the back instead of a subtle burst of pastel pink blues and violets that use much lighter colors instead of showing you a shorter and much more vibrant version of My Little Ponys fur.

We love this look – it just shows that when you want to play with color, you dont need duration on your side.

Blue Purple Pixie Style

And another classic little example of how you can make this pixie look blue and purple even when you have super short hair, of course it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those beautiful shades as well. What shouldnt you love?

Blue And Purple Ombre On Blonde Hair

Blonde hair gives you the perfect starting point to play around with any color so why wouldnt you just play around with a shadow of bright blues and purples like this awesome look you can see here? The good news with hairIf you dont want a lot of color, leave more blonde on top and add the blues and purples to the hair ends. This shadow is amazing and we love it, but you can always add more or less.

Half Up Braided

This half braided hair does not get any easier! This is a great choice for work hanging out with coffee dates with friends or just to make some orders. A braided hairstyle for black girls helps you to wear down your hair and yet to show meaning and stand out has something special. Its easy to do and it looks pretty. Youll have the ideal complement to any semi-formal outfit if you curl your hair.

Subtle Red And Black Hair

Think of changing the color of your hair but dont want a drastic makeover? Then take a look at this look. The hair is a black bob that runs through the hair with a faint red. It just gives the hair a red hint, as you can see, and it looks very trendy. If you have natural black makeup, it is easy to wear and easy to maintain color like this.

Black Blonde Half And Half Hair



Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid is another classic for black-haired women and looks great! They make a casual look and are elegant and classy at the same time. This half-fishtail braid hairstyle is the perfect choice for your daily casual activities and will compliment all of your outfits. It also allows you to wear down your hair while doing something extra. Bold Red And Black Hair

This intense red look is our next concept. This one has gradually added black roots in the hair with red until it creates a shadow look. We love this vibrant and stylish red color. Colors like this can be used as featured on hair or they can be added to shorter hair as well.

Feather Design Hair

A slightly different look and one that will not be to everyones liking this feather design hair is another way of the fluid hair painting technique we told you about earlier – laying the hair flat and using brushes and fluid color washes on pre-lit and bleached hair to create beautiful looks and designs.

If youre willing to think outside the box, its a clever way to work with different colors.

Side French braid

is a classic French braid which is easy to learn. Side French braids are even easier to put together in half braid hairstyles and are the perfect compliment to any black women casual outfit. They seem effortless and look deliberately messy for what were going to do. This is the perfect choice if you feel lazy, but still want to look chic.

Hair Look Split-Dyed

Didnt you see? The new film Suicide Squad is coming out soon and Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinns part in it – the girl with half pink and half blue hair. We love this little recreation – one of the girls here even borrowed the look for herself. Its a great fun way to experiment with it, and the violet and blue tones are too cool for school in this.

Rainbow Sherbet Hair

Do you recall the candies you used to get as children? Were they a bit like polystyrene inside them with some fizzy sherbet? Well those candies are exactly what we were reminded of by this hair and that kind of nostalgia is not to be sniffed at!

We love one hundred percent this pastel prettiness lots of pastel shades of peach green yellow violet pink and brilliantly mixed together. Ask yourself if you want to try this look too!

Pastel Blue And Purple Hair

We love this look too with an almost Frozen-inspired look of lilac bright purple ice blue and a blue mint / baby blend.

Colored pastel hair has recently been all the rage and this blue and purple mix inspires us to try so many different color combinations. Starting with this one of course …

Pink Blue Tones


Long Red Hair With Dark Roots

Our next hair concept is a beautiful and rich red color. The hair begins black again and ends in an amazing dark red tone. This is a beautiful color for fall and winter that would look amazing. Itll make your look brighter during the colder seasons! 1.2593.jpg” />

Dusty Ombre Look

Make sure you keep up with the upkeep when your paint is finished in the living room or at home. When you wash blue and purple hair, it can be difficult to touch the color without mixing it up, but one tip we found particularly helpful is to use a silver / gray shampoo. When you wash it, the color fades with more of a powdery and pastel finish making it look like that was the effect you wanted first. For a long time, we have faded our hair with gray / silver shampoo and now we swear by it!

Red Hair Underneath

Looking for a glamorous look? Then thats your hair idea! In a sexy bold red hue, this hairstyle features long hair. You can see the stylish black color below as the hair comes to an end. This is a cool hair idea that looks red but youll also see the black color when its put into an updo. Wear in such beautiful waves to pop up the black highlights.

Warm Red And Black Hair

Make your hair look brighter! The hair highlighted at the root is black again and then slowly blends with a bright red and then with a warm red coppery. We love this idea of hair because it has more than one shade and the blend is lovely. For trendsetters, hair like this is perfect!

Light Pink Hair With Dark Pink Roots

This time were talking about pink bubblegum. Who doesnt like pink bubblegum?

At the roots you have a brighter pink bolder heading towards the end to a lighter pastel and pink powdery. Starting with your bright pink dye and gradually adding conditioner to the mix is a clever way to achieve this. The more you add the more pastel and powdery it will become. Smart right?

Half Up Half Down Braid

This half-down hair with braid is super simple and will very well compliment your outfits. It makes for a casual and beautiful look that is carefree. This is definitely something that anyone can learn to do, and if you dont know what youre doing with your hair, it can get you out of a pickle. You can move on to add more braids once you master this braid. The black half-up and half-down braids can be double or triple, making your hairstyle look much busier and more elegant.

Blue And Purple Metallicbob

There are ways you can make this lighter brighter look. A washed-out look can often work on darker natural hair and you can make your roots a darker shade than the rest of your hair when you grow them out to give you a little extra time before you bleach. Who said those vibrant hair had to be too maintenance-free?

Prismatic Rainbow Half And Half Hair


Prismatic Rainbow Half And Half Hair

Well, the color sticks wash-in / wash-out will help you get a look like this – lots of different colors on the ends of your hair without the need for lightning bleaching treatments or long salon appointments.

Simply dust the chalk over the areas you want to paint and when you look at them on Sunday night, ready to work on Monday morning, wash them out with a double shampoo dose and youll be back to normal with your regular shade.

Purple To Dark Blue Ombre Hair

While were talking about food, you can use some homemade hair masks to improve the protein in your locks. We cant express this enough – if you dont take care of your hair before and after the coloring process, you wont have the look you want. Avocado coconut oil mayonnaise egg whites and more were used successfully on the hair to improve protein and keratin.

Pastel Hues


Dark Purple Hair

In a very clever and subtle way, this dark purple look transitions from a bright purple to a darker tone and if you wanted a discreet way to wear some of the boldest colors of this season, thats definitely the way to do it.

The hair was lightened towards the end with a purple wash over the darker brunette roots to allow those bright purple pops. Everything we mean is that … its love!

Spicy Red Hair

Sprinkle with red hair like this! At the root, the hair is black and the hair turns into an amazing red shade. We love the color that is beautiful on the hair! A darker red like this would be a great choice for anyone who wants to try red but not the shades that are very bright and vibrant. Such a color would also look amazing with a shadow.

Sunset Hair

What an amazing blend – violets yellow reds and oranges all mixed together to give a tropical sunset look. I think thats what its called – sunset hair.

Its been a big trend and we predict its going to be a bigger trend for more and more hairstylists trying to look for themselves in this colorful hair. Whats wrong with you? Would you be wearing it bold enough?

Vibrant Blue And Purple Hair Looks

If you have long hair you have the length to play with if you cut off your locks then what you have to lose? There are lots of advantages to go for the cut … Having blue and purple hair looks like this is a huge benefit beforehand!

Dark Blue To Purple Ombre Hair

While rocking your bright and colorful blue and purple hair looks, make sure you leave your hair straighteners to one side. There are plenty of ways to recreate curls without resorting to heated tools, but straight hair is not easily achieved. For a while, your vibrant hair would allow you to rock your natural waves.