Cute Bob with Asymmetric Bangs for Plus Women

Medium straight hair with bangs

A completely straight bob with bangs will give your face more of a hard shape to contrast with its natural round shape and it works best for women whose hair is a bit t-shaped. How to use a styling brush or a hair straightener to straighten your hair.

Glamorous Curls</h2

A cute bob is a beautiful round face. Curl your hair underneath your chin with a barrel brush to highlight your smile. The asymmetric angle of your bangs will give the look of a modern edge.

Older women can still enjoy glamorous hairstyles as much as younger women can. Use irons to create beautiful curls. It is important that you use heat protect products to protect your hair as older hair can be more brittle and the heat can damage it easily.

Absolutely Asymmetrical

It is one of the most amazing hairstyles for round faces. A slightly asymmetrical cut will not only lengthen your face but it is all the rage too. This hip and trendy style will make you look years younger. To maximize this look dry your hair using a flat paddle brush and then smooth your hair with a flat iron. Then apply a shine or smoothing serum to make your hair soft shiny and completely touchable!

Loose Ponytail

Balayage Wavy Hair

Balayage Wavy Hair: It is the best way out if you would like to go platinum but still have some second thoughts. You can use balayage at various heights. In such a way you will get all the best from the snow white blond but still will have a warmer tone left.You still keep worrying about your round face? Don’t! Make a side part to keep the balance with your shape and add up some curls! Done!

Short Wavy Hair with Bangs

If you have wavy hair and you’re a fan of the retro vibe this is a perfect solution for all your problems. How to Wear this short hairstyle that still shows those natural waves that fall over the forehead.

Long Gray Curly Hair

When it comes to styling hair for women over there is no bigger synonym for sensuality than curls. And if the hair is long the possibilities are vast. How to You can use rollers to create nice large curls and then try wearing them at the back so that they don’t cover a lot of your round face. That way they will look gorgeous falling down your back.

Side Bunwith Bangs

A hairstyle can say a lot about one’s personality and what a side bun and bangs say about you is that you are a fun and free-spirited person. And good looking too! How to Find a nice bun that you like and try and create it. You can use a little bit of hair gel on your bangs. This elegant hair round face is so good.

Short Permed Hair

You’ve grown your natural gray hairout but you still want to do something with it. How to A perm on hair that hasn’t been dyed previously looks amazing and it doesn’t damage the hair. It is a beautiful hairand over years old.

Shaggy Bob for Women Over

Short Bob with Bangs

A short bob makes you look nice and endearing, which might not be bad. We suggest cutting the bangs as bobs have a naturally round shape.

Short hair style with side bangs

Short hair round face which is a bit spiky and somewhat messy. And what it says is youre outgoing and fun, and nobody has the right to call you old! How to get this particular hairstyle and a few other hairstyles includes side-swept bangs and a side part in this article. And thats why theres a good reason – asymmetric middle part would simply enhance the faces roundness as opposed to asymmetric hairstyles thats more flattering for round face shape.

Classic Elegant Updo

There are many reasons why the iconic look of Meryl Streeps Oscars. Many would agree that she looked better than many of her half-age colleagues. And everyone thought they wanted to look just like that when they were their age. How to Her hairstyle was a significant part of that iconic look. She was wearing a beautiful simple updo, tightened and sleek on the sides, teasing on top, which is a great option to stretch the face.

Short Gray Afro

Regardless of how old you are when you are proud to wear a natural afro. Just as easy as that. How to If you want to change something or remove the hair from your face, you can choose from a wide range of hair accessories. This is a good option for this short curly hairover.

PlusRound Head Long Crop</h2

Half Up Half Down Braid

Half up half down braid is what you need to look nice. Make sure the braided crown is clearly visible! Stephanie danielles main photo

Bouncy Bohemian Waves

This longer cut is one of the best curling iron 1/4 inch hair. Use your hands when done to break the curls to make them look natural and bouncy. D a light spray for holding and shine.

This fun and edgy mohawk is contemporary and will raise the hair to make it look thinner and longer. For those who want a daring shorter hairstyle, this look works great. Start with slightly damp hair and dry your hair by pulling it up from your face and away from it. Apply a super-strong hold gel or pomade to your hair once it is completely dry and comb up and back into a pompadour / mohawk. Sprinkle it with a good finish spray at last!

Feathered hairstyles are an excellent choice to help you open your face. Curls also help you add a lot of texture to your look. Light bangs look great on womens hairstyle over women with round faces.

A loose ponytail will sit comfortably on the top of your head. Pinch your hair close to the nape of your neck to create a style that looks perfect for women with round faces over

Natural Tight Short Curls

The smoothness of the style helps to give a chic look to your hair that can be worn at the office or at glamorous red carpet events.

Layered Bob

Layering can change your face shape. Tell your hairstylist to cut your hair into a design that flatters the form of your round head. The layers most flattering stop just below the end of the nose. Wispy and Blunt Bangs To switch your

Experiment with round faces a few different ones. Just because youre starting to age your hair doesnt mean youve got to lose your sense of style and fun.

Half Up Space Buns

Half-up space buns on long hair look very cute. If your buns turn out to be larger, do not be afraid. Bring in the style something new.

If you still want a bold and glamorous hair then you can because its easy to maintain.

Wavy Maroon Red Hairstyle

And what do you do if you dont really dig the idea of cutting your hair short and settling with your natural or at least neutral color? Choppy layers help your face to open. You can color your hair a fiery red color to make the style look even more special. Captivating Bob Hair Inverted

For a really professional hairstyle you can try wearing your hair in a chin length bob. This type of hairstyle looks great if you have strong cheekbones. The length of your hair will help to highlight your bone structure.

Elegantly Elongating

This gorgeous cut with its long dramatic fringe and loose side braid will elongate your round face for a playful look that will make you appear youthful. Deeply part your hair to one side. Style your bangs any way you desire. Then gather your hair to one side over the shoulder leaving out a small piece on the opposite side near your hairline. Next braid your hair securing it with bobby pins and a finishing spray where needed to keep smaller looser strands in place.

Messy Braids

Messy braids: first of all you need to remember that messy braids always look casual and edgy. If that is what you want – go ahead! Start with parting your hair in two sections then create two braids. Don’t forget to secure your ends! For a messier look – loosen your braids as much as you feel comfy with. Space buns are totally trending these days. But instead of going all messy and stuff opt for two sleek space buns. The effect will be as stunning trust us!

Spiky Pixie Cut

This hair hair. Harsher lines of the hairstyle are a perfect match for the soft lines of the face. How to That is why a good way to pixie haircut for women with round faceand over is to add some spikes and wear it messy.

Elegant Updo with Bangs

With years and updo has become your favorite everyday hairstyle. And we completely understand why – it is appropriate for many occasions the hair doesn’t fall all over your face it is elegant and sophisticated enough and it looks good. How to A trick to make that look a little less strict for round face older women over is to cut your bangs. They shouldn’t be too thick and too sharp so that you can casually sweep them to the side and they can frame your face nicely.

Natural Looking Blowout on a Short Bob

Helen Mirren is and still a gorgeous Hollywood icon. Part of the secret lies in her charming personality but another part of it is in her outstanding fashion and hairstyle choices. How to Now to be more precise when it comes to her hair bangs a bit shorterand her naturally white hair has become one of her trademarks.

Short Bob

Long Teased Waves

In the eyes of many men out there Kim Basinger has always been somewhat of a fatal woman. Now she is and not much has really changed. She is still chic and modern and doesn’t settle for a completely toned down look. How to Her ashy blonde hairis still a trademark and the long teased and a bit messy waves suit her amazingly.

Long Wavy Hairwith Shorter Bangs

If you thought that long hair was inappropriate for women after they’ve reached you are wrong. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a gorgeous mature woman embracing her femininity to the fullest. It’s even easier if you have round face shape that gives you that naturally gentle note. How to This hair round face with long white wavy hair and side-swept bangsis sure to take your breath away and change your mind for good.

Bangs Lob

Beautiful women are going to shine brightly even if they dont wear a crazy haircut that screams for attention. And thats what true ladies know. Round face bangs are a good option even for women over the years. How to A great example of that is the lob hairstyle of Olivia Newton-John that she likes to wear straight and relaxed with short side-swept bangs and even tucked behind her ears. The blonde hair makes her eyes pop and definitely completes this look with her enchanting smile. People with round faces are often self-conscious and too concerned about what hair round heads youll find inspiration for your next hairstyle.

This iron curling 1/4 inch to curl your hair away from your face in small sections. When finished, gently run your fingers through your hair and then spray with a final spray.

Feathered Bobs

Beautiful Braids

Braids are always stylish and highly flattering for those with a red face. The loose combo of hair and braid will frame your face in the right places and flatter it. Begin with dry hair for this look. Put your hair in a braid in the back on each arm.

A sexy A-Line haircut (longer in the front and shorter in the back is always a great way to make your face seem slimmer. Try a bold and darker color to make this style really pop. Use a round brush to make your hair as smooth as possible. Use a flat iron if necessary. Use the round brush or flat iron to curl the ends just a bit so that they could softly frame your face.

Straight Chin-Length Bob

Natural Smooth Short Hairstyle

You can’t be bothered with hair anymore and you’ve decided to wear it short. How to Part it on the side and wear it straight and smooth.

Flirty Flipped Frock

Bouncy short layers that gently frame your face are a great way to highlight your facial features if you have a round face. Soft subtle highlights will add depth to this playful look. Part your hair deep on one side and then use a round brush to dry and smooth out your hair. Next use a medium barrel iron to flip the ends up and away from your face.

Sexy side Ponytail is a great reminder of your sweet high school years. Just look how this slightly wavy side ponytail creates a flawless definition of a round-shaped face. It takes away the attention from the round face and instead draws it to the top of your head and the volume. Another advantage of a side ponytail is that you can do it in less than five minutes! Basically everything a side ponytail suggests turns out to be beneficial.

Fabulous Fringe

Fringe is coming back in ¼ inch barrel curling iron. Apply a light holding spray.

Short Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

If you’ve turned that doesn’t mean that you have to turn to a typical grandma. On the contrary spice that white hair up with some pink highlights and live your extra life. How to Do a nice blowout curling your hair outwards.

Large Curls on a Bob Haircut

If you’ve tried this hairstyle when you were you’ve probably felt that it made you look a lot older and that it didn’t flatter you all that much. And you were right. But a good thing about this type of hairstyles is that after a woman has reached a certain age they start to have a different effect. How to This bob hairwith round face looks great with large romantic curls and blonde highlights. You can get a similar look with a perm or a curling iron. Don’t forget to use hair products that will help you get the desired shape.

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